For those that are not familiar with it, Calisthenics may sound like something complex that only the pros do during their workouts. However, even though calisthenics exercises can be demanding at times, they tend to yield some of the best results in terms of physical training and strength improvement. Doing weight training all the time can also become a bit monotonous, hence why not try calisthenics for a change of rhythm and pace?

It can be a good experience for some or a challenging one for others, however one should not be discouraged to try out new things when it comes to training. If anything a new workout can be a great indicative of your current strength and limits. In this article we are going to give you the top five benefits of calisthenics to start training today. We hope that you will consider these and include them in your next training workout.


Reason #1: Calisthenics Builds Amazing Strength

benefits of calisthenics

As we indicated in our intro, Calisthenics helps build great strength. This is due to the fact that calisthenics exercises incorporate the usage of various muscles. It is one of the best ways to build body strength and can be considered as a natural workout of sorts. Calisthenics may not give you super huge muscles but it will certainly give you a considerable boost in strength. Exercises such as pull-ups, muscle-ups and chin-ups help build endurance and strength, which can make a difference when taking on bigger and more challenging exercises.

Pull-ups for example work your arms, back, abs and shoulder muscles, all in one exercise. On a side note, it may be good to know that most calisthenics exercises are easy on your tendons and joints, compared to weightlifting. This makes it less likely to get an injury for working out.


Reason #2: Lack of Equipment

benefits of calisthenics

The lack of proper training equipment can be a let down at times. Especially when you are eager to get up and start working out. This may end up hampering your motivation, which we all know is one of the main reasons why people tend to quit their workout plans. In some cases, you may be living too far away from a gym or may not even fancy going to one, but would rather workout at home or nearby. However there’s no need to give up entirely.

Doing Calisthenics exercises in these moments is a possible solution as you still get to do a full workout without the need of any equipment. That being said, you can also do some exercises on a pull-up bar if you have this or purchase a pull-up and dip bar to get more out of your training. Calisthenics involves the use of your own body as well as your surroundings, hence the more varied your movements and exercises the better results you will see in the end.


Reason #3: Losing Fat

losing fat

If losing fat is your main objective when working out, then look no more! Calisthenics might be the answer you have been looking for all this time. Regular calisthenics workouts use various muscles groups, which makes your body burn lots of calories during each workout. Your heart and lungs are also engaged more, which is very healthy for the body. Ultimately, this results in the loss of fat which is great if you’re looking to lose some weight and shape up a little bit in a healthy way.

There’s no need to take on very strict diets where you need to control every ounce of anything you eat. Simply include some Calisthenics exercises in your regular workout training sessions and you will be able to see the differences yourself. One of the best things is that you are losing weight in a balanced way. In other words, it is a natural way of losing fat that does not force the body in any way other than the physical exercises you engage in. People often emphasize the need to live a more organic and natural lifestyle and calisthenics is as natural as you can get when it comes to working out.


Reason #4: More Fun and Creative

calisthenics fun

Doing your regular workouts may become boring at times. In some cases, you may be looking to do something different and fun for a change of pace. This is important for many people, as monotony tend to lead to a loss in overall interest and motivation. Calisthenics gives you the option of being creative with your training workouts. The exercises you do can be combined with various movements and personal challenges for example. If you’re in a park, there are lots of possibilities as long as you are motivated and engaged. This ensures that your workouts are more fun. Moreover, it may be a good idea to have a partner training along with you. This makes things more engaging for both persons involved. Some people are motivated more when training with a friend or relative, which adds on to the overall workout experience.


Reason #5: Become More Flexible

more flexible

Most training routines involving weightlifting build muscles and strength. Your overall physical flexibility might take a loss though depending on how you workout. Doing some warm-up stretches before you begin training can help to stretch your muscles a bit.  The same can be done after your workout which helps the muscles in becoming more flexible. This can be very beneficial for doing various exercises and movements during your workouts. Some exercises demand a certain amount of flexibility and stretching becomes essential for performing these. Calisthenics exercises that require you to stretch and overcome your own limits can do a number in making you more lean and flexible.


So there you have it! Including a couple of Calisthenics exercises in your training routine is bound to give you an edge. Whether you are looking to lose fat, build strength or simply makes things more interesting for yourself when working out, Calisthenics is definitely something to look into (kudos to you for reading this article now!). Hence, we recommend that you consider these arguments and include some Calisthenics in your workouts and also consider the Do's and Dont's of Calisthenics. The health benefits alone are considerable and the experience can be great as long as you don’t overdo it. So enjoy!


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