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Portable Pull-Up And Dip Bar, Mobile Gym For Over 35 Exercises, Stainless Steel

Edelstahl Klimmzugstange

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Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
Portable Pull-Up And Dip Bar, Mobile Gym For Over 35 Exercises, Stainless Steel
Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
Portable Pull-Up And Dip Bar, Mobile Gym For Over 35 Exercises, Stainless Steel
Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
Edelstahl Klimmzugstange
This product is currently not available.
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Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Delivery time 10 Workdays

Product advantages at a glance

  • 100% flexibility: Train outdoors wherever & whenever you want!
  • Over 35 different exercises
  • Premium quality: buy once, train for a lifetime
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Used in over 60 countries worldwide
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Portable pull-up and dip bar for outdoors  Pullup & Dip offers you the world's first... more

Portable pull-up and dip bar for outdoors 

Pullup & Dip offers you the world's first portable outdoor pull-up bar made of stainless steel, which you can use in no time at all for your dip training. Take your portable pull-up bar with you into the garden, the park or on vacation and train at any time, any place and in any weather. The pull up and dip bar gives you the maximum flexibility and makes your pull-up workout 100% flexible and independent of any sports field or gym.

Do you want to get fitter, stronger, build muscle and lose fat? The portable pull-up bar by Pullup & Dip allows you a highly effective bodyweight training with over 35 exercises. In addition to the typical pull-ups you can train numerous other bodyweight exercises such as dips, leg raises or toes to bar. With the included multi-bar or the additional straight muscle-up bar, highly effective muscle-ups can be performed.

Your portable pull-up bar makes you more flexible, you save the monthly gym costs and the time to go drive there. With the unique plug-in system and its portability in a backpack, you can complete your training anywhere & anytime. Pullup & Dip stands for premium quality developed in Germany and produced in Europe! A robust and high-quality portable pull-up bar made of stainless steel for all weather conditions - there are no limits to your training!

Bodyweight training on the pull-up and dip bar promotes physical well-being and effectively prevents back pain. Pull-ups train your back, provide better posture and relieve the intervertebral discs. The dip training on the dip bar trains the triceps, chest and shoulders.

Saves you your most valuable asset: TIME. Spend less time in crowded gyms and more time doing what you love.

This portable pull-up bar you only buy once compared to cheap models and train for a lifetime! Order online today and benefit from the advantages for a lifetime!


The benefits of our portable outdoor pull-up bar

✔️ 100% flexibility: Train anywhere and anytime you want - in the park, in the garden or on vacation without being dependant on a gym

✔️ Full Body Training: The portable pull-up and dip bar gives you a varied full-body workout for pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups, leg raises, and over 35 more exercises, all with just one device! (see tab videos)

✔️ No more back pain: pull-ups strengthen your back muscles, relieve your intervertebral discs and ensure an upright posture.

✔️ Optimal training stimulus: The multi-grip bars allow you over 5 different pull-up grip positions from different angles for optimal training stimulus and a lot of variety.

✔️ Selectable grip width: Use the V-arrangement of the dip bars to choose a wide or narrow grip as desired.

✔️ Save money: A gym costs an average of €450 a year - this portable pull-up bar with dip function you buy once and train with it for a lifetime.

✔️ Save time: Unique design allows you to switch from pull-ups to dips within seconds

✔️ Exercise everywhere: The outdoor adapter is adjustable for different tree / post diameters

✔️ Make every place your own outdoor gym: Pluggable bars allow transport in your backpack to your favorite training location

✔️ Safety: A locking pin protects against slipping out during jerky exercises such as muscle-ups.

✔️ Buy once, train for a lifetime: Thanks to the high-quality material made of stainless steel this pull-up and dip bar you will only buy once and train for a lifetime.

✔️ Easy installation: Incl. drilling template for super fast wall mounting without additional person.

✔️ Incl. Training Guide: FREE eBook with over 35 exercises for a varied full-body workout

Our reviews speak for themselves!


Change from pull-ups to dips within seconds - without any tools!

wechsel klimmzugstange

(picture shows the indoor version)

Make yourself independent of the gym and work out wherever you want!

❌ No more risk of injury due to slipping off the door frame
❌ No more damage of the door frame
❌ No more training in smelly gyms during nice weather
❌ No more monthly gym costs
❌ No more time-wasting driving to the gym
❌ No more waiting time for machines
❌ No more crowded gym experiences
❌ No more boring isolated exercises
❌ No more excuses!


Still not convinced yet? Then test our pull-up and dip bar now without obligation for 30 days. If for any reason you do not like it, you can easily return it and we will refund the full purchase price*.  If you don't love it, send it back. It's that simple!


*Note for orders from outside the EU: Stated prices are gross prices including 19% German VAT. For orders from outside the EU there is no 19% VAT, meaning you pay only the net price. Once you choose the shipping country in the checkout process you will see the final price without VAT. (Depending on the shipping country, local taxes and duties may apply, see more information here.)


*Offer only valid within the EU

Mounting: Outdoor
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Available downloads:

The scope of delivery

  OUTDOOR package
Side arm 
outdoor adapter 
2 x multi bars for pull-ups and dips 

Protection mat 

80 x 32 cm (31 x 12 in)

Velcro fastener (narrow) 

3 x 100 cm (1.18 x 40 in)

(Attachment of protective mat to tree or post)

Velcro fastener (wide) 

5 x 80 cm (2 x 31 in)

(Attachment of outdoor adapter to protection mat)

Tension belt 2,5 m (98 in) 
Free eBook with 35 exercises (E-Mail download)


Scope of delivery of OUTDOOR package


Product details of the outdoor pull-up and dip bar

Material stainless steel
Weight (incl. all accessory)

OUTDOOR package: 8,9 kg (19 lbs)

Colour stainless steel
Loadability up to 130 kg (286 lb)
Grip positions for pull-ups
Overall width 104 cm (40.9 in)
Distance to wall/tree 40 cm (15.4 in)
Bar diameter 30 mm (1.18 in)
max. grip width dips 72 cm (28.3 in)
total lenght side arm 56 cm (22.0 in)
max. width side arm (at the tube) 30 cm (11.8 in)
Height of side arm 14,5 cm (5.5 in)
outdoor installation tree & post (round and square)
Warranty 2 years, see warranty conditions


Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide

kunden weltweit

"The pull-up and dip bar is awesome"

dip Stange

"The pull-up and dip bar bar is great, handy for transport, but super robust and ideal for any training. Whether at home or on the road. With its unique combo it is very versatile and always usable. I am very grateful to have found something like this on the market."

Kilian, Germany (@kc_kilian)

"A great accessory for all training sessions"

review Rose

"La barra Pull Up & Dip es un gran accesorio para todas las sesiones de entrenamiento. Se pueden entrenar muchas variaciones de diferentes ejercicios y es súper fácil de ensamblar. Es comoda de llevar y permite entrenar en lugares diferentes, lo que siempre es muy divertido. Puedo recomendarlo para todos los niveles y para todos aquellos que quieren ser más fuertes."

Rose, Dubai (@ciao_rosa)

"Most perfect portable trainingsstation I’ve ever seen"

dips an der klimmzugstange

"The Pull-up and dip is the most perfect portable trainingsstation I’ve ever seen. I used a lot of of other training products before, but those products didn’t fulfill my needs.  I asked the producers of Pullup-Dip if they could make a bag for the bar. They replied very kindly and their service is perfect. I strongly recommend this product."

Jari, Netherlands (@calisthenics.worldwide)

"The pull up and dip bar is an awesome piece of equipment"

review sosa

"The pull up and dip bar is an awesome piece of equipment, easy to travel with & easy to set up. Quality is top notch and makes training outdoors fun!

Leonard, USA (@mr_sosa27)


@bodyweight_workout (Germany)

front lever

@miche_kosa_casoria (Italy)


 @uebungenzuhause.de (Germany)


@bar_dragons (Slovenia)

Test report of kaufberater.io (German)

"Overall, the pull-up and dip bar has left a very positive impression on our test team. Especially the quality and the stability convinced us. However, to decide for yourself if this is the right pull-up bar for you, you should consider for what purpose you want to use it for.

If you are looking for a pull-up bar for your home that is finally no longer a compromise, then we would recommend this pull-up bar with all conscience. It is worth the price and a dream for all fans of bodyweight training. The varity of exercises is unlimited."

To the detailed test report

Test report of Fitness Factory (German)

"Pullup & Dip is a unique system that deserves attention. The processing is first class and the system is thought through to the last detail. If you've always dreamed of bringing your pull-up bar with you and being able to train anywhere, you'll be as excited about it as I am. The installation gets faster and faster each time, the load capacity of up to 130 kg is sufficient in every aspect. Doubts about the stability didn't exist anymore after the first pull-up. Only with a tree or a solid post you do make every spot to your workout location with pull-up and dip possibility. The not so cheap purchase price is probably the only negative point that I can mention on this system. For this you will be rewarded with a freedom in training which has no equal. I'm looking forward to the next training session with Pullup & Dip."

To the detailed test report

Test report of Fitbodybozz

Pullup & Dip is a unique system that has sparked a lot of interest. The processing is first class and the system well conceived to the last detail. Anyone who has always dreamed of bringing their pull-bar up with them to work out anywhere will be completely satisfied. The installation is very fast, the load capacity of up to 130 kg is sufficient in every respect. No more doubts about the stability existed after the first pull-up. By only attaching it to a tree or a massive post you can make almost every location to your workout spot with pull-up and dip-possibility.

To the test report

All other test report of our pull-up and dip bar

Fast worldwide shipping

Your order will be shipped out within 24h incl. tracking. We offer worldwide shipping. The delivery time depends on the country but is usually between 3-5 working days within the EU and 5-6 working days for the US. To calculate the shipping costs for your country, we recommend our shipping calculator in the shopping cart.

What is the difference to the black pull-up bar?

The difference is only the material. This version consists of 100% stainless steel. For more details see our FAQs.

Is the tree not being damaged by the outdoor installation?

When using the supplied protection mat, the tree is not being damaged as the outdoor adapter spreads the forces on a larger area through its size as well as the protection mat itself.

Are Muscle-Ups also possible with the Pullup & Dip bar?

Yes, Muscle-Ups are also possible. Depending on your grip position you can either use the included multi bar and turn it 180° around or buy the additional straight bar. The grip position of the dip bars of the multi bar is 459mm. Should your Muscle-Up grip position be in this area, we recommend the straight muscle-up pull-up bar.

For the indoor usage it depends on your ceiling if you have enough space between the bar and ceiling. 

Can I also mount the pull-up bar on a square post?

Yes you can, but it should not be too wide otherwise the tension of the belt will not be ideal anymore. Optimal are 15 - 30 cm side length. In addition, the pillar should have a solid foundation.

How can the outdoor adapter be adjusted to different diameters of trees/poles?

On the backside of the outdoor adapter are two aluminum brackets, which can be adjusted by hand by four knurled screws. Thus, the angles can be adjusted to a wider or narrow diameter.

What is the maximum diameter of the tree?

The tree should have a maximum diameter of 70 cm, since the strap has a total length of 2.5 m. So you come to a circumference of 220 cm and still have 30 cm strap to tighten. In addition, the tree should have at least 15 cm in diameter and be as straight as possible.

How many people are needed for outdoor installation?

No additional person is required, you can install Pullup & Dip alone. The wide velcro fastener helps you attaching the outdoor adapter to the protection mat, so you have both hands available to attach the outdoor adapter with the tension belt to the tree. See also our pull-up bar installation page.

What if I do not like the pull-up bar?

You will love the pull-up bar, guaranteed! If you do not love it for any reason, within the EU, you have the right to revoke the purchase contract and return the product within thirty days without giving any reason. . If you don't love your products, send them back. It's that simple! Further information can be found in our cancellation policy.

For outside the EU we unfortunately can't accept return as we can't provide return labels for these countries.

Further questions about the product?

Do you have further questions? Then just write us a message to service [at] pullup-dip.com or just call: +49 89 6606 3007

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5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Five Stars

Superb piece of kit
Easy to set up and adjust

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase


Prodotto davvero ottimo e di qualità! Ottimo per allenarsi all’aria aperta

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Super System!

very good quality - easy to use.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Functional concept with great quality

The concept is pretty simple yet very functional, what made me to buy the tool. Several quality characteristics were the reason to love the "bar". Stainless steel, good design, modularity. Very pleased with it.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Pick a stable post, pole, or tree to ensure stability of the equipment and to stay injury free

This piece of equipment is so handy I drive truck for a living 5 days a week and with this pullup bar I can stop just about anywhere on my route and workout it's super convenient I love this equipment it also packs away easy makes keeping a workout out routine alot simpler during the week on the truck its awsome so glad I invested in the pullup dip bar

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Easy to install in trees or pillars

Easy to install in trees or pillars, pure steel !! Many exercises to be able to make or invent!

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