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Pullup & Dip
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Buy a pull-up bar for the door, ceiling, or wall? Advantages and disadvantages

Pull-up bars for your home are an ideal training device for being able to do one of the most effective back exercises at any time. Pull-ups mainly address the back muscles, but the arm muscles are also involved in the movement. Depending on the exercise, grip and grip width, the focus can be shifted to the different muscles. 

Nowadays you can find pull-up bars for the door as well as models to be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different variants? The following paragraph will try to answer these questions. Based on this information you buy the ideal pull-up bar for your claims.


Buying a pull-up bar for the wall - advantages and disadvantages

 wall pull up bar

A pull-up bar for the wall is especially sustainable. These models are firmly mounted to the wall so that you do not have to hang them up every time before the training. This is especially useful for regular pull-up training, but it also requires a lot of space, of course. 

These bars can stand high loads without problems, provided that your bar is of good quality. And when mounting make sure that the masonry is very firm. Otherwise that training device may not have enough grip, which can cause the rod "says goodbye" during exercise. And this can cause serious injuries! If you are not sure about the robustness of the masonry you should ask your landlord. Anyway you should inform him if you intend to mount a pull-up bar with robust screws. Have a look at your rental agreement to find out if this is allowed. We recommend only brick and concrete walls for wall mounting.

Besides that, you should think carefully on which wall you want to attach the bar. Check your room where enough space is and which training place motivates you the most.


Buy a pull-up bar and train effectively – with each body size

wall pull up bar

Compared to pull-up bars for the door devices for the mounting on a wall have the advantage that they offer much more freedom of movement. Especially tall people profit from this fact because they cannot move freely on a door bar, whereas the pull-up bar can be mounted higher on the wall, if the ceiling is high enough. Thus you can train effectively without restrictions even at an over-average body size.


Safe mounting

To be sure about the fixing and the maintaining of the training device, you must observe the given mounting advice of the producer. Most training gadgets of this kind are delivered together with assembly accessories. If not, you must buy the screws, dowels etc. on your own. Additionally, you need the appropriate tools. 

And you should consider that the mounting on the wall can take quite an amount of time. So be patient and ensure a perfect fortification. Only this way the pull-up bar is stable and safe enough. Check out also our information page for the pull-up bar installation.

By the way: Some models may be fixed to the ceiling as well. And so a higher stability is guaranteed, because the bar is only pulled downwards.


For an intensive pull-up workout

High-quality models with gym approval offer many different pull-up grip variants and widths. So you can address and strengthen all body parts effectively. All in all, pull-up bars for the wall are much more professional and versatile than training devices for the door. 

A solid workmanship and a large support surface on the wall are a guarantee for an intensive and at the same time safe pull-up training. Using this fitness device, you can avoid the way to the gym. Following next you may find the summarized advantages and disadvantages.


Buying a Pull-up bar for the wall - advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Especially robust and viable Your lease may prohibit the attachment
Mounting on the wall or the ceiling for maximum stability Solid masonry provided
Need not be mounted at any time for training Require much space
Freedom of movement (even for tall people) Attachment requires time
Many grip variants and -widths More expensive than door bars
For an intensive and safe training  Highly professional Tools and mounting accessories necessary (not always included)



Buying a pull-up bar for the ceiling 

pull up bar for ceiling

A pull up-bar for the ceiling gives you the most freedom of movement. And these training devices are very robust and viable, too. They offer a maximum of stability. These pull-up bars need not be mounted any time you want to train. But they also require quite a lot of space. Whereas there is an advantage compared to the wall models, namely you don't use the space on the ceiling for another purpose anyway. Models for the ceiling are highly professional and offer an intensive training through the diverse grip positions and widths.

This should also be arranged with your landlord. Because of the construction enormous powers put strain on the ceiling. This might cause problems especially in old houses with porous ceilings. The mounting to the ceiling is a bit more difficult than on the wall. The reason is simply that you have to install the bar above your head. Here you also need the adequate accessories and tools.


Buying a pull-up bar for the ceiling - advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Very robust and viable Possibly no allowance in your rental agreement
Training possible without having to fix the gadget each time Mounting on the ceiling for full stability maybe a risk for ceilings in old houses
Maximum freedom of movement Much space required
Diverse grip variants and widths Might disturb you in your room
Highly professional Tools and accessories are necessary (not always delivered) Mounting on the ceiling more difficult than on the wall (above head)
For an intensive and safe pull-up training   


Buying a pull-up bar for the door - for and against

When buying a pull-up bar for the door, you can choose between models to be fixed in the door or in the frame. Their greatest advantage is that they normally are not mounted. After the training you can easily remove the pull-up bar and stow it in the board, same as the Pullup & Dip pull-up bar. Yet, there are also pull-up bars that are screwed in the doorframe.

door pull up bar


The doorframe will not be damaged, because the bars are not firmly fixed. But this is also the reason that these pull-up bars are less sustainable than other variants. And there is a rather high danger of getting hurt, because the doorframe may be instable. Pull-up bars for the door offer a limited freedom of movement as well.

The pros of these gadgets are the low price and that they require only little space. Also negative is the fact that these models are not nearly as professional as the pull-up bars for the wall or the ceiling: especially the models to be tightened in the frame lack grip variants and widths, so mainly tall persons reach their limits quickly.


Pull-up bars for the door - advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
No fixing Less sustainable
No damage on the doorframe Danger of injuries
Can be hung up at any time Very limited freedom of movement
Low-cost Lack of grip variants and widths
Only little space needed Low mounting height


Buying a pull-up bar - choose the right model for your demands

As we explained in this article, the choice of your pull-up bar depends on your demands on the training as well as on the available possibilities of mounting. While the pull-up bars for the wall and the ceiling are much more versatile and safer than those for the door, the latter are especially convincing due to their very low price. You can buy these pull-up bars for about 15 Euro. A high quality training device for the wall or the ceiling may cost 250 Euro or more, but it offers high class quality and great safety.


Are you looking for a suitable pull-up bar for indoors & outdoors? We at Pullup & Dip offer you various high quality and unique pull-up bars. Go check them out now!

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  • Wall pull up bar = my favourite

    My favourite is a pull up bar for the wall installation like your pull up and dip bar as it can be used also for dips and I love the feature that I can remove it from the wall. Never found a solid pull up bar for the door frame so far, hoewever models for the ceiling are also very stable but you need a very high ceiling to install them. Happy with my pull up and dip bar and its great to use it also outdoors!

  • Great overview + add outdoor pull up bars

    For the home use wall or ceiling pull up bars are in my opinion the only option. These door pull up bars can be quite dangerous. I really like the idea of your pull up bar which can also be used for dips, great invention! For those who are also considering an outdoor pull up bar: do you also include that in the future in this article or do you have a separate article about it?


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