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FREESIXD - We Introcude To You Our Newest Development

As of today January 19, there is a new development from our company. We introduce: FREESIXD, the world's most versatile sling and resistance trainer. In the following we would like to give you a more detailed introduction of FREESIXD. We are getting into the advantages the product offers and how you can pre-order it now.



freesixd indoor outdoor

FREESIXD is an extremely versatile sling and resistance trainer that allows you to train at home, in your hotel room or outdoors. The trainer allows you to do over 100 exercises for the entire body and makes you 100% independent of the gym. The product is extremely space-saving, so you can also transport it ideally, either on a business trip, for vacation or for training in the park.


What does FREESIXD stand for?

freesixd logo

Have you ever wondered where the name FREESIXD comes from?

This is not only purely fiction, but has a deep meaning.

The FREE stands for the freedom that the training device offers. You are 100% independent of the gym and can train both at home, outdoors and while traveling.

SIX stands for the six directions you can train with it. That means right, left, down, up, forward and back. The versatility offers you a training all directions.

The D stands for dimensions, because you can train in two planes and three dimensions. And it also rounds out the name a little better ;-)


How did the idea come about?

For a long time we wanted to include a sling trainer in our product range, because we were asked about it again and again by our customers. However, we didn't just want to include a standard model, but preferably develop our own piece of equipment with unique benefits.

In 2019, we already started by drawing sketches and thinking of different functions to consider. We were looking at existing models and their weaknesses and started surveys on what customers were missing in existing models. 

The objection was often raised that sling trainers can only be attached at the top at head level, which does not allow pulling exercises from below. In addition, this type of attachment also offers limitations during exercises. Many customers lacked a way to be able to regulate the amount of force themselves. Pulling exercises like curls or pushing exercises like squats weren’t generally doable with existing products, the resistance bands are offering this possibility. 

So, the idea was born to create a combination of an infinitely adjustable sling trainer and resistance bands with regulation of the resistance. To expand on the versatility, we additionally came up with a plug-in bar for even more exercises. After some testing and prototyping, this was the birth of FREESIXD. 


Components of FREESIXD

freesixd components

FREESIXD consists of several components, some of which we completely developed by ourselves. In the following picture you find an overview of all components of the ALL-IN package. FREESIXD is now available in our webshop in different versions depending on the mounting method and its included accessories.


1. & 3.: Adapter Plates

The steel adapter plates are available for wall mounting at home and also for the outdoor installation of FREESIXD on a tree or post. The adapters on the picture below are tightened around the tree with two tension belts. Then you can individually tighten the Superbelt in between the plates and have a variable height adjustability.


2. Door Mounting System

The door mounting system allows you to install FREESIXD on a door at home or even in a hotel room while traveling. You only have to place the two door anchors on one side and tension the "Superbelt" (see below) between the two metal plates on the other side of the door. The workout is possible at any door.


4. & 5. Superbelt + Buckle


The "Superbelt" is tensioned between the two adapters on the wall, tree or door. The buckle is then infinitely adjustable on the whole length of the Superbelt. It has a hook where you can hang the sling trainer or the resistance bands and thus perform pulling or pushing exercises from above as well as from below. The buckle is adjustable to any body size and all kinds of exercises, so you can do curls with resistance bands from below or rowing with the sling trainer from above.

It also has a second advantage: You can also attach a resistance band to the buckle, redirect it via one of the D-rings and thus regulate the resistance continuously. By adjusting the height of the buckle the resistance band provide more or less resistance.


6. Pluggable Exercose Bar

exercise bar

You can use the pluggable exercise bar made of three parts for all kinds of exercises such as squats, curls, deadlifts or shoulder presses. Simply attach two bands to the bar, stand on the bands or hook them to the buckle. You can then train a variety of exercises from all angles.


7. Resistance Bands

Each FREESIXD package comes standard with four resistance bands in two strengths. The blue bands give you a maximum resistance of 15kg, the gray bands a maximum resistance of 30kg. You can also use stronger bands for FREESIXD as it is also compatible with other bands.


8. Ankle Straps

Two padded ankle straps can be attached at the bottom of the ankle with Velcro and allow you to train your legs with kickbacks or other exercises with the bands.


9. Sling trainer

sling trainers

The two sling trainers of 4.0m length each are easily adjustable in length by buckle, so you can adjust them for your necessary length. Thanks to the markings, they are quickly set up and adjusted. You can do all kinds of pulling and pushing exercises at all possible heights. 


10. Handles

Included in all packages are also two anti-slip handles which are rotatable. Ideal to perform both push and pull exercises.


11. "Trings"

trings freesixd

You must mean rings! No, you read that correctly. We call the specially designed wooden handles "Trings", derived from "three" and "rings". They offer three different handles, round, ergonomic and straight, hence the number three. 


12. Portable bag

freesixd organizer

The portable bag allows you to conveniently store all the components and take FREESIXD with you everywhere. Thanks to its light weight, the bag is ideal for transporting FREESIXD to your outdoor training location. It is also convenient for taking your personal gym with you while traveling.


Where can I train with it everywhere?

freesixd indoor outdoor

FREESIXD gives you 100% flexibility for your training, so you can train at home on a wall or door, as well as outdoors on a post, tree or even on an outside wall. Of course, you can also attach FREESIXD to a door when you are on a business trip, in a hotel room or on vacation. Stay fit anywhere, anytime.


What is the difference between FREESIXD and a sling trainer?

FREESIXD is much more than just a sling trainer. It is basically a portable gym in a bag. Below you will find the two main differences from a sling trainer.


FREESIXD's attachment is not only fixed at the top, but is height adjustable about the range of the Superbelt.  You can adjust the buckle to your desired height and work out from all kinds of angles.


it is a combination of a sling trainer, resistance bands and an exercise bar.  These components give you more exercises and strength levels than a sling trainer. 


What are the advantages of training with FREESIXD?

✔️ Versatile for everyone, whether old, young, beginner or professional.

✔️ Efficient full body workout for busy people in a small format.

✔️ Saves you monthly gym costs and time traveling to the gym. 

✔️ Saves you money by not needing numerous expensive machines.

✔️ No waiting on machines like in the gym and a super varied workout.

✔️ No boring and one-sided workouts on guided machines.

✔️ Train 100% flexible, anywhere & anytime. At home, outdoors or while traveling

✔️ Burn fat through intense full body workouts.

✔️ Get fit and strong through bodyweight training and define your muscles.

✔️ Increase your flexibility and mobility.

✔️ Less prone to injury than by strength training with weights.

✔️ Extremely space-saving, it replaces you with numerous pieces of equipment such as a weight tower, barbell, weights and can easily be stored anywhere. 


Which muscles can I train all?

freesixd full body workout

We mean it when we say that FREESIXD replaces the gym and gives you an effective full body workout. Train all muscle groups, get fit, strong and build the body you've always wanted.


Who is FREESIXD suitable for?

freesixd for everyone

FREESIXD is suitable for anyone who likes to stay fit at home or outdoors. It doesn`t matter if you are young or old, beginner or professional. The product is ideal for people who like to train with their own body weight or want to build strength and muscles with resistance bands. 

But it is also ideal for personal trainers, because you can also attach several FREESIXD's to a tree, for example, and thus also hold group workouts.


Resistance level of the bands individually adjustable

There are two ways you can adjust the resistance of the bands for you.

1) By rolling up the band on the bar: When you use the bar for squats, deadlifts or tricep presses, rotate the bar to roll up the band. The band will be shorter and thus the resistance will increase.

freesixd rolled up band


2) Adjusting the buckle by redirection: This is best explained with the following video. Depending on whether you adjust the buckle further up or down, the path of the resistance band becomes shorter or longer and thus stronger or weaker.


Where can I order FREESIXD?

You can currently pre-order FREESIXD in our webshop. Pre-order a FREESIXD package now and benefit from the sporty early order discount. (planned delivery: middle of May 2021)

Thank you in advance for your support and sporty greetings,

Your Pullup & Dip Team


You now have FREESIXD and want to train your whole body with over 100 exercises?

Then this eBook is just right for you!

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