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FREESIXD Suspension Trainer With Resistance Bands, Full-Body Training Device in Three Variations Gym that fits in a pocket

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Product advantages at a glance

  • Flexible full-body workout for over 100 exercises.
  • Train at home by the door or while travelling in a hotel.
  • Stepless height-adjustable thanks to patented buckle.
  • Sling trainer, cable tower and dumbbell bar in one device
  • Incl. organizer for convenient transport.

Kit (please choose):

In stock, with you within 2-3 business days

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  • X-06000-DOOR-us
Probably the most versatile training device in the world FREESIXD was successfully...more

Probably the most versatile training device in the world

We introduce FREESIXD

FREESIXD was successfully launched on 28.02.2021 by 1,344 backers through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.com. In total, supporters from all over the world contributed to an incredible funding amount of 267,100€. This makes FREESIXD one of the most successful Kickstarter projects in the fitness category. Order FREESIXD now and get the mobile gym in pocket format.

 finanziert durch kickstarter


FREESIXD Suspension Trainer - World's Most Versatile Sling & Resistance Trainer

FREESIXD is the world's most versatile suspension trainer combined with resistance bands and fitness bar in one machine. A full body gym that fits in a small pocket. Train your entire body with over 100 exercises at home, while travelling, outdoors, in the garden and park with the additional outdoor kit, without having to visit a gym. FREESIXD gives you 100% flexibility so you can work out anywhere, anytime. A highly effective full body workout for all muscle groups from head to toe.

The optional fitness bar allows you to do even more exercises in combination with the resistance bands, such as squats, deadlifts, rowing, bicep curls or lat pulldowns, and turns FREESIXD into a complete mobile gym in miniature.

The latest development from Pullup & Dip is for young and old, beginners and professionals: FREESIXD is for travelers, fitness freaks, home training fans, outdoor fans, personal trainers and for you ;-)




Training options:

freesixd training

At home: Save time and money and train at home on the wall or at the door.

When travelling: Train in your hotel room, maintain your fitness and health while travelling and avoid the poorly equipped hotel gyms.

Outdoor: Enjoy a workout in your favorite place in the fresh air in the garden or park instead of in a stuffy gym with the additional outdoor kit.


Advantages of the FREESIXD suspension trainer

FREESIXD is probably THE most versatile fitness equipment on the market. Train over 100 exercises and efficiently build or tone muscles. Get stronger, fitter and burn fat without having to go to the gym. Train with 100% flexibility at home, in the park or while travelling and save time and money!

 Value prep


More advantages of the FREESIXD suspension and resistance trainer

✔️ Save valuable time: FREESIXD is quickly installed on a door, wall or tree, so you can start training straight away.

✔️ Training from different heights and angles: thanks to the infinitely adjustable buckle, which you can adjust in height on the "Superbelt". Ideal for different body sizes and a wide range of exercises.

✔️ Adjustable intensity: Adjustable resistance of the bands by adjusting the buckle (band becomes shorter/longer) or by rolling up the bands on the fitness bar.

✔️ Effective leg training: Thanks to included foot straps for training with resistance bands or the optional fitness bar.

✔️ Easy transport: Incl. practical organiser as a backpack in which you can store everything in an orderly manner.

✔️ Optionally expandable with even stronger fitness bands such as the black bands, the fitness bar, the triceps rope or the additional TRINGS as handles.

✔️ Incl. Exercise-eBook with over 100 exercises.

freesixd ebook



Optional: FREESIXD Workout Library 

workout library

Everything you need to know about training with FREESIXD in one place. Incl. over 100 workout videos, tutorial videos and much more. For only €19,90!

To the workout library!


FREESIXD kits (see also tab "Comparison of kits")

  • "Door Kit": Assembly on a door
  • "Wall + Door Kit": assembly on wall and door)
  • "Wall + Door + Bar Kit": mounting on wall and door, incl. fitness bar

For the exact scope of delivery of each package see the tab "Comparison of kits" see the respective scope of delivery picture in the product images.


Stepless resistance adjustment

There are two ways to adjust the intensity of the exercises with FREESIXD and the bands:

 1) Adjustment of the buckle: attach the bands to the adjustable buckle, redirect them via the D-hooks of the belt and depending on whether you set the buckle higher or lower, the resistance changes. Check out the videos.


2) Rotate the fitness bar: If you use the bar for squats, deadlifts or tricep presses, rotate the bar and roll up the band. The band becomes shorter and thus the resistance increases.

freesixd aufrollen band


You can also find all information about FREESIXD with all other functions on our very detailed category page.

Still not convinced? Test our FREESIXD now without obligation for 30 days. If for any reason, you aren’t satisfied, you can return it easily and the full purchase price will be refunded. If you don't love it, send it back. It's that simple!


Related links
Available downloads:

FREESIXD components

Stepless adjustable buckle

freesixd buckle

You've had enough of sling trainers that can only be fastened at one height above your head? We had this too! That's why we developed a stepless adjustable buckle with an integrated metal hook that can be moved up and down on the "Superbelt" (belt). This way you can attach the sling trainer or resistance bands at any height and have 100% flexibility. The buckle is made of sturdy injection moulded aluminium.

Train from all different angles and for every body size and exercise. Train rowing with high attachment, chest press with medium attachment or curls with low attachment and enjoy full flexibility!


Superbelt with plug-in system

freesixd superbelt

The nylon "Superbelt" plugs into the adaptors on the wall, tree or door in seconds, tightens by hand and you're ready to go. It allows you to move the buckle up and down for all different heights.


Adapter plates for the wall

(included in the "Wall & Door" package)

freesixd wall adapter

Super durable steel adapter plates are screwed to the wall with the included screws. Tighten the "Superbelt" between them and you have a fully height-adjustable sling and resistance trainer. The adapter plates are white so they hardly stand out on the wall. With the outdoor mounting kit, you can also train outside in the fresh air in the garden or park, turning any place into your personal gym.


Door attachment system

freesixd door attachment

You don't want to or can't screw into the wall or want to train in your hotel room when travelling? No problem! We have thought of everything and developed a door mounting system that you can attach to almost any door in seconds.


Sling Straps

freesixd sling straps

FREESIXD combines the benefits of a sling trainer and resistance bands to make your workout an amazing and fun experience. Two length adjustable sling trainer straps for all different types of exercises. Use your body weight as resistance.


Resistance bands in two strengths

Four resistance bands in two different strengths (blue & grey) are included in all FREESIXD kits. Resistance bands help you to do numerous fitness exercises - without the need for a gym. They allow you to work every muscle group, are lightweight and therefore easy to transport and the risk of injury is reduced due to the lower force on the joints compared to weights.

Anti-slip handles

freesixd handles

Two anti-slip handles with carabiner and rubber coating ensure a perfect grip for all types of exercises.

Foot straps for leg training

freesixd foot straps

You can attach resistance bands to the padded foot straps to train legs and gluteal muscles.


Plug-in fitness bar (included in the "door + wall + bar" package)

freesixd exercise bar

With the plug-in exercise bar you can expand your workout and perform exercises like squats, deadlifts, lat pulls, tricep presses or curls with the bar. The compact design fits perfectly into the organizer bag.



freesixd organizer

Everything fits neatly tucked away in a portable, lightweight carry bag. FREESIXD can be transported anywhere you want. This is especially practical for outdoor use. The FREESIXD organiser also fits into standard hand luggage.


Further accessories for FREESIXD like the outdoor kit, the additional TRINGS wooden handles or stronger bands can be found on the category page.

Comparison of kits

The graphic below gives you an overview of exactly which components are included in which package.

freesixd kits


With the outdoor installation kit you can also mount FREESIXD outdoors on a tree or post. Further accessories for FREESIXD such as stronger bands, "TRINGS" or a tricep rope can be found here.

In the video below, we present the individual packages including their scope of delivery in more detail.

FREESIXD Product Details

Product details:

Strength of the resistance bands

(when both used)

petrol (max. 15kg / 33 lbs)

grey (max. 30kg / 66 lbs)

Length of the Superbelt 2,5 m (98 in)
Length of the sling straps 4,0 m (157 in)

Length of the door attachment system  

(without "Superbelt") 

2,5 m (98 in)
Wall adapter + screws

screws: 8 x 80 mm (0.3 x 3.1 in)

screws & dowels: 12 x 60 mm (0.4 x 2.3 in) 

Dimensions wall adapter

120 x 95 x 40 mm (4.7 x 3.7 x 1.5 in)

Pluggable fitness bar

length: 128 x 3 cm (50 x 1.18 in)

weight: 2,0 kg (4.4 lbs)

Organizer dimensions

49 x 34 x 13 cm (19 x 13 x 5 in)

weight: 0,8 kg (1.7 lbs)

Max. load weight

130 kg ( 286 lbs)


2 years (look at: terms of warranty)

(excluded: resistance bands)


Band Strengths

band strengths

Test Report of sport-labor.de (German)


"With the FREESIXD from PULLUP & DIP you get a complete training equipment for your whole body workout in a backpack. However, it should be noted that this kit is more suitable for athletes who train a lot with their own body weight and want to expand their training with the help of equipment. This kit is not suitable for pure bodybuilding. It's perfect basic equipment for your training at home, outdoors or while traveling.

Compared to the TRX, which we also tested, you get a lot more for your money with the FREESIXD of course and covers with the equipment everything that is necessary for a full body workout."

To the detailed test report

Test report of xc-ski.de (German)

"The FREESIXD set from Pullup & Dip is in our opinion the perfect gym in backpack format. So if you have little space at home or travel a lot, you always have your strength and fitness equipment with you."

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Shipping Costs Canada


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44.0 20.90 73.00

See also more detailed our shipping costs overview.

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If you do not love the product for any reason, you have the right to revoke the purchase contract and return the product within 30 days without giving any reason. If you don't love your products, send them back. It's that simple! Return shipping is FREE within the US!

Further information can be found in our cancellation policy and under returns.


Further questions about the product?
Do you have further questions? Then just write us an e-mail to service [at] pullup-dip.com.

4.8 / 5
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5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Great part! Highly recommended

Fast delivery. I am very satisfied with the product. The sling trainer has a very good quality in terms of material and workmanship. I currently use it at the door at home and in the office at work. Can really be taken anywhere to work out. Since I do a lot of business trips, it's the perfect companion and always set up quickly !So I stay in shape even though I travel a lot. My girlfriend also appreciates it very much ? With the included door anchor, it can be quickly and easily attached to the door frame. The length adjustment mechanism is also top notch and is quick and easy to adjust. The included exercise booklet explains the exercises very well (with pictures). I can definitely recommend the product.

Customer Images Uploaded:
4.5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

It makes a solid impression.

I was looking for a full body trainer. After a few training sessions I can say that I find the product great. I'm thinking about getting the tricep trainer for more variations.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

class inventor idea

firm and stable quality for fixing on the door and safety during workout.
super alternative idea to the gym

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Great set for versatile training

With the sling trainer set you have practically unlimited possibilities for training. Not only in terms of exercises, but also in terms of location. With the backpack, the set is quickly packed and you can train at friends, in the garden or in the park. Absolutely recommendable

Customer Images Uploaded:
4 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Set comodo e semplice da trasportare

Durante la pandemia ,non avendo l’opportunità di poter andare in palestra e potermi allenare ,ho comperato un modello meno performante di questo , acquistandolo ad un prezzo notevolmente più economico ,ma con caratteristiche e qualità decisamente meno performanti.

Questo set allenamento si può adoperare praticamente ovunque ,agganciandolo sia alla porta oppure alla parete.
All'interno oltre le cinghie e le fibbie regolabili ho trovato anche i tasselli e altri accessori.
Il montaggio credevo fosse più macchinoso, invece in poco tempo ero già pronto ad iniziare.
I maniglioni sono comodi e ampi che permettono una buona adesione così da impedire che la presa scivoli.

Lo reputo ottimale per numerosi esercizi ,io lo adopero per lo più per tonificare braccia e gambe.

Lo suggerisco a chi cerca un prodotto di qualità e con eccellenti caratteristiche , comodo e semplice nel trasporto, occupando uno spazio davvero irrisorio.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Great gym replacement

This is a great addendum or replacement to going to the gym, I can do everything I need without having to worry that I may not have the needed equipment. The guide is really good and the freesixd is very well made to support all my exercise routine.

This was a great investment 100% reccommended!

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Easy gum on the go or at home

Easy portable gym! Good quality,
Easy to do DAP type workouts and suspension training

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Incredibly well thought through!

I’m so happy to have my FREESIXD delivered! I was actually a bit surprised about the amazing quality and how well thought through everything in this package is. So simple and yet so smart.

This gym can really work out your whole body, which I find very satisfying, and this by hardly taking up any space at all. I mounted it in my small home office, where I have very limited space. One of the screws broke when I was mounting the gym, so I’m not sure about the quality of the screws. But seems like everything sits tight on my wall anyway with one screw missing.

As you do workout with body weight and rubber bands, this is not 100% like going to the gym. But it certainly gives you 1000’s of ways to exercise almost every muscle in your body, and you have very few excuses not having time to go to the gym anymore. :-) So I see it as a great complement to gym training and an awesome way to maintain and refine your overall strength.

As a bonus, you can take all or parts of your “gym” with you when you want to exercise outside or if you’re on travel with the same quality and well thought through door and outdoor mounting options.

The FREESIXD should be the minimum training equipment in every home in my opinion.

4.5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Love it

I am one of the early Kickstarter backers and on Wednesday it finally arrived. After my shoulder injury in June it's the perfect training device for me to do exercises like band rows or chest press. Pretty impressed by the quality and all the components that are included. I didn't expect such a quality. The organizer is very helpful to keep all parts together. Setup was easy as well. Maybe the instruction how to usw the bands in different ways could be more explained but all in all super happy so far!

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