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Kinesio Tapes – Skin-Friendly Sport Tape in Different Colours Stabilisation of injuries and inflammation of muscles, ligaments, or joints

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Product advantages at a glance

  • Supports muscle and joint functions
  • Strong adhesion to the skin
  • Extremely comfortable and breathable
  • Moisture-wicking and water-resistant
  • Stabilisation of injuries and inflammation of muscles, ligaments, or joints


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Kinesio Tape for the support of muscle and joint functions The Word Kinesio Tape is an...more

Kinesio Tape for the support of muscle and joint functions

The Word Kinesio Tape is an abbreviation of „kinesiology tape”. Terms like Physio-Tape, Sport-Tape, Muscle-Tape or medicinal tape are also common. The tape has the same elasticity and thickness as human skin and adapts especially well to any natural movement of the body.

Kinesio Tape is taped directly onto the skin. As a result, the skin is moved against the underlying muscle during movements. This continuous stimulation activates different receptors and regulates muscle tension. Furthermore, there is a transmission of signals to the central nervous system. The stimulation via the Kinesio Tape also reduces pain and improves the blood flow.

Apart from this, the Tape also supports and relieves pressure on the damaged muscle, ligament, or joint. When taped correctly, the tape contracts in the middle and, as a result, lifts the upper layer of skin. This way, the pressure this layer exerts on the nerves is eased, and blood- and lymph flow are increased.

The primary goal of any treatment using Kinesio Tape is the activation and support of the body’s self-healing abilities. With sport injuries, Kinesio Tape is also often used as a supporting element for protection of the injured area.


How does Kinesio Tape work?

When applying the tape, muscles and joints are stretched, then the tape is applied to the skin. Like this, the body maintains its full range of motion. As soon as the body returns to a relaxed position, the tape lifts the skin a bit. Thereby, small gaps between the epi- and hypodermis, where large amounts of receptor of nerves, blood and lymph vessels are located, are created. 

85% of points of pain are located on the outermost layer of skin. The tape activates the pain-relieving system. The pain passes, which allows the user to move more freely and for the initial muscle functions to occur. Through the applied tape, combined with movement, the connective tissue and musculature receives a type of continuous massage, which improves microcirculation between skin and muscle. Muscle functions are improved and joint functions supported.

Medical findings show, that in some cases, a moderate, early mobilization of joints and their connective and supportive tissue, and not an immobilization of injuries, is most beneficial for the healing process. The movements are supported and guided by the Kinesio Tape, but not restricted.


An Overview of the benefits of Kinesio Tape:

✅ Supports muscle and joint functions and helps promote mobility. Aids in the alleviation of muscle pains.

✅ Strong adhesion to the skin (even after showering the tape stays on the skin). Ideal adhesion through an adhesive with an acrylic base, so that it can be worn for multiple days. The Kinesio Tapes are optimized for their longevity and convince with their long-lasting adhesive properties.

✅ Extremely comfortable and suitable for every skin type

✅ Moisture-wicking and water-resistant: Stays on the skin for multiple days, despite heavy sweating or after showering.

✅ Breathable, so that you can practice any sport without restrictions

✅ Skin-friendly and latex-free. A care-free application is guaranteed.

✅ Can be easily cropped as needed thanks to the printed grid on the backside as guidance, applied, and removed without residue.


Usage examples:

  • Correction of posture: This particular application pulls back the shoulder blades and straightens the upper body. Like this, neck problems and headaches stemming from tension can be alleviated

  • Taping for lower back pain

  • Taping of „runner’s knee"

  • Taping for shoulder problems

  • Muscle injuries (pain, strains, overworked muscles, inflammation, fibre tears)

  • Joint injuries (pain, overworked joints, inflammation, swelling, instability), stabilization of the ankle joint with tape

  • Ligament injuries (pain, overworked ligaments, inflammation, ligament tears)

  • Fluid retention (oedema)

Product details:

Measurements of tape roll 5 cm x 5,0 m
Material 95 % cotton, 5 % spandex
Content of one unit 1 Kinesio Tape / Box
Available colours Blue, black, pink



1. As far as possible, remove hair from the area to be taped. Trim or dry shave. A wet shave can cause small lesions which can cause skin irritation or inflammation.

2. Disinfect the clean, lotion-free area with alcohol wipes, to remove oils from the skin.

3. Never put the ends of the tape under tension, trim the corners with scissors to improve longevity and avoid adhesion to clothes.

4. Apply tape following instructions. Don’t touch the sticky side with your fingers, as the skin’s grease will reduce the longevity of the tape.


Removal of Kinesio Tape

The tape should be removed or replaced after a week, at the latest. The tape is best removed when wet. As such, ideally remove the tape in the shower, or while or after bathing. Cooking oil can help to remove it. Pull the tape off close to the skin and fix the skin underneath the tape while removing it. Do not remove the tape using fast, but rather slow motions.


Can I apply tape on myself?
Yes, but at best only for the second or third time. And only, when the area is easily accessible. For first use, we recommend a doctor, physiotherapist, or personal trainer with the appropriate training.


Not convinced yet? Then test our Kinesio Tape for 30 days – without commitment. Should you not like it for whatever reason, you can return it without any problems, and we will refund the full purchasing price!


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