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Pull-up Bar Set: Door Pull-up Bar + Pull-up Straps Set of 4 + Ab Straps The perfect set for getting started with pull-up training – Save 15 % in the set!

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Product advantages at a glance

  • Door pull-up bar for hanging without slipping off
  • Pull-up bands/resistance bands set of 4 incl. door anchor
  • Ab training straps for effective ab training
  • Order now in a set and save big!

In stock, with you within 2-3 business days

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Pull-up Bar Set Consisting of a Door Pull-up Bar, a Pull-up Straps Set of 4, and Ab Straps...more

Pull-up Bar Set Consisting of a Door Pull-up Bar, a Pull-up Straps Set of 4, and Ab Straps

You want to become a pull-up professional or learn your first pull-ups? Then our pull-up bar set is just right for you! The door pull-up bar is the perfect starter product, which you can easily hang in the door frame and train pull-ups at home – without any drilling. All without slipping, as is the case with telescopic bars.

The pull-up bands support you during pull-ups, so you can learn your first pull-up, increase steadily, and will need less and less support. Additionally, they are perfect as a replacement for dumbbells or weights and offer you over 30 different full-body exercises as resistance bands.

By using the ab training straps, you can fully concentrate on your ab training on the pull-up bar, as you won’t run out of grip strengthand can thus get one or two more repetitions out of it. The goal of a toned abdomen is no longer an obstacle … so get to the pull-up bar! ;-)


Set Consisting of:


Product Advantages of the Gym Rings:


Door Pull-up Bar

✔️ Assembly in seconds and no slipping: The pull-up bar is securely hung in the door frame within secondswithout screws and drilling and thus transforms your home into a home gym.

✔️ Fits almost all door frames: Thanks to the design, the pull-up bar fits almost all common door frames, so you will definitely find a suitable door for mounting at home.

✔️ No slipping: No dangerous slipping with risk of injury, as in the case of telescopic pull-up bars thanks to secure hanging in the door frame. The barcannot slip when loaded by the construction!

✔️ Numerous exercises: Train pull-ups with different grips (wide, tight, chin-up, parallel), leg raises, front levers, and many more exercises for a varied workout. You can also use it on the floor for push-ups or seated dips.

✔️ No damage to the door frame, thanks to protective pads/rubber end caps on all contact points.

✔️ High safety: Reinforced construction with cross braces and high-strength screw connections ensures maximum stability and a safe workout without wobbling or slipping.

✔️ Free eBook: After your order, we will also send you our popular eBook “23 Tips for More Pull-ups” as a PDF. This will help you learn your first pull-up, learn to do more pull-ups, and you are guaranteed to become a pull-up pro.


Pull-up Bands:

✔️ Fitter, stronger, more muscular, and more toned: Training with bands makes you fit and strong and builds muscles. There is no need for a gym or expensive dumbbells!

✔️ Support during workouts - The bands take some of the weight off you, so you can do morerepetitions and train the execution of the exercise.

✔️ Complete full-body workout - Ideal for exercises like pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups, front levers, and over 30 other exercises for a versatile workout.

✔️ Increase your strength & mobility -Also suitable as additional resistance during exercises such as push-ups, dips, squats, curls, bench presses, and other exercises.

✔️ Stowable & transportable – convenientlystows in your bag and can betaken anywhere – to the garden, the park, on vacation, or on other journeys.

✔️ Extremely durable - Premium quality made from 100 % natural latex. Extra tear resistant and very long-lasting with consistent resistance. The natural latex is also sustainable, biodegradable, free of critical ingredients, and odorless.

✔️ More than 30 exercises – incl. FREE eBook with more than 30 exercises that you can easily download via email.

Klimmzug Bänder ebook


Ab Training Straps

✔️ Full focus on ab training: The ab straps comfortably support your elbows and take the pressure off your shoulders and arms, so you canspecifically train your abs to get a six-pack.

✔️ Four length adjustments and easy attachment: Thanks to the high-strength nylon extension loops and the steel safety carabiner

✔️ Versatile: The ab straps fit perfectly for any type of pull-up bar

✔️ Super comfortable and extremely resilient: The padded straps with soft lining are super comfortable to wear. Two metal safety carabiners and heavy-duty nylon straps provide maximum stability and a load capacity of up to 200 kg.


Product Details:

Door Pullupbar

Material: steel

Max. width of the pullup bar: 100 cm (39 in)

Load capacity: up to 110 kg (220 Ibs)

Door frame width: between 70 - 95 cm (28 - 37 in)

Doorframe depth: between 15 - 25 cm (6 - 10 in)

Weight: 4,2 kg (9 lbs)

Ab Training Straps

Max. length: 90 cm (35 in) (measured at longest possible setting)

Min. length: 50 cm (19 in)

Pullup Bands

EXTRA LIGHT (red): 4kg-12kg (9-26 lbs) resistance; length 104 cm (41 in), width 1,3 cm (0.5 in).

LIGHT (black): 7kg-24kg (15-53 lbs) resistance; length 104 cm (41 in), width 2,1 cm (0.8 in).

MEDIUM (blue): 16kg-36kg (35-80 lbs) resistance; length 104 cm (41 in), width 3,2 cm (1.2 in).

STRONG (green): 23-54kg (50-120 lbs) resistance; length 104 cm (41 in), width 4,5 cm (1.7 in).


Recommendation: We recommend measuring the width of the door frame and the depth of the door frame (see above) in advance to ensure that the pull-up bar fits in your door!


Not convinced yet? Then test our set now for 30 days without obligation. If for some reason, you don’t like it, you can send it back easily, and we will refund you the full purchase price!


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