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Die Top 10 Übungen Gegen Rückenschmerzen

The top 10 exercises against back pain

Back pain: by no means an exception in our population, but a common affliction. But where there are problems, there are also solutions. Therefore, we explain in this article how you can get your back fit for everyday life and in particular, which back pain exercises will help you.

Back pain: by no means an exception in our population, but a common affliction. But where there are problems, there are also solutions. Therefore, in this article we explain how you can get your back back in top shape again for everyday life and, in particular, which back pain exercises will help you.

What are the most common causes of back pain?

Since back pain occurs in a strikingly large number of occupations and groups of people, the reasons are many and varied. There is not THE one cause, but rather a smorgasbord of the most diverse possible causes:

  • Prolonged sitting: Whether the student, the office worker, or indeed any other group of people, they all struggle with tension resulting from sitting for long periods without movement.
  • Excessive & incorrect strain: Those who have to carry a lot of loads in their work and do this incorrectly risk herniated discs, lumbago as well as jammed nerves and many other complaints.
  • Weak back: If, on top of that, a generally weak or untrained back is added, then the problems are complete and the back is not even up to the simplest everyday challenges.

For this reason, there are definitely back pain exercises that help. They strengthen, treat, stretch, massage and pamper the back.

But above all, they do one thing: they end the period of pain and bring well-being back to everyday life.

When do I need to see a doctor for back pain?

rueckenschmerzen arzt

When it is necessary to go to the doctor is a matter of one's own judgment as well as any clear signs. If, for example, small and long known complaints occur, then the doctor is dispensable. But if obvious signs occur, such as bruises, bruises or pain that massively affect everyday life and other factors that are unusual and extreme, then the doctor should be consulted in any case. In the end, you decide from your own experience and from your gut what is necessary. But in case of the slightest doubt, the doctor is the first port of call.

What should I pay attention to when performing the exercises for back pain?

Basically, each of the back pain exercises has its own characteristics and features, to which it is necessary to pay attention for the correct and effective execution. Minor mistakes are normal and will improve over time as you get a feel for what is correct. However, there are one or two pointers that you should know earlier and definitely pay close attention to. These are the following points:

  • Always keep lower back straight and under tension! (Unless the exercise states otherwise for a good reason).
  • Lift loads evenly!
  • Always put accuracy of execution before speed!

When you exercise, all your attention must be on the accuracy of the exercises. If you want to get rid of back pain, you have to be precise and not increase the weights or intensity as fast as possible. Otherwise, lift the weights evenly and keep your back under tension. This way you will avoid lifting yourself or suffering injuries. See also our article on the topic Tips against back pain.

The top 10 exercises against back pain

Now we have dealt with the back pain itself as well as its background. It's time to address several solutions to the problem with the top 10 back pain exercises. Therefore, below we list ten very helpful options, some of which you can even perform regardless of location: Whether in the office, in your own four walls or, of course, in the gym.

Reverse Rowing in Underhand Grip

umgekehrtes rudern

Ideally, you do this exercise with the right equipment. For this, a barbell is recommended, which you can already buy in a small version with a few weights for home. This is nothing unusual, but now relatively many households have somewhere a barbell with some weights lying around. The reverse rowing in the underhand grip among the back pain exercises runs as follows:

1. you grasp the barbell with your hands so that the back of your hands are facing down.

Now stand with your legs slightly bent and your upper body slightly bent forward. Make sure that your lower back does not sag, but is under tension. 3.

In this position, the barbell should reach your knees when you let it hang in your arms. 4.

4. now start the exercise by pulling the barbell up along your thighs to your abdomen. It is important that the upper and lower body are under tension and the strength comes from the upper back.

Repeat the exercise a few times.

Pull-ups against back pain


A basic exercise in self-weight training - an exercise that is bursting with athleticism - is the Pull-up. For this you can already buy a very cheap and high quality pull-up bar for your home. In our range you will find, for example, a very practical solution. Namely, an all-round product is waiting for you, which you can use as a chin-up or dip bar. In addition, the pull-up bar scores with its flexibility. This means that you can train with the bar both indoors and outdoors in a variety of places safely and comfortably.

If you now have the pull-up bar of your choice, then you approach the exercise as follows. 

1. Hang on the pull-up bar with your arms slightly wider than shoulder width. You can choose the grip, but especially for back training, the upper grip - i.e. with the back of the hand facing you - is the most effective.

2. Now pull yourself up cleanly until your chin is above the pull-up bar. 3.

    3. Repeat this exercise as often as you can. With regular practice, you will consistently get stronger. It is always important that you do not swing up on the way up and do not drop on the way down. Otherwise, injuries can occur and you won't hit your back muscles.

    To our pull-up bars!




    Few would expect push-ups among the back pain exercises, the exercise is so well known as effective for the growth of the chest muscles. But in fact push-ups strengthen the whole body, as you can see in our post about learning pushups. As for the back, they provide stabilization in the lower back, while they bring a health-promoting stretch in the upper back. Here's how it works:

    1. you lie down on your stomach. Your elbows are shoulder-width apart from your body so that they form a right angle. 2.

    2. slowly push yourself upwards with your toes on the floor and your whole body under tension.

    3. then go back down and then back up again.

    To protect your wrists and to intensify the exercise we recommend you to use Push-up bars.

    To our push-up bars!


    You want to learn push-ups? Watch our Youtube video "How-To: First Push-Up [Beginner Tutorial]" to learn how.

    Pelvic Lift


    The pelvis is a commonly forgotten and thus neglected body part even among bodybuilders and die-hard athletes. Perhaps this is a cause of back pain? The pelvic lift among the back pain exercises offers prospect of relief. It can be performed in several variants. The simplest of them, which is already very helpful, we present to you briefly:

    1. lie down with your back on the floor so that the whole body forms a straight line (A).

    2. your arms are next to your body, but your legs are now positioned for the exercise until they are just below right angles.

    3. now lift your pelvis until the thighs together with the upper body form a straight line again (B).

    You may repeat this process step by step. But be careful: Always do it slowly and controlled and with body tension. This is a very effective way to strengthen the pelvic area and the lower back.

    Shoulder girdle pull

    An exercise that can be performed at any time and is incredibly practical and effective is the shoulder girdle pull. The procedure is as follows:

    1. first you hook your hands with your fingers in front of you at chest level.

    2. Now pull with one hand in one direction and with the other hand in the opposite direction. 

    3. a tension is created, which you hold for a few seconds and then carefully release.

    4. repeat this exercise as many times as you like or add variety by pressing your hands against each other instead of pulling them apart.

    Prone leg raises

    Let's continue with what tends to be an easy task among exercises for back pain. This includes the prone leg raise, which from the abdomen and lower back down strengthens the entire body and improves control over the body. Here's how it works:

    1. you lie on your stomach and support yourself with your forearms.

    2. then lift one leg upwards and try to get up as far as possible and hold this position.

    Once you have finished with one leg, the other leg follows directly.

    Belly landing

    For this exercise you ideally take a so-called fascia ball. Besides the Blackroll, this ball is one of the most respected materials for back pain exercises- also for therapeutic purposes. This is how it works:

    1. you lie down on your belly with the ball 5 cm below your belly button underneath.

    2. support yourself with your forearms on the floor.

    3. slowly and carefully roll to the left side, bending your right leg slightly to the side to make it easier for you to roll all the way out.

    Then roll over to the next side and bend the other leg so that you come all the way out there. At the end of the day, you'll be massaging your pain points effectively and relieving tension and fascia.

    Diagonal Leg & Shoulder Lift (Quadruped)

    This exercise is a result of the "quadruped exercises". Hereby you train your whole body very effectively. Especially this holistic approach is a very good and effective variety in addition to the classic exercises. The procedure is very simple:

    1. you are in a quadruped stance: with your hands you support yourself on the floor and squat on your knees. Your back forms a straight line.

    2. stretch your left arm straight out and your right leg at the same time. 

    3. Then bring the left arm and right leg back together under your torso before doing the same with the other arm and leg. 4.

    4. Repeat eight to ten times per side and then take a break before repeating the exercise for a few more sets.

    Dynamic back stretch with elastic band

    What's particularly effective about this exercise is that in addition to your back, you're also exercising your shoulder girdle. This is useful because the shoulders are quite prone to injury. And this is how it works:

    1. you lie down on your stomach and stretch your arms and legs.

    2. in your arms you hold the band and pull it outwards with your arms. You move your arms up and behind you. 3.

    3. do this until you reach your lower back.

    The ideal band for this is our light resistance band or a gymnastic band.

    To our resistance bands!




    In this exercise, you use the fascia ball again to fight your back pain.

    1. you lie with your back on the ball or alternatively on a tennis ball.

    2. your elbows are raised. It is best to hold your hands by your ears as if you were doing a sit-up.

    3. now lift your lower body and lie on the ball with your spine only.

    4. slowly roll your upper body back and forth, massaging your spine.

    Helpful yoga exercises against back pain

    The trendy yoga sport also holds some exercises that have high potential in the fight against back pain. Here are three back pain exercises briefly mentioned and explained....

    Slow rolling of the spine

    A very simple exercise among the back pain exercises is the spine roller. At the same time, the exercise is also very effective. Because here you mobilize your entire spine and also stretch the back extensor especially. Stretching has an enormous potential to release tension, strengthen the muscles and make them more elastic as well as to increase your own well-being. The spine roller works as follows:

    1. stand shoulder-width apart with your body stretched out.

    2. bend the whole body forward from the head downwards through the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, as if you were trying to touch your toes with your fingertips.

    3. go down as far as you can and then slowly straighten up again.

    The Little Camel

    This exercise is a good place to start if you have problems with your neck, chest or shoulders. It proves to be very easy to perform:

    1. you kneel down with your upper body upright. 2.

    2. move your hands backwards and place them on your buttocks with your palms.

    3. stay in this position and slowly lower your head with your chin towards your chest until you feel a stretch in your neck. Keep your shoulders stable in the starting position. 

    4. Then move your head backwards until it is no longer possible. Then your upper body continues to move backwards. The shoulders are still not moved.

    5. Repeat this process as often as you like, always allowing time for accurate execution.

    The knee in the direction of the heart

    The following exercise has proven to be particularly effective in relieving tension in the back. Maybe it will help you too:

    1. lie on your back and stretch out your legs and arms. 

    2. Now bend one knee and pull it towards your upper body. 

    3. clasp the knee with your hands and help it along; in other words, pull the knee up as far as possible until ideally the thigh lies flat on the upper body. Important: The back should remain straight and the head should also lie flat on the floor. 

    4. Hold this position and change the knee after some time.

    How do I prevent back pain?

    To prevent back pain, basically a varied physical activity is always advisable. Therefore:

    • Move as often as possible in between office work.
    • Exercise regularly and stretch afterwards.
    • Make sure that you always lift loads with a straight back.
    • If you are forced to work frequently in the office, buy a height-adjustable desk that even allows you to stand.
    • If you follow these things, you will have successfully circumvented the most common sources of back pain.


    Back pain comes, but can just as easily go away. The most important thing is that you have recognized your back pain in time. Now it's up to you to get started with our top 10 exercises and bring more comfort and health back into your everyday life. We wish you the best!

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