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Ring Dips vs. Bar Dips: Die Unterschiede Und Was Ist Besser?

Ring Dips vs. Bar Dips: The Differences And What Is Better?

Ring Dips or Bar Dips on the bar - Which is better? In this article you'll find the differences and the answer. Learn more now!

Dips are a dead weight exercise from weight training. They now serve as an exercise across various sports, as they have qualities that benefit other disciplines as well. In addition to muscle growth, the qualities include the training of entire body parts in combination: Because several muscles are involved in the execution, a high degree of concentration and coordination is required. Depending on the execution, the demands on balance increase at the same time. This is exactly where we have arrived at today's topic: Different executions each place different demands on the muscles. Today in focus: Ring Dips vs. Bar Dips!

Ring Dips at a glance

The ring dips have become popular at the latest since the Crossfit trend. You've probably seen the bars hanging from the ceiling in the gym: These rings are also used in ring dips. This opens up a new type of dips, which challenges the shoulders more intensively.

The execution:

1. grab the gymnastic rings with your hands so that the palm faces up. Hold the ring with your thumb on one side and the other four fingers on the other side. 2.

Now stand between the rings and bend your upper body forward so that the rings minimally touch your front shoulder. Now jump off the floor with your feet and push off the rings with your hands to get to the top.
Note: If it is possible to adjust the height of the rings, you will not have to jump off. Then adjust the rings so that you can comfortably get into the support position without dynamic movement. 3.

Pull the rings close to your body at the sides and tense all your body muscles to stay in the upper position with your hands supported in the rings. 4.

Once you have a firm hold, slowly lower yourself back down, bending your torso slightly forward as needed. If your shoulders are below your elbows, you have reached the lowest point and push yourself up. 5.

Repeat this sequence several times, for example in a pattern of 10 repetitions per set for a total of three sets, with breaks of one minute between sets.

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Bar Dips at a glance

The classic bar dips are performed on parallel or V-shaped dip bars at the side of you. dip bars parallel or V-shaped to each other. This exercise can be performed in almost any gym, as there are dip jigs specifically for this purpose. For beginners, these are usually even available with an aid to slowly work your way up to the full load of your own body weight.

The execution:

1. grasp the bars to the side of you, as you did with the rings.

2. push off with your feet and push up with your arms until you reach the top.

Hold the position and move up and down with your elbows close to your body, just as the ring dips require.

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Straight Bar Dips at a glance

With the Straight Bar Dips we dedicate ourselves to a subtype of the Bar Dips. This exercise is performed on a single straight pull-up bar that runs across in front of you. You can perform the exercise - since there is usually no special equipment in the gym - on a multi-press on the barbell or also on the Pullup & Dip mobile straight pull-up bar. Overall, a completely new load is created, which requires high body tension, especially in the lower body.

The execution:

1. grasp the bar in an overhand grip at shoulder width.

2. return to the top position and hold it for a while. 3.

3. when you lower yourself down, make sure to keep your upper body behind the barbell and stretch your legs straight out in front to come down far. Keep your elbows close to your body.

4. This exercise execution is very good for preparing for the muscle-ups performed on a pull-up bar.


Ring Dips vs Bar Dips: Now which exercise is best and more suitable for you?

Now, without wanting to provoke great disappointment, we must cover: What is best can only be determined by your individual athletic goals. That's why we won't tell you which is better. Rather, we will present the advantages and disadvantages in the comparison "Ring Dips vs. Bar Dips" so that you can form your own opinion. By the way, we'll give you three tips per variation that will have a lasting positive impact on the quality of your workout.

Ring dips vs. bar dips: advantages and disadvantages of ring dips

The advantages:

  • Movements on gymnastic rings more flexible, which has a positive effect on the health of the shoulders
  • Improvement of muscle tone and balance in the whole body
  • Positive contribution to general fitness


  • Difficult for beginners due to the high demands on body tension

3 top tips for ring dips!

1. don't cold start: practice bar dips first and get familiar with the exercise execution as well as the required muscle tension before you start ring dips!

2. hang additional weights from a belt around your waist! By using different weights in their increments, you'll continually work on your strength.

3. dips with RTO: you perform normal dips and in the support position you push out as far as you can from the shoulder and turn your palms forward, stay in this position for 2 seconds and start the next repetition.


Ring dips vs. bar dips: advantages and disadvantages of bar dips.


  • Muscle growth is promoted due to lower balance requirements and enabled dangling weight plates with belt
  • Strength building is simplified due to the weight increases
  • Positive contribution to overall fitness


  • Due to predefined movement due to fixed grip position often occurs incorrect grip width with negative effects on the health of the shoulders.

3 top tips for bar dips!

1. keep the body as straight as possible to strengthen the triceps!

2. the more you tilt your upper body forward, the more you bring your chest into play.

3. make a conscious effort to pull your shoulders down (into a depression). Shoulders away from ears is the golden rule when doing dips.


Bottom line: ring dips vs. bar dips with no clear winner!

At the end of the day, both dip variations come from the same sporting direction, which is why they have a great deal in common as an advantage with the general improvement of fitness. However, that's also where the similarities largely end, and you end up with two dip variations that are so similar, yet so different in their effects. If you are primarily looking to build muscle and strength without having to learn a new exercise for a long time, then we suggest the bar dips.

If it is more about body tension, balance and a sustainable and healthy workout, then ring dips are recommended. However, please note at this point: A bar that is optimally adjusted to your own physical constitution is safer to start with than the rings and also flawless from a health point of view. We recommend that the bar width should be about one forearm wide for the beginning. Thus, in the comparison of ring dips vs. bar dips, the bar is a minimal objective winner. By the way, besides dips on rings and on a dip bar, there are also some other dip bar variations, to perform dips.

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