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20 Top Gründe Für Das Training Mit Dem Eigenen Körpergewicht

20 Top Reasons For Training With Your Own Bodyweight

This article deals with the topic of bodyweight training. First, we want to clarify what is actually meant by training with your own bodyweight. Then we'll name 20 good reasons why it's worthwhile to include such exercises in your training plan.

What is training with your own body weight?

In summary, training with your own body weight includes the "core basics". This includes exercises like Pull-ups This includes exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, squats and rowing, as well as basic movements such as jumping, sprinting and climbing. All in all, the workouts aim to maximize the strength of the body and optimize performance. After all, you don't even need to try weightlifting if you're not even capable of lifting a pair of dumbbells.

So training with your own body weight can also serve as a kind of preparation for other types of training. For example, even people who have never seen the inside of a gym are advised to start with bodyweight training before moving on to "bigger tasks". In addition, the training contributes a great deal to a lower susceptibility to injury and it reduces the risk of performing other exercises in an incorrect posture. Keeping all of these aspects in mind, let's take a look at the top reasons to workout with your own bodyweight....

Reason #1 - the workout never gets boring

One of the main reasons why many can't do anything with traditional strength training is that it gets boring after a while. Boredom is a very big demotivating factor and can prevent exercisers from reaching their goals. This makes it all the more important not to lose the desire to train and to stay focused. And that's exactly what training with your own bodyweight does!

For most people, this form of training is much more interesting and exciting than conventional strength training. And precisely because it can be carried out without any problems in nature and in any other place. There are countless variations and techniques that can be tried out and tailored to individual needs. Thus, training with your own body weight matches your personal interests, which has a great effect on your motivation.

Reason #2 - a lot of variations

Variety is a big keyword when it comes to bodyweight training and not only when it comes to the exercises. You want to train in your home? Then do it! And if you want to go out in the sun in summer, no problem! You can do the training with your own bodyweight wherever you want. This variation option, as mentioned above, keeps you motivated and ensures maximum flexibility if you like to try new things in different environments.

This is also a great advantage for those who do their workouts alone. Working out with your own body weight teaches you how your body responds to different training stimuli and helps you develop your very own workout plan. And if you're looking for an even greater challenge, you can do pull-ups on, for example gymnastic rings for example. This variation requires an especially strong core and maximum balance.


Reason #3 - guaranteed success

Since training with your own body weight involves various movements and always uses several joints and muscles, all in all you challenge your body more than with other forms of training. Through this highest physical activity you increase your strength and your general efficiency. From now on you won't miss a move because you can't run fast and with enough endurance. That much is certain!

Reason #4 - it is highly efficient

Training with your own bodyweight increases your physique many times over. And in a very short time. It does not require any equipment and you can always vary between exercises to adjust the load. These aspects make the training interesting also for those who have a busy schedule and do not want to torture themselves to the gym every Wednesday morning, since this is the only free period in the week. Instead, you can easily "pump" at the office, in your apartment or in the park.

Reason #5 - Workout anywhere

One of the biggest drawbacks of other types of workouts is that you have to go to the local gym and also require a lot of space and/ or extensive equipment. Training with your own body weight, on the other hand, can be done completely independent of space and time. You can just get up and start doing push-ups, squats and pull-ups. Even at this very moment! And with a pull-up bar it's even more comfortable.

This approach also plays a big role in the regularity of your workouts. After all, it's quite possible that after a long day at work, you simply don't have the "energy" to still pack your things and head to the gym. Instead, all you have to do is start bodyweight training. And since working out with your own bodyweight is so effective, just doing a short program is enough after a long day.

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Reason #6 - more balance

If you want to improve your overall balance, working out with your own bodyweight is right up your alley! Exercises like Pistol Squats are not only extremely challenging, but can help you achieve better balance. Not everyone can stand on one leg for more than a second. If that's exactly your goal, we highly recommend bodyweight training.

The reason why training with your own bodyweight is so good for balance is that it promotes inter- and intramuscular coordination.

Reason #7 - Strength and cardio training in one

With bodyweight training, you're not only strengthening your muscles, but you're also boosting your fitness. This is due to the fact that jumping jacks, pull-ups, push-ups and co. increase your heart rate.

Reason #8 - a plus for your health

Whether it's from a doctor, friends, or family, many people are advised that they should exercise (more). Yet many underestimate the benefits of exercise for overall health. Like other sports, exercising with your own body weight lowers the risk of diabetes, strengthens the heart muscles and joints, and reduces the risk of depression. Not to mention the fact that sports make you feel much more active and alive.

Reason #9 - improves your posture

Above all, bodyweight exercises with a wide range of motion will help you decalcify rusty joints and improve your overall mobility. Especially if you sit at a desk a lot, exercising with your own bodyweight can significantly improve your posture. Thus it also counteracts counteract back pain. If you complain of such, you should think about doing some pull-ups first thing in the morning!

Reason #10 - THE fat burner par excellence

If you want to burn fat as quickly as possible, all you have to do is start bodyweight training. Just 15 minutes of working out with your own bodyweight will stimulate your metabolism, causing your body to burn calories. And that even hours after the workout (keyword: afterburn effect)! Want to learn more about this? We have a whole article on the topic The top 10 bodyweight exercises for fast weight loss written.

Reason #11 - Injury Prevention

Training with your own bodyweight helps you avoid injuries during your workouts. That's why this form of training should be at the beginning of any "athlete's career". Regardless of gender, age or fitness level.

Reason #12 - train individually

Training with your own body weight can be adapted to the conditions of each person. Whether you start slow with a few simple push-ups or much more intense - bodyweight training allows everyone to start "where they are" and offers optimal training stimuli to improve the physique.

Reason #13 - train different muscle groups

One of the main reasons to train with your own bodyweight is that you target many different muscle groups with just one or two exercises. This is hardly the case with any other form of training! A set of burpees, for example, not only challenges the arms, but also the legs. After all, this exercise combines squats with push-ups and jumps. It's only logical that many different muscles are at work, isn't it?

By the way: If simple burpees aren't enough for you, you can use resistance bands to increase the intensity even more.

Reason #14 - for a strong core

Training with your own bodyweight gives you a strong core, which is due to the fact that the exercises activate different muscles of the upper body (arms, abs, chest, ...). If you want to build even more power and train your core even more intensively, you can additionally use Parallettes can be used. With these you are even better equipped to complete the most challenging exercises.

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Reason #15 - functional movements

Training with your own body weight is fundamentally composed of movements that are functional for everyday life. Whether doing housework, cleaning, climbing stairs or getting out of the car - through the workouts all movements will be easier for you.

Reason #16 - Optimizing your blood sugar

We've already told you that bodyweight training can help you prevent injuries and diseases like diabetes. Likewise, cardiovascular exercises, which are an essential part of training with your own bodyweight, can boost your overall vitality. Not only do the workouts lower your blood pressure, but they also lower your blood sugar levels and triglycerides. These three factors have a huge impact on your overall health! So by combining exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and burpees, you can create a workout that targets your health.

Reason #17 - Reach new dimensions of training

Cardio and strength training will take you far. However, training with your own bodyweight will take you much further! When you combine this with the other workouts, you can reach a whole new level of performance. By combining bodyweight training and weightlifting, for example, you not only break your monotonous workout routines, but you challenge your body to the max to become even stronger, even fitter, and even more powerful.

Reason #18 - you can train together

Working out alone can take on a sort of mundane form, and especially if you tend to lose focus quickly. Since working out with your own bodyweight is very dynamic, you can always invite friends or other groups over for a workout. In this way, training becomes a communal activity, which can have a very positive effect on your motivation and commitment to training.

Reason #19 - it's easy to learn

Dead weight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups are relatively easy to perform, so getting started with your own bodyweight workouts is quick. You may not be able to do 15 "clean" pull-ups from a standing start. But with a little practice, you will quickly make progress. It's this "ease" that makes the workout attractive even to people who have had nothing to do with fitness before.

Reason #20 - the economy of things.

Remember that one of the reasons to train with your own bodyweight is that you need little or no equipment. Thus, this form of training is (almost) completely free! The purchase of Gymnastic ringsna pull-up bar, Parallettes and resistance bands costs you only a little money. This is even more attractive when you consider that you can train with this calisthenics equipment for a lifetime. In contrast, gym membership and class participation can quickly tear big holes in your wallet.

If you want to train intensively and effectively without spending a lot of money, training with your own body weight is exactly your thing! And to make it even more fun and varied, you can invite your friends to work out with you.


A few things to keep in mind

Bodyweight training is a very effective way to exercise. However, for success you need to train regularly, especially if you are just starting out. Therefore, you should always try to stick to your training schedule. You can do this either by sticking strictly to your workout schedule or by taking advantage of free times that come up during the day.

Working out with your own body weight can also be an effective way to counteract physical impairments. It helps people with low fitness levels to improve their endurance and strength. There are a large number of exercises, possible combinations and training plans for this purpose. What are you waiting for? Start bodyweight training today and find out what's good for your body!

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