Can the outdoor version remain permanently mounted in the outdoor area?
In order to maintain the durability, we recommend storing the pull-up bar in the dry after use. We do not recommend to expose the bar permanently to any kind of weather.

Will the tree not be damaged during the outdoor assembly?
A: When using the supplied protective mat, the tree will not be damaged, because the protective mat protects the tree and the outdoor adapter distributes the forces over a larger area due to the large surface as well as the protective mat itself.

Are muscle-ups also possible with the Pullup & Dip bar?
A: Yes, muscle-ups are also possible. Depending on your grip width, you can either rotate the included multi bars 180° so that the dip bars face the tree and thus do muscle-ups, or with the additional straight muscle-up bar. The grip width of the two dip bars is at 459 mm, so if your grip should start there during muscle-ups, the additional muscle-up bar is recommended. For home use, it depends on your ceiling height, whether you have enough space to the ceiling.

Can I also mount the pull-up bar on a square post?
A: Yes, it is possible, but it should not be too wide, otherwise the tensioning forces of the belt are no longer ideal. Optimal are 15 - 30 cm side length. In addition, the pillar should have a solid foundation.

How can the outdoor adapter be adjusted for different diameters of trees/poles?
A: On the back of the outdoor adapter there are two aluminum angles that can be adjusted by hand with four knurled screws. So the angles can be adjusted to a wide or narrow diameter.

What is the maximum diameter of the tree?
A: The tree should have a maximum diameter of 70 cm, because the tensioning belt has a total length of 2.5 m. This gives you a circumference of 70 cm. This gives you a circumference of 220cm and you still have 30cm of belt to tension. In addition, the tree should have a diameter of at least 15 cm and be as straight as possible.

How many people are needed for outdoor assembly?
A: No additional person is needed, you can assemble the pull-up bar alone. The wide Velcro fastener helps you to attach the outdoor adapter to the protective mat, so you have both hands available for fastening and tensioning the outdoor adapter with the tensioning strap on the tree. See also our mounting video.