1) Will the door pull bar also work with a door frame depth greater than 23cm?
This depends on the type of door, but experience shows that it should not be deeper than 23cm.

2) Is a support surface of 1.0 cm+ on the top of the door frame sufficient?
We recommend a support surface of at least 1.5 cm, but the bar also holds well with a support surface of 1.0 cm.

3) How much weight can the pull-up bar bear?
You can load the door pull-up bar with up to 110kg without any problems.

4Doesn't the bar damage my door frame?
No! Due to the construction, the pressure forces are only distributed on the front of the door frame and on the back against the wall. Due to the force distribution and rubberized contact surface, neither the door nor the wall will be damaged.

5) Do I have to drill to attach the pull-up bar?
No, you don't have to drill anything, the bar holds just by hanging and the load.completely without residue and without stress with the landlord :-)

6) Can the bar fall down during pull-ups?
Through the load, the pull-up bar is properly anchored in the door frame and can no longer slip off when loaded by the compressive forces. So it holds bomb-proof :-)

7) Can I only train pull-ups with it?
Besides pull-ups you can also train chin-ups, leg lifts, front levers, toes to bar and even seated dips and push-ups on the floor. See also the rider videos.

8) Is it suitable for beginners? What if I can't do pull-ups yet?
The bar is perfect for beginners as well as advanced users. You will also receive a pull-up band (strength light) and eBook with tips for the first pull-up or more pull-ups as well as a free Calisthenics training plan via email, which includes pull-ups and other exercises for a full body workout. Thus, the bar is also ideal for learning your first pull-up.

9Can I also attach a punching bag?
Unfortunately, this does not work due to the back-and-forth swinging of the punching bag.