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If you can not find an answer to your question in our FAQs below, your are welcome to get in contact with us. 


1 Exercises

1.1 Are Muscle-Ups also possible with the Pullup & Dip bar?

Yes, Muscle-Ups are also possible. Depending on your grip position you can either use the included multi bar and turn it 180° around or buy the additional straight bar. The grip position of the dip bars of the multi bar is 459mm. Should your Muscle-Up grip position be in this area, we recommend the straight muscle-up pull-up bar.

For the indoor usage it depends on your ceiling if you have enough space between the bar and ceiling. 


2 Indoor installation and application of Pullup & Dip bar

2.1 What is the recommended height for the wall mounting?

Of course, this depends on your height. If possible, we recommend mounting the pull-up bar so high that you can completely hang from the pull-up bar. The distance from the upper edge of the wall plate should be at least 45cm to the ceiling, so that you do not touch the ceiling when doing pull-ups. The scope of delivery also includes a drilling template with which you can simulate the final height. Alternatively, you can hold the pull-up bar to the wall before mounting it to determine the optimum mounting height.

2.2 For which kind of walls is the wall installation suitable?

We recommend the wall mounting of the indoor adapter of our Pullup & Dip bars only on brick and concrete walls or with a special construction also on stud walls, see our pull-up bar installation overview.

2.3 Which installation material do you recommend? 

For the wall mount of the indoor adapter we recommend the use of the included long shaft dowels, which can also be purchased in our shop, see pull-up bar screws. These are suitable for concrete walls as well as brick walls.

2.4 How do I install the indoor adapter the easiest way? Is there a installation manual included?

Each pull-up bar for the wall mount is accompanied by a drilling template, on which the pull-up bar installation at the wall is explained and which can be sticked with tape to the wall to facilitate installation.

In addition, you will find a detailed description in our user manual, which is also included in each package.

2.5 Which minimum wall thickness should my wall have?

Since our recommended pull up bar screws have a length of 100mm and the drilling holes should be 110mm, we recommend a wall thickness of at least 180mm.


3 General

3.1 What is the maximum load of the mobile Pullup & Dip bars?

The maximum load capacity is 150kg.


4 Outdoor application

4.1 What is the maximum tree thickness the outdoor adapter can be installed to?

As the included tension belt has a length of 2.5m, the tree should not be thicker than 70cm.

4.2 How thick does a post or pillar need to be?

For round posts we recommend a diameter of at least 10cm
For cubicle pillars we recommend a width of at least 16cm.

4.3 Can I install the Pullup & Dip bar also to a square pillar?

Yes, but the side lengths should not be too long. If the sides are too long, the bar will hang down a little in the middle of the pillar.  Optimal are edge lengths of a pillar between 16 - 30 cm (6 - 33 inches).

4.4 How can the outdoor adapter be adjusted to different diameters of trees/poles?

On the backside of the outdoor adapter are two aluminum brackets, which can be adjusted by hand by four knurled screws. Thus, the angles can be adjusted to a wider or narrow diameter.

4.5 Is the tree not being damaged by the outdoor installation?

When using the supplied protection mat, the tree is not being damaged as the outdoor adapter spreads the forces on a larger area through its size as well as the protection mat itself.

4.6 Where can the outdoor adapter be attached to?

The outdoor adapter can be attached on trees (at least 20cm diameter) and on posts (at least 10cm in diameter, solid foundation). Ensure that the protection mat is always placed between tree/post and adapter. In addition, you should not use Pullup & Dip during thunderstorms or in conjunction with salt water, see also user manual.

4.7 How many people are needed for outdoor installation?

No additional person is required, you can install Pullup & Dip alone. The wide velcro fastener helps you attaching the outdoor adapter to the protection mat, so you have both hands available to attach the outdoor adapter with the tension belt to the tree. See also our pull-up bar installation page.


5 Products

5.1 Where can I find the exact dimensions of the pull-up bars?

The exact dimensions of our pull-up bars can be found on every product detail page when scrolling down.


6 Shipping and customs

6.1 How long does the shipping take?

The shipping time varies depending on the country, an overview can be found on our shipping overview. For the US it takes around 2-5 working days. For Canada  4-6 working days.

6.2 Are customs duties or other taxes charged?

Our products are shipped from our US warehouse in Salt Lake City. Thus you don't have to pay import taxes within the US. For some states the usual sales tax may apply.

For orders from outside the US, local duties and taxes may apply. We have no influence on these additional costs and can not provide more detailed information about them. We ask you to please inform yourself about this topic before your order. The amount of duty depends on the net value of goods, the shipping costs, the gross weight of the package (including the packaging) and the type of goods. The customs fees can be obtained from your local tax office. The HS code for our products is 95069190.

6.3 How high are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs vary depending on the shipping country and weight. You can find an overview of the shipping costs in our shipping costs table. To calculate the exact shipping costs for your order, we recommend our shipping cost calculator in the shopping cart. Simply place your products into the shopping cart and choose your shipping country in the cart.

6.4 To which countries do you offer shipping? Why is my country not among the shipping countries?

We ship to more than 70 countries worldwide. A detailed list can be found on our shipping overview. Is your country not yet among the shipping countries? Then please contact us and we will check if we can also ship there.

6.5 Can I also track my order?

Yes, all orders in the webshop are sent with tracking. As soon as the package has been scanned by the provider, you will receive a tracking e-mail. If you have not received an e-mail, please check the spam folder and contact us otherwise.

6.6 With which shipping service provider will my package be sent?

It depends on the country. Within the US we mostly use Fedex, UPS and USPS. To Canada we use Fedex and UPS.


7 Returns

7.1 Can I also return my order?

Yes, you have the right to revoke the purchase contract and return the product within thirty days without giving any reason. Returns within the US are free of charge. If you don't love your products, send them back. It's that simple! Further information can be found in our cancellation policy.

7.2 How do I return a product/order?

100% hassle-free returns! Please follow the steps below to send something back:

1. Write us a short e-mail to service [at] pullup-dip.com and let us know which items you want to send back (please also indicate the order number).

2. We will send you the return label (returns free within the US!)

3. Once we receive the return, we will refund your money.

7.3 How high are the return costs for Canada?

The return costs for Canada correspond to the delivery costs shipping the product to your country. 


8 Warranty

8.1 Do I also get a warranty on my product?

Yes, most products come with a 1-5 year warranty, see also more detailed on the product page.

  • FREE US Shipping above $200
  • FREE return shipping within the US
  • Shipping from US warehouse
  • Incl. Tracking
  • 30 days hassle-free returns
  • Don't love it? Send it back!
  • Premium quality products
  • Buy once, train forever