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Wie Du dein Freeletics Training überall und jederzeit absolvierst

How to do your Freeletics workout anywhere, anytime

Training in the gym is out. The modern sports fan does Freeletics! But what exactly is behind this term? And what are the advantages of Freeletics training? Here you will find the answers.

Training in the gym is out. The modern sports fan does Freeletics! The fitness program is highly intensive and promises quick results in terms of muscle building and general fitness. Even in the media, whether on the Internet, TV or in print, there is more and more talk of Freeletics training when it comes to effective sports offerings. But what exactly is behind this term? And what are the advantages of Freeletics training? Does it also have disadvantages? We answer these questions and tell you how to do your workout anywhere, anytime.

Freeletics training - what exactly is it?


The basic feature of the sport is that you train with your own body weight. You don't need any equipment, except for a sports mat and a pull-up bar. With these gadgets you will make the exercises as comfortable and effective as possible. Since you don't need any equipment and the workouts for testing (in the app) don't cost a cent, Freeletics training is completely free. The personalized coach with AI (artificial intelligence) is available to you from 1.54 euros per week. The workouts work according to the principles of so-called functional training. In a nutshell, this means that the body is trained holistically. And with an extremely high intensity - in the five to 45 minutes of Freeletics training, which is how long a workout lasts, you reach your physical and mental limits. Due to the high intensity, the so-called afterburn effect sets in after the workout, which releases happiness hormones and leads to you burning calories for hours after the workout.

Good to know: A Freeletics workout plan usually consists of four workout days per week, and you can customize the workout frequency each week.

By the way, the exercises used in a Freeletics workout are not a new invention, they just have new names. Well-tried movements such as frog jumps, push-ups and squats have been given the names Froggers, Push-Ups and Squats. The founders of the sport do not claim that they have reinvented the wheel. They have simply given the exercises a new form and adapted them to the demands of modern times, so that people are as motivated as possible and train sustainably.

Freeletics at a glance

- A form of bodyweight training (via app)
- Requires hardly any equipment
- Millions of users worldwide
- The difficulty level can be adjusted individually
- The training days can be adjusted every week

The advantages of the workouts


In addition to the already mentioned advantages of Freeletics training, another advantage is that you do not have to go to a gym for your workout. Accordingly, there is no waiting time at the machines. Instead, you simply open the app at your favorite location and start working out right away. And the best thing is: The benches, playgrounds, etc. in the park and other places can be actively included in the movements. This results in an enormous variety of exercises, plus a large community of like-minded people. You can exchange ideas with other fitness fans via the app and you can motivate each other. Members of the community are called Free Athletes, by the way.


As a Free Athlete, you post your training rankings in the community and thus constantly push yourself to new peak performances. This results in a great general training motivation. However, it is precisely in this pushing that there is a certain danger of Freeletics training. Since the workouts require a high dynamic and aim to complete as many repetitions and exercises as possible in a short time, some untrained people perform the movements hectically and uncontrolled. The consequence of such wrong loads can be not only missing training effects, but in the worst case injuries. The most up-to-date training system, however, consists of a coach week, which is a mix of intervals, workouts and drills. Here, technique plays the most important role, rather than time.

Remember: The correct execution of athletic exercises always comes first! This is true for Freeletics training as well as for bodybuilding and other disciplines.

No park nearby - what to do?

There is one aspect that somewhat limits the possibilities of Freeletics training. The workouts are largely completed outdoors. Of course, exercising in the fresh air is highly recommended and park benches, soccer goals, etc. can be included in the movements. But what if there is no playground, railing or similar nearby? Then exercises like pull-ups and Muscle-Ups and you have to limit yourself to some exercises. And that's where we at Pullup & Dip come in!...

A heart for Free Athletes

We - the two founders of Pullup & Dip, Johannes and Michael - regularly conducted our Freeletics training on the Theresienwiese, the grounds of the Oktoberfest. Here, too, there are soccer goals whose crossbars can be used for the workout. It's not the perfect pull-up bar, but it's enough for pulling yourself up.

Every year, before the Oktoberfest opens its doors, the grounds are closed to get the preparations underway. We are aware of this by now. However, when we met in late summer 2014 as usual for a joint workout on the Theresienwiese, we were astonished when the soccer goals could no longer be used. Of course, we know that the Oktoberfest has been going on "for a while", but as the motivated athlete is, he sometimes forgets everything around him when it comes to his workout.

(Image: 1st prototype)

Long story short: An alternative location for our regular Freeletics workout was needed. But unfortunately, there is no Calisthenics Park or other area with "appropriate offer" near Theresienwiese. But we didn't want to miss out on pulling exercises and certainly not chin-ups as part of our workouts. And so it came to pass that in Michael's parents' house, or more precisely: in the garage, we built the prototype of a portable pull-up bar that could be attached to a tree, among other things.

Since then, a lot has happened at Pullup & Dip. We presented our product on the crowdfunding platform Kickstater after a long development phase and were able to go into serial production thanks to a successful campaign. What hasn't changed since ever is the fact that we want to help(hobby) athletes train completely independently and effectively at their favorite spot. And that's exactly what our portable pull-up and dip bar as well as our other training utensils! We offer different versions of our "equipment", which is now represented in over 50 countries. By the way, you can find our complete story here.

How you can complete your Freeletics workout 100% flexible everywhere with the pull-up and dip bar from Pullup & Dip.

Go to our mobile dip and pullup bar!


Turn any place into the perfect workout location!

With the mobile pull-up bar from Pullup & Dip you can do your Freeletics workout anytime and anywhere (our motto: "Work Out Wherever You Want")! And not only on the trees in the park, but also on the pillars, posts, etc. on any other outdoor terrain. Even the workout in your own four walls is possible! Our product can also be mounted on any sturdy wall! Just pack the necessary equipment in your backpack and turn any place into your Freeletics training location!

We offer you not only a device for the execution of pull-ups, muscle-ups, etc.. No, you can simply turn the pull-up bar around and perform various forms of dips, include push-ups and various other exercises. The name Pullup & Dip is synonymous with a highly effective Freeletics workout!

- Work Out Wherever You Want (outdoor and indoor)
- Unique pullup and dip function
- Suitable for numerous exercises (see below)
- Mountable to trees, posts, pillars, walls, etc.
- Equipment fits in your backpack

Learn more about the Pullup & Dip bar!

Know no limits!

Finally you will get an overview of the Freeletics exercises that can be done without the pullup & dip bar or other pullup bars without the pullup & dip bar or other pullup bars. What are you waiting for? Get to know our innovation and experience what effective Freeletics training really means!

- Pull-Ups
- Assisted Pull-Ups
- Jumping Pull-Ups
- Archer Pull-Ups
- Shoulder Pull-Ups
- Typewriter Pull-Ups
- Commando Pull-Ups
- Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
- Hanging Knee Wipers
- Elevated Split Squats
- Incline Push-Ups
- Hanging Leg Raises
- Incline Rows
- Straight Bar Dips
- Negative Bar Dips
- Muscle-Ups
- Strict Muscle-Ups
- Strict Toes To Bar

(Picture: Dips with the Pullup & Dip Bar)

Find here all possible exercises with the pullup & dip chin-up bar.

By the way: Also our Gym Rings are made for bodyweight training and super easy to transport.


Conclusion about Freeletics Training

Now you know what makes the sport Freeletics and what its strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, we have our mobile pull-up bar a reliable training partner that allows you to do your workout anywhere and anytime. Our product is suitable for completing numerous exercises and ensures a Freeletics workout that is unrivaled in intensity and success. Put an end to traditional weight training in the gym - the future is Freeletics!

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