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Reise Klimmzugstange - Wie man auf Reisen Klimmzüge macht

Travel pull-up bar - How to do pull-ups while travelling

This article shows you the best portable exercise equipment which allow you to do your workout at any park or beach or even in your hotel room.

Whether you have vacation plans or are in need of travelling for work, most people keep their eyes open for something physical to do, whether it is swimming at the beach, going for a hike or walking around town checking out the sites, the options for active recovery are endless. However a fair number of people also like to make sure that they maintain their workout schedule and without knowing all the workout hot spots or what equipment the hotel gym offers, packing some portable workout equipment might be your best option.

While you may be removing yourself from your daily routine, from an exercise and training standpoint, you may not want to completely let yourself go. Taking a few days off from the gym or whatever your workout is actually a good thing from time to time as it allows both your mind and body to recharge and repair itself. Despite some far-fetched thoughts that your body will shrivel up if you don’t hit the gym, the truth is it takes at least three weeks for your body to start losing the muscular strength gains you have been working on. However the itch to grab a session or two in between trips to the beach and sight-seeing activities is never a bad thing. When the desire to workout finally takes over, the hard part about doing it on vacation is finding the best place to do it.


From a cardio standpoint, hitting a white sandy beach is the ideal place to go for a run or anywhere that could be described as scenic. Taking a jog tour around your new surroundings is a great way to take in some of the sights. As for a strength and conditioning workout, most Air B&B’s won’t have a gym and battling the other guests at the small hotel workout facility isn’t always the most pleasing thought. For those who are looking to get the best workout bang for their buck while enjoying their much needed holiday, packing some portable exercise equipment into your bag will allow you to grab a workout at any park or beach or even your hotel room and you will be able to still do your pull-ups. In addition to a jump rope and resistance bands, the following pieces of equipment will easily fit into your luggage and allow you to engage in a great full body workout and do your pull-ups nearly anywhere.


Portable Pull-Up and Dip Bar

Pullup bar

  • Detailed design
  • offers over 30 different exercises
  • Durable
  • Indoor / Outdoor options & portable in a backpack
  • Heavier than a door pull-up bar or rings, however that is due to the materials used and craftmanship of the product
  • Slightly expensive


With the ability to perform over 35 different exercises the portable pull-up bar is one of the essential pieces of equipment for those who are looking to get in a body weight workout while on vacation. Whether you attach it to a tree, a pole or use the wall mount, the portable pull-up bar can be used in a number of different places. Don’t think that because the name is “pull-up bar” that you are limited to just pull-ups or chin-ups, this piece of equipment will also allow you to do dips, leg raises (and variations), hanging crunches, elevated planks and more. Because of the quality stainless steel design, there is some weight to it, which does make it a bit of a challenge to travel with.

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Gymnastics Rings:


  • Challenges stability in all directions during workout
  • Duel travel bags an added bonus
  • Extra wide/long straps make for multiple workout options for people of all size
  • Wood option requires no need for liquid chalk and no blisters
  • Should not be left outside as moisture can ruin the rings. Depending on where you are you have to take down after each workout
  • Cheap wooden rings can leave splinters if the wood cracks.

Whether you attach them to a tree or a set of playground monkey bars or a set of football uprights, the gymnastics rings are a versatile piece of workout equipment that will allow you to do over 45 different exercises. As an instable piece of equipment, forcing the rings to become stable is a workout in itself as it concentrates the entire body to maintain balance. From dips to rows to pull-ups, there are multiple uses for the portable gymnastic rings. Many prefer to use the wooden rings as opposed to the plastic or metal rings for the main reason that the grip on the wooden rings far exceeds the other options. If world class gymnasts use wooden rings, why wouldn’t you? 

Foldable Pull-Up Bar:


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Lightweight for carrying
  • Easy setup
  • Multiple uses
  • Not good to use on thin doorframes


While it folds up into a small storage friendly package, don’t be fooled by a foldable pull-up bar. Whereas the aforementioned Portable Pull-Up Bar can be used both indoors and out, a foldable pull-up bar is designed to be used in a doorway with a simple setup. In the time that it takes you to read this, you can just as quickly set up the travel pull-up bar in your doorway by hooking the wall hanging point to one side of the door and the form padded door grips on the opposite side of the frame. Weighing only six pounds, the pull-up bar is light enough to fit in your bag or suitcase without adding much weight and yet is still sturdy enough to hold you for your pull-ups, chin-ups or abdominal exercises.


Travel Doorway Pull-Up Bar:

travel doorway pull up bar

  • Extra thick grips
  • Multiple grip positions
  • Valco buttons make for easy setup and takedown
  • Cannot be transported as “carry-on baggage” due to metal parts, which could limit some users who like to travel light


As with the foldable Pull-Up Bar, the doorway travel pull-up bar is ideal for people who are on the road a lot, either for work or for pleasure and still want to have the convenience of working out in their hotel room. With the foam coverings for the metal bars, the fact that you will not damage your hotel room door is reassuring. Whereas some other pull-up bars require tools to assemble, the pull-up bar uses double Valco buttons to snap securely together and make for a quick takedown. Whether it is pull-ups, chin-ups, knee raises, leg raises or even being creative and placing it on the ground for supported dips and push-ups, the Travel Doorway Pull-Up Bar is a highly effective piece of equipment for workouts while away from your gym.

Telescoping Travel Doorway Pull-Up Bar:

telescoping pull-up bar

  • Easy storage
  • Relatively compact
  • Will size to nearly every doorway
  • Some telescoping bars require installation into doorway for more strength and stability
  • Exercises may be limited


Focusing on the telescope pull-up bars, this piece of equipment seems a little outdated, but sometimes you don’t have to fix what ain’t broke. However with that being said, there have been some improvements and slight alterations. Telescoping bars have the ability to extend further than some doorway mounted bars. Another positive to some of these bars is the ability to adjust the placement of the grips for hand placement and some are even removable and washable. One negative about the extending bars is that the rubber padding that extends and creates the tension on the door frame often wears down quickly, requiring you to replace them or the bar completely or to use supporting brackets that involve screwing into the framework. Another thought to keep in mind with the telescoping bars is the amount and variations of workouts that can be done on them as opposed to the door mounted bars.


Sling Trainer:

sling trainer

  • Extremely lightweight, but it does not impact the use
  • Able to attach to nearly any doorway or overhead bar, beam, tree etc.
  • Multiple exercise options, total body workout
  • Fits in your pocket, purse, backpack etc.
  • Other more reputable options on the market


Based on the famous TRX model, the Sling Trainer is a compact piece of training equipment that you can easily fit into the side pocket of your suitcase or backpack without fear of losing valuable storage space. Whether you attach it to your hotel room door or a tree at a park or bars at the playground, the Sling Trainer will allow you to do a full body weight workout. With the use of adjustable straps, soft handles and an adjustable anchor point the Sling Trainer is a great travel workout accessory. From lunges to squats, rows to curls, pull-ups to planks, the ability to get in a complete workout without the stress of having to battle for gym space and equipment will allow you more time to focus on your professional or personal needs while away from home. 


Portable Pull-Up Stations:

pull up station

  • Adjustable height allows for multiple exercises and various sized individuals
  • No concern about damaging door frames, walls or ceilings
  • Can be used to hang suspension straps or punching bag
  • Some systems lack stability, especially for fast paced dynamic exercises
  • While “portable”, the need to include stabilizing weight and the multiple pieces makes this a training apparatus that you most likely won’t be putting into your luggage for short trips or using in your hotel room.
  • More expensive than other pull-up bar options


As a free standing pull-up bar, dip and row apparatus, portable pull-up stations are a lightweight portable piece of training equipment that can be put together and torn down quickly and is transportable. Depending on your creativity, a pull-up station, with its adjustable height can be used for a number of other exercises. Stations with the wider base will allow for a more confident workout, rather than worrying if you and the bar will topple over. 


Whether your travel pull-up bar is used on vacation or “stay-cation”, there are a few considerations that you must make when purchasing and using. Can the equipment not only hold your weight and height, but will it provide you the workout need you seek? Is it something that can fit into your luggage? Will the place you are using it have adequate enough space to use it properly? Do I need to purchase any additional components? Is it worth it to save a few bucks to buy a knock off version or is the more expensive one money well spent? Once you answer these questions the options above will most likely end up answering themselves as to which one is better suited for your needs.


Are you looking for a suitable pull-up bar to train during travelling and at home? We at Pullup & Dip offer you various high quality and unique pull-up bars. Go check them out now!

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