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Outdoor Klimmzugstangen – Alle Varianten & Was Du Wissen Musst

Outdoor Pull-Up Bars - All Different Types & What You Need To Know

An outdoor pull up bar or a garden pull up bar is a superb gadget for an effective workout outside. With pull ups you strengthen your back muscles and you build up plump upper arms. But what are the advantages of pull ups in particular? And what different kinds of outdoor pull up bars are available? If besides this you want to know what you should observe when buying this gadget, this article is just right for you!

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An outdoor pull up bar or a garden pull up bar is a superb gadget for an effective workout outside. With pull ups you strengthen your back muscles and you build up plump upper arms.

But what are the advantages of pull ups in particular? And what different kinds of outdoor pull up bars are available? If besides this you want to know what you should observe when buying this gadget, this article is just right for you!


Pull ups on the outdoor pull up bar - advantages

Pull ups are one of the most famous and most popular fitness exercises at all due to the easy execution without extensive equipment - all you need is a garden pull up bar or another model. Another advantage of pull ups lies in the enormous training effectivity. Depending on your grip and the width of your grip you may define the training focus on different muscle parts. Independent of your chosen kind of grip mainly the wide back muscle, the lower fibers of the hood muscle as well as the big and small diamond muscle and the big round muscle are addressed by pull ups. Considering all this you should not forget the fact that your arms and especially the biceps and the brachioradialis are trained in a not insignificant way, too. See also our detailed article about Pull-Up muscles - Which muscles are used during Pull-Ups?

The advantages of pull ups at a glance

• simple execution
• no equipment required (except a pull-up bar)
• address different muscles (not only the back)
• vary the training focus by different kinds of grips
• intensive training for an attractive upper body
• improve your posture
• boost your grip power


Why an outdoor workout is worthwhile

The training on the outdoor pull up bar has got the advantage (besides the ones mentioned above) that you are in the fresh air. Thus you take in oxygen and daylight (vitamin D), causing positive effects on your health and on your general well-being. Through the outdoor workout you strengthen your immune system and you are less vulnerable to common cold diseases and similar attacks. Provided that you don't train in a grey city but in your garden or in another natural environment, you will notice the positive effects on your mood.

Notice: your body needs enough daylight and oxygen especially in the dark cold season. If you provide him with his needs, you will get through the end of the old and the beginning of the new year without winter depression.


Different kinds of outdoor pull up bars

In the following sections we introduce to you the different kinds of pull up bars for the garden and we explain to you the advantages and disadvantages.


Types to be clamped between two trees

This type may be called simple standard. A corresponding outdoor pull up bar is easy to install (through twisting or screwing) and it stands out for high flexibility - anything you need for your training is a bar and two trees. Yet this is a disadvantage, too, because not every garden has got two trees that must be assembled parallel. Another disadvantage is that this garden pull up bar has not got grip varieties, apart from the grip width. But these models are relatively cheap to buy. And thanks to their great freedom of movement, you can also perform exercises such as the front lever.

Advantages Disadvantages
easy installation two trees needed in the right distance
depending on the type (twisting vs. screwing) flexible use no grip varieties
relatively cheap to buy  
high flexibility in movement  


The horizontal bar with two posts in the ground

Another model of pull up bar for the garden is a bar anchored in the ground. Just as the previously explained type these models give you great freedom in movement and so you have the possibility to perform the front-lever and similar exercises. The disadvantages of these outdoor pull up bars lie in the high installation input and in the high cost of buying - at least if you want a product of good quality - and in the fact that they are anchored in the ground. Thus the rods provide a solid steadfastness but they require much space in your garden and cannot be moved to another place. This means that with such a pull up bar in your garden you are limited to one place.

Advantages Disadvantages
great freedom in movement high installation input
safely fixed (on the ground) high cost of buying
   require much space and are not useable flexibly


The freestanding tower as a pull up bar for the garden

A pull up tower is also called a pull up station or a pull up trainer. The advantage of these constructions can be found in the diverse training varieties: the station cannot only be used for pull ups but also for dips (sometimes) and other exercises. And so such a gadget is suitable especially for people who do not have enough space to acquire multiple training partners.Another advantage is the stability of high quality models. These offer steadiness without being anchored on the wall or the ground or the ceiling. Additionally, rubber feet grant that the gadget does not slip during your workouts.

The disadvantages of a pull up tower are obvious: Firstly, these gadgets require much more space compared to a classic outdoor pull up bar, secondly the high quality towers cost much more than a "standard" bar. In addition, it is anything but a breeze to bring the tower inside from outside in case you decide to train indoors. Finally, many towers are also not suitable for outdoor use (risk of rusting).

Advantages Disadvantages
great variety of training require more space than a "standard" garden pull up bar
require less space than different separated gadgets relatively expensive in buying
good training safety limited mobility
   many models are not suitable for outdoor use



Your own calisthenics park

A little outdoor unit including a pull up bar for the garden possibly offers the greatest training variety. Dependent on the implementation not only pull ups and dips but also negative pushups and other different exercises can be absolved. Thus, these systems are ideal for demanding calisthenics athletes. But this has its price: the cost of such a training gadget may amount to several hundred or even to several thousand Euro. A complete system including an outdoor pull up bar is therefore only in question, if you have the necessary small change over! In addition, you need plenty of space for such a Calisthenics Park.

Advantages Disadvantages
extensive exercise selection extremely high cost of buying
ideal for calisthenics athletes much space required


Gymnastic rings as pull up bar for the garden

Much cheaper and space-saving than an entire system are gymnastic rings. You just fix them on a bough and at once you can start your workout! The rings do not need much space and they are mobile, but they do not grant a diversity like a calisthenics park. A great advantage of these specific training gadgets lies in its dynamic: because of the instability during the execution of the exercises different muscles must work together to ensure a correct movement. In practice this means that you improve your inter- and intramuscular coordination with gymnastic rings. Consequently, everyday movements and tasks are easier for you. But you can say that many people doing pull ups and especially beginners prefer "fixed" training systems.

Check out our gymnastic rings!




Advantages Disadvantages
space saving many trainees prefer "fixed" gadgets
highly flexible use  
different muscle groups must cooperate  


Models for wall mounting

The possibly best solution for the outdoor pull up training is (besides gymnastic rings) a common pull up bar installed on a wall. It gives you a great training safety. However, this selection brings two serious disadvantages: Firstly, most models do not offer a great choice of exercise options. And secondly, you can use the outdoor pull up bar only in the garden and not in your flat as it is firmly screwed.

Advantages Disadvantages
good solution for outdoor training many models do not offer a great choice of exercise options
great training safety not mobile


Hint: Use the high quality stainless steel pull up bar of Pullup & Dip! This bar is not only insensitive to all weather conditions, but also offers you a wide range of exercise options. And for more exercises we recommend the wall mounted pull-up bar.



Garden pull up bars for mobile use

The best option for an effective, all-embracing outdoor workout is Pullup & Dip's mobile pull up bar! Use two different adapters (wall and outdoor adapter) to install the gadget on trees, posts and outdoor or indoor walls. You train indoors or outdoors highly effective and you can use the bar outside of your garden, i.e. in parks, by swimming pools etc., too. Train whenever and wherever you like - all you need is a strong item where you can fix the bar. In case you do not use it, you can remove the product in no time, so that the bar is not in the way at any time. Another advantage of the outdoor- and indoor pull up bar lies in the various training options: do pull ups, dips, muscle ups and other diverse exercises. Even an effective abdominal training is possible. And all this on one gadget only!

There is a little disadvantage: if you intend to fix the pull up bar on a tree, there must not be any boughs at this spot. In addition, the wall adapter remains - but really only the adapter! - bolted firmly to the wall.

Advantages Disadvantages
train outdoor and indoor adapter remains screwed to the outdoor wall
train at a place of your choice there must not be any branches in the way
easy mounting   
easy demounting as well   
various training options (over 30 exercises)  
various grip positions  
portable to any location  
high quality and long-lasting  


Video: Mobile outdoor pull-up and dip bar- 40 exercises

Check out our mobile pull-up and dip bar!



This is how you choose the right gadget

If you want to buy a pull up bar for the garden, you have to pay attention to a few things, so you will not be disappointed with the purchase. Which aspects are the most important criteria for your decision, you will learn in the following.

  • To arrange your training most diverse and effective your outdoor pull up bar should have different grip variations. The more options a model offers, the more individual and challenging is the workout! Consider before the purchase which exercises you prefer and then choose the adequate bar.
  • High quality pull up bars can stand the strongest pressure without problems. That is mainly important if you are an advanced trainee. In this case you should put additional weights to ensure positive training effects. Observe the given maximum load of the producer.
  • Not only the bar itself but also the fastening material must be strong and solid. Only then you can carry out your workouts in a comfortable way without thinking about the danger of injuries.
  • Not to be reduced to classical pull ups and barely to chin ups you should pay attention to the sufficient length of the bar. Many core exercises demand an unlimited freedom of movement!
  • The diameter of the bar must allow comfortable exercising without the risk of slipping.
  • The worst enemy of an outdoor pull up bar is wetness through rain, snow or fog. Not all products are reliably protected against corrosion. If the material corrodes, the bar quickly loses quality and, in the worst case, the material breaks during your workout - resulting in serious accidents and injuries! High quality systems avoid these dangers by using stainless steel as material.


Buying a garden pull up bar - additional hints:

  • Deciding for a system anchored in the ground you need a flat robust surface.
  • Similar preconditions for outdoor pull up bars fixed on a wall: make sure that the outer wall is sustainable enough.
  • Keep in mind that most indoor pull-up bars are not corrosion-resistant and therefore are not suitable for use in the garden or anywhere outdoors.


Alternative homemade?

Now you know the diverse variants of pull up bars for the garden. Above all this you have the possibility to construct your training partner on your own. The advantage is that you can be proud to design your own creation. However, self-construction also requires a certain amount of craftsmanship and you need to buy the materials too. Do not underestimate this aspect: it happens faster than you may think that the homemade pull up bar suddenly is crooked and uneven.

Additionally, you must not save too much on the material. After all, the bar must be able to withstand your body weight and additional weights as well as various movements that increase the strain many times. Another disadvantage: If you are not particularly skilled, you will most likely build an outdoor pull up bar that is permanently installed. You cannot use your homemade creation at different places and you cannot take it with you when travelling.

Notice: Considering all these aspects and the time you spend on your own chin-up bar, it's hardly worth building your own exercise system.


Pull up bars for outdoor use - résumé

The best outdoor pull up bar qualifies by high stability and robustness against weather conditions. In addition, your training partner should present diverse grip variants, and the bar length must be sufficient so that your freedom of movement is not limited. Only if a model fulfills these and the criteria mentioned above, you can train effectively and individually in your garden.


Are you looking for a suitable pull-up bar for indoors & outdoors? We at Pullup & Dip offer you various high quality and unique pull-up bars. Go check them out now!

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