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Weighted Calisthenics – Die Besten Übungen, Zubehör Und Vieles Mehr

Weighted Calisthenics – Best Exercises, Equipment And All You Need To Know

Weighted calisthenics gives phenomenal results but needs to be carried out appropriately to achieve an optimal outcome. It is crucial to learn the appropriate types and proper form of exercise to work on the specific muscle groups you are interested in building. In this article we show you the best exercises, equipment and all you need to know.

Weighted calisthenics gives phenomenal results but needs to be carried out appropriately to achieve an optimal outcome. It is crucial to learn the appropriate types and proper form of exercise to work on the specific muscle groups you are interested in building. Charlie Hunnam the star of the movie, King Arthur – Legend of the Sword was heavily involved in calisthenics to achieve his bulky physique. The details are not clear on whether he used additional weights while performing Calisthenics but you can imagine the end-product of adding weights. Let’s delve into the world of weighted calisthenics and enjoy.


1) What is Weighted Calisthenics?

Weighted calisthenics is an intense body exercise that is timed and rhythmical, and it is an upgrade for someone already capable of doing typical calisthenics. Weighted calisthenics is basically carrying out core exercises using not only the weight of one’s body as the primary load but using additional weights to perform the routines.


2) What are the Benefits of Weighted Calisthenics? What are the Disadvantages?

There are various reasons people want to stick weighted calisthenics. Some of them may be purely based on preference, while some others may be limited due to challenges related to attending a gym. There are times when the distance from the gym is not feasible, and there are occasions where it is the finances to fund the gym access that is not affordable. These makeup part of the reasons most people eventually turn to calisthenics and end up falling in love with it. However, it gets boring or monotonous, and they start wondering what next. This is where weighted calisthenics comes in to keep the motivation up and drive more results.

Sustained Drive to Keep Exercising

This may be viewed as slightly opposed to the original idea behind calisthenics, but this contrarily augments the entire training. It is entirely normal that you get almost dormant or even frustrated after mastering so many techniques while training with your natural bodyweight. There have been cases where people come across as even losing interest simply because they can do their pull-ups and have already mastered one hand pull-ups, and there is no further challenge to look forward to or a new difficulty to conquer.


Enhanced Muscle-Gains

When you realize that you are doing the same exercise over and over again, the excitement to stand up the next day is lost. Of course, there are many creative ways of using the body more effectively but using extra weight to train yield tremendous results while saving one the stress of deriving creative moves or routines. Adding weights allows to repeat those same techniques you are used to, but with a level-up that is quite strenuous compared to the previous one, and a better muscle-gain lurking in the corner. You want to see if you can even have better gains than the past few months, then weighted calisthenics is the next phase of your fitness journey.


The Evolution of Orthodox Calisthenics

Achieving fast gains using just calisthenics is not practical. Even when you frequent the gym, the results are quite different. When doing weighted calisthenics, you get the best of both worlds. You get the strength that comes along with calisthenics and the god-like muscles of a weightlifter. It is for this reason that renowned actors have fashioned this advancement in calisthenics into their role workouts. How then do you think they can cope with the demands of repeated takes, and stunts, stuntmen – maybe, but they put in their own fair share of hard work.


Rapid Strength Boost

Apart from faster gains, you get stronger much quicker as well. This is the reason why Health clubs/chains, fitness boutiques, the best trainers, and wellness spas have now incorporated weighted calisthenics into their training programs. The world has turned to the remarkable effect it is having not just on the body, but on the mind as well.

The fact that you have conquered the challenge of carrying 10kg or 20kg weight on your back while doing your pushups is the ingredient needed for that one-hand push up you have always wanted to achieve. If that is not your dream, if it is a full planche push-up and you want to enjoy the super strength of a superhero, then a weighted pseudo-planche push-up is the door to that reality.


Better Results compared to Raw Calisthenics

Do you realize that your favorite bench press or the military press can be achieved with fantastic results employing weighted calisthenics? The compound routines executed with the additional weights mirrors the stress being exerted on your muscles when you push the weighted bar up in the gym. The difference in weighted calisthenics is that you are pressing your body up.

Although, this time your body is loaded with added weights. Nothing is being wasted. The body’s core is being strengthened as it is bearing the weight directly, and you are simultaneously lifting the total weight with your muscles. The key to sustenance is to have fun with what you are doing. If you are enjoying the challenge as you are carrying out the regimen, you’ll definitely love the results that come with it eventually. I know ladies and men that have started weighted calisthenics and love to do weighted pull-ups compared to lat pull-downs.


3) When should you Start Weighted Calisthenics?

I met an actor once in a peculiar situation. He wanted to build muscles and fit for a role in a blockbuster movie that required he bulked up. Then I let him on the benefits of weighted calisthenics. At first, he was reluctant and didn’t see why he should not return to the gym or go as far as taking steroids. After a few explanations, he agreed to give it a try. When he got to the film crew, they were already trying to cast a different actor for his role, but on seeing him and how different he was, they were astounded. The role was given to him without hesitation.

The actor was relatively close to his 20s, and weighted calisthenics worked for him. There are some who believe people should start weighted calisthenics as young as 16 years old. However, you don’t have to give up on yourself if you have passed that age. You can always start weighted calisthenics as far as you are not as old as 45 years.

Remember how the mythical gods were practically forged into extraordinary beings in mythology. Some were said to have been bathed in a supernatural lake, the belly of a beast, or raised by giants, and if you want similar strength then weighted calisthenics is for you. The fallacy that calisthenics means strictly no gym is misguided. These locations and settings are also suited for someone that is into weighted calisthenics. You are in the presence of fellow people that are working towards a similar goal as you. Procrastinating about commencing weighted calisthenics should not stand in your way of your truest and strongest physical potential. Old age is a potential deterrent, and that is why starting early is excellent. Also, it is crucial that you are already prepped with basic calisthenics before going into weighted calisthenics.


4) Best Weighted Calisthenics Exercises:

4.1) Upper Body:

You can start with 20 of each of the following without adding weights to ensure you can achieve proper form. Once, that is out of the way, then proceed to add weights.

Dips are excellent in training the upper body especially the muscles of the chest and the back. Use ankle weight and a kettlebell to your routine exercise to get an optimal result. Additionally, ensure to perfect your form with basic calisthenics before using the additional weights.

Pull-ups have been one of the remarkable ways to build a bulky upper body. It is a compound pulling regimen. While doing weighted pull-ups wear the weighted vests or a dip belt and you may add more weights in the extra spaces/slots to increase the load being lifted. However, make sure you can do up to six reps without these additional weights.


Muscle-Ups is compound calisthenics that works on the back, shoulders, and arms. You can also use weighted vests while doing muscle-ups and add ankle weights as well. You want to use your wrist bands also to protect your wrists. Practice with a minimum of 10 muscle-ups before adding weights, and when you do, try different weights to ease yourself into weighted muscle-ups.


Leg raises/L-sit: Leg raises can be achieved by starting with an L-sit, by raising your heels and tuck your legs up. This unique calisthenics exercise helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles. Take baby steps with basic leg raises when your body is well-conditioned, then attach a dumbbell to a dip belt when doing leg raises to get the best result.


Resistance push-ups can be done by placing a resistance band around your upper back and fixing it with your hands on the ground or on some push-up bars. Thus the band give you an additional training affect compare to normal push-ups and makes the exercise much more challenging.


4.2) Lower body:

Squats: This is excellent in developing strong legs, and strengthening the entire lower body. The entire muscles of the legs, buttocks, hips, thighs are fortified doing squats. If done with the proper form you will enjoy a superb muscle and strength gain. Use your weighted vests to increase the upper body weight after you are used to doing about 30 squats. Even if you can do the squats with additional weights, reduces it by five as you do more sets.

Pistol squats: This is a more advanced squat, and it is performed by doing squats on just one leg. You want to make sure you are strong and fit enough with doing squats before trying this with weights. Start with a weighted vest before trying other weights.

5) Best Weighted Calisthenics Equipment

Wearing a weight vest and adding a dip belt, as well as ankle weights yields optimal results. Wrist wraps are also used to protect your wrists while exercising.

Weight vest:

This is a unique vest that has extra weights and spaces to put extra weight for different regimen and people.

Dip belt:

This is just like the weight lifting belts, and it is used to hold the additional weights that are added for the weighted calisthenics.

Resistance band:

This is for resistance muscle-ups where the resistance band is fixed on a kettle-bell on the floor and the athlete’s belt. You may have heard about it in physical therapy, and this is because it is fantastic for strength training.

Ankle weights:

These are great ways of attaching weights to the leg and causing more resistance to regular exercises to increase tone, strength, and muscle mass.

Wrist wraps:

It is used for the protection of the wrists for heavy weighted dips.


6) Conclusion/Summary

Calisthenics is fantastic for strength reinforcement. However, you need weighted calisthenics to unlock your hidden potential. You may need further guidance, but you need not look far, help is right here. What you get with weighted calisthenics is a balanced benefit that works on your mind and body in progressive ways. Begin today, and before summer, you are likely to not only have a summer body to show off but physical and mental strength alongside.


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