Infinitely adjustable buckle (buckle).

freesixd buckle

Tired of sling trainers that can only be fastened at one height above your head? We had this too! That's why we developed a continuously adjustable buckle with an integrated metal hook that can be moved up and down on the "Superbelt" (belt). So you can attach the sling trainer or resistance bands at any height and have 100% flexibility. The buckle is made of sturdy injection molded aluminum.

Train from all different angles and for any body size and exercise. Train rowing with high attachment, chest press with medium attachment or curls with low attachment and enjoy full flexibility!

"Superbelt" with engagement system


The nylon"Superbelt" plugs into the adapters on the wall, tree or door in seconds, tightens by hand and you're ready to go. It allows you to move the buckle up and down for all different heights.

Adapter plates for the wall

(Included in "Door + Wall" & "Door + Wall + Rod" Package).

freesixd wand adapter

Super durable steel adapter plates screw to the wall with the included screws. Stretch the "Superbelt" between them and you have a fully height adjustable sling and resistance trainer. The adapter plates are white, so they hardly stand out on the wall. With the outdoor mounting kit you can also train outside in the fresh air in the garden or park and turn any place into your personal gym.

Door Attachment System

freesixd türbefestigung

You don't want to or can't screw into the wall or want to train in your hotel room while traveling? No problem! We've thought of everything and developed a door attachment system that you can attach to almost any door in seconds.

Sling Trainers (Sling Straps)

freesixd schlingentrainer

FREESIXD combines the benefits of a sling trainer and resistance bands to make your workout an amazing and fun experience. Two adjustable length sling trainer straps for all different types of exercises. Use your body weight as resistance.

Resistance Bands

freesixd bänder

Included in all FREESIXD packages are four resistance bands in two different strengths (blue & gray). Resistance bands help you do numerous fitness exercises - without the need for a gym. They allow you to work out any muscle group, are lightweight and therefore easy to carry, and the risk of injury is lower due to less force on the joints compared to weights.

Anti-Slip Grips (Handles)

freesixd griffe

Two anti-slip handles with carabiners and rubber coating provide a perfect grip for all types of exercises.

Foot straps for leg training (Foot Straps)

freesixd fußschlaufen

Padded ankle stra ps allow you to attach resistance bands to train legs and glutes.

Pluggable Fitness Bar

(included in the "Door + Wall + Bar" package)

steckbare fitnessstange

With the pluggable bar, you expand your workout and train exercises like squats, deadlifts, lat pulls, tricep presses or perform curls with the bar. The compact design fits perfectly in the organizer carrying bag.


freesixd organizer

Everything fits neatly tucked away in a portable, lightweight carrying case. FREESIXD can be transported anywhere you want. Especially for outdoor use this is very practical. The FREESIXD organizer also fits into standard hand luggage.

More accessories for FREESIXD like the outdoor kit, the additional TRINGS wooden handles or stronger straps can be found on the category page.