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The Top 10 Benefits of Pull-Ups

This article discusses the top 10 benefits of doing pull-ups. As one of the most used bodyweight exercises, pull-ups can be very beneficial for anyone starting out with their workout plans. Be it weight loss or simply getting into shape, pull-ups can be the answer for many. We will discuss the top 10 benefits throughout this article highlighting the value of behind each of the benefits for you.

Pull-up exercises, with all their variations come with many benefits. For the average beginners, pull-ups may seem like a daunting exercise. However, if you are able to master one you will most certainly see solid gains in terms of your upper-body strength, grip strength and muscle growth. Let’s take a look then at the top 10 reasons and benefits for doing pull-ups.


#1 Multiple Variations Available

multiple variations

Pull-up exercises come with multiple variations such as weighted pull-ups, muscle ups and L-sits. As such, it provides you with many options that suit any difficulty level. Some pull-up variations have a stronger focus on certain muscle groups then others, thus it is perfect for those looking to seriously improve their back or arm muscles for example.


#2 Incredible Grip Strength

grip strength

Doing pull-ups for a while will most certainly improve you grip strength. Pull-ups are a great exercise for improving your overall grip as it’s relatively simple exercise. There’s mainly a vertical movement involved, which affects certain muscles. Thus, doing reps on a pull-up bar will increase the grip strength of your hands, as it’s the only way to stay on the bar when doing the exercise.


#3 A Simple Exercise

pull-ups are simple

As discussed above, pull-up exercises are relatively simple. As such they are extremely convenient in the sense that you can do pull-ups in almost any location. All that is needed is a stable pull-up bar to get on and some motivation to get things going. Because of this fact, it is very easy to accommodate or integrate pull-ups in any workout plan you have put together.


#4 Intensity Training

weighted pull-ups

Unlike other exercises, the intensity of your workout can be increased at any time by doing simple things. Adding variation to the intensity of your workouts can be very beneficial for muscle growth as it essentially pushes the body to surpass its limits even further. With pull-ups you can simply add weight to your body for example, there for making it much more challenging to do a simple set of pull-ups. Keeping the same intensity throughout your workouts may not prove to have much effect, as such we recommend doing more advanced pull-ups later down the line.


#5 Losing Fat

loose weight

For those that are looking to building muscle and lose fat at the same time, then pull-ups are the way to go. Similar to cardio exercises that raise your heart rate and help in burning fat away, pull-ups also help you in building strength. This in turn makes it easier to burn fat as the more muscle you grow the more fat that gets burned. Your metabolism increases, which also affects how food is burned and stored in your body. Therefore, it is a perfect exercise to achieve two major goals in one. Depending on your starting capabilities, we recommend taking on assisted pull-ups at first in order to gradually take on regular pull-ups on the bar.


#6 Fixes Your Posture

A bad posture is something that many people face, especially if they sitting a lot throughout the day. Doing pull-up exercises helps to activate your back muscles, which strengthens them thus gradually improving your overall posture. Of course, bad habits that stick will ultimately defeat the purpose of doing things. Thus, if you are serious about fixing your posture then also be mindful when doing long hours at a desk for example. Nowadays you can even find standing desks to work from so there’s no excuse.


#7 Preparing For Advanced Training

Another key benefit of doing pull-up workouts is that they essentially prepare you for taking more advanced (pull-up) exercises that require serious upper-body and grip strength. This could be one of the goals for someone looking to build serious muscle. Therefore, we recommend starting out with regular sets of pull-ups and gradually building your way to more advanced workouts that are more demanding. Taking on too much early on comes with risk so be safe and start slow.


#8 Improve Your Look

improves look

If you want to workout in order to improve the way you look, then you are in the right place. A main benefit of doing pull-ups is building muscle in various areas of your upper-body. This will most likely improve the way you look for good


#9 Affects Multiple Muscle Groups

multiple muscle groups

Doing pull-ups involves the use of several muscles such as your biceps and back muscles. This is what we would call a compound exercise as pull-ups can seriously improve things in your upper-body. Ever seen people with a V-shaped back? Pull-ups are the reason. Anyone looking to improve their upper-body strength and muscles will see benefits in terms of multiple muscle groups being worked on at the same time.


#10 Gets You Into Shape

gets you in shape

Pull-ups by far are one of the best exercises to get you into shape. If you are out of shape or overweight, pull-ups are a great answer as they do a lot of good for your body. Any challenge is difficult in the beginning, however once your body has gotten a bit stronger and you are able to do reps more repeatedly you will definitely see some serious improvements in no time.


As we’ve discussed, doing pull-ups during your workout can be very beneficial in terms of overall strength and muscle growth. The exercise, although challenging at first, can be mastered by anyone who puts in the proper practice hours. Before taking on pull-ups, we most certainly recommend improving your arm and back strength first, especially if you see that you are struggling to make one or two reps on the bar. If you are someone that likes training both indoors and outdoors, then we recommend getting our Pull-up and Dip Bar to start gaining these pull-up benefits.


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The Top 10 Benefits of Weighted Pull-Ups

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  • Hate love story

    Hated pull ups in the past but once I practiced them every week I improved a lot and also got rid of my back pain. They are of course no the easiest exercise at the beginning but just keep practicing them and you will see great results. Thanks for the article and your cool pull up bars!

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