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Top 20 reasons to start bodyweight training today

Bodyweight training is often talked about as it is the type of training workout that does not require weights or machines since your own bodyweight is used instead. The results provided in terms of health are absolutely essential which is why no workout plan is ever complete without these types of exercises. There are many reasons why you would want to start with bodyweight training but before we get into those, let us look at bit closer at what bodyweight training is.


What is bodyweight training?

In a nutshell, bodyweight training is all about the core basics. This refers to exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, squats, rows etc. as well as basic motions such as jumping, sprinting, and climbing. In a general sense, bodyweight training is the driving force for improving your overall body strength and improving your performance. Trying to do weightlifting without actually being able to lift some dumbbells properly at first will not give you the desired workout results you would want.

Thus, it is always recommended that people do bodyweight training first if they have never visited the gym or done any kind of proper fitness training before. This is to strengthen your body in general, which serves as preparation for doing exercises that will be more taxing on your body. It is also useful for decreasing the chances of getting injured and the risk of doing exercises using a wrong posture, which may or may not lead to other unwanted side-effects later on.

With all of this in mind, let us now look at the top reasons for starting with bodyweight training.


Reason #1 - Never a boring day

never boring

A big reason why most people don’t like lifting weights at the gym for example is that it can become boring after a while. Boredom can be a big demotivator for people to reach their goals, thus it is important to stay focused and interested in what you are doing. Bodyweight training on the other hand is much more engaging and can be a more exciting experience for most people. This is especially true if you decide to work out outdoors. Bodyweight training can be the perfect workout as there are a myriad of variations and techniques available which you can try out depending on your own interests, style or need for a challenge. Hence, bodyweight training can fit very well with your own personal preferences, which tends to make a big difference in terms of motivation.


Reason #2 - Lots of variations

lots of variations

Mixing things up as you work out is as simple as making a decision when doing bodyweight training. If you want to work out indoors today then you can do that. If you decide to stop and head outside to work out as the sun is shining, then why not? Bodyweight training allows you to take you training anywhere you go. This helps to stay motivated as previously discussed while also giving you the flexibility you may need to try new things out in different environments.

This is very beneficial for people who are starting their workout journey on their own. Getting to know how your body adapts, how you like to train, when and where are important things to know when putting workout training programmes together. As you move along you may want to seek a bigger challenge. For instance, you can try doing pull-ups using gymnastic rings, which is a variation that requires solid core strength and balance to realize.

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Reason #3 - Guaranteed results


Doing bodyweight training means that you will see results as the exercises do involve a lot of muscles, joints and movements that end up affecting your body on a larger scale. This type of body activation is sure to improve your strength and overall performance. Missing the training because you could not run fast enough will be a thing of the past!


Reason #4 - It is very efficient

Bodyweight training allows one to improve their physique a lot over a short period of time. Furthermore, it can be done without any equipment and you can easily switch between various types of exercises. This makes it very attractive for most people that have a busy schedule and/or don’t want to have the hassle of having to go to the gym every Wednesday morning for example. You can simply decide to work out in your apartment or in the park outside by just putting one some proper workout clothes and some water.


Reason #5 - Train anywhere

One of the downsides of other types of training is that you would usually need to go to your local gym, use a lot of space or look for equipment and accessories. Bodyweight training has a big added advantage of enabling you to train anywhere, no matter the time or space available. This can be a big plus for people who are struggling to stick with their new training regimen but keep failing due to the difficulty in accommodating things to their schedule. Bodyweight training offers one the chance to really do what they say they want to do.

This means that you can easily get up and start doing some pull-ups, squats of push-ups. Using a pull-up bar for example enables this even more. Training regularly is one of the key things for an effective workout result, as such is it important not to work out one day per week and then another day after two weeks – this approach essentially beats the purpose of training as your body loses the momentum while you may even lose your interest.

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Reason #6 - Achieving a better balance

better balance

If improving your overall balance is important to you then bodyweight training can be an effective way of doing so. Exercises such as pistol squats, although challenging, can be very beneficial for helping to balance you body. Not everyone is able to stand on one leg for too long so if you want to be able to do this then bodyweight training is certainly recommended.


Reason #7 - Strength training along with cardio

In doing bodyweight training you are essentially combining strength training for your muscles as well cardio training which can be very beneficial. The types of exercises involved such as jumping jacks, pull-ups and push-ups gives you a higher heart rate while improving your overall body strength and condition.


Reason #8 - Improve your health

A lot of people often hear from their doctor or friends and family that they should work out. However, many underestimate this value of working out and the benefits of doing so on your health. Amongst other things, bodyweight training helps reducing your risk for getting diabetes, it improves your heart muscles, it improves your joints and it helps to fight depression while also making you more active.


Reason #9 - Improves your posture

improves posture
Bodyweight training exercises that include a lot of motion can really help you loosen up those stiff joints and improve your overall mobility. Bodyweight training can be very great for improving your posture, especially if you are working a lot of hours behind the desk at the office. This in turn can be a big help if you are experiencing lower-back pains, which can be dreadful. If this is your case then it would be wise to start thinking about some pull-ups tomorrow morning!


Reason #10 - Burns fat faster than anything else!

burns fat

If your main goal right now is to burn fat, then you should start bodyweight training as son as possible. This is because a little bit of time invested in bodyweight training will stimulate your overall metabolism which greatly affects your body’s ability to burn calories. This tends to occur after you have finished working out, usually for hours. More interested in that topic? We wrote an whole article with the top 10 bodyweight exercises for quick weight loss.


Reason #11 - Injury prevention

One of the great reasons for doing bodyweight training is that it can help you prevent various injuries during your workouts. These tend to be of the main reasons why people stop their training dreams altogether as they don’t want to harm themselves. To prevent injures from occurring it is essential to start with bodyweight training, which is applicable no matter the fitness level, sex or age.


Reason #12 - Flexibility of use

Bodyweight training exercises can be adapted to anyone’s individual capabilities. Whether you want to start slow with just a few simple push-ups or move much quicker, bodyweight training allows anyone to start where they are now and gives them the challenge they need to push themselves to improve their physical condition.


Reason #13 - Work on many muscle groups


One of the big reasons for doing bodyweight training is that you can easily work on several muscle groups all in one or two exercises, which is almost impossible for other training workouts. Doing a set of burpees for example will require you to work your arms and legs by doing squats, push-ups as well as jumping – all of which activates several muscles as you can imagine. You can even try using some resistance bands when doing burpees for added difficulty and challenge.

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Reason #14 - Improve your core strength

improve core strength

Including bodyweight training exercises in your daily workout routines can help improve your core strength. Bodyweight training exercises can activate various muscles in your upper-body such as the arms, abs, chest etc., thus they are really great for improving your core strength. Making use of parallettes can give you an added push as well in terms of building your core strength. As such you are better equipped for taking on more demanding exercises later on.


Reason #15 - Functional movements

Bodyweight training exercises are essentially composed of everyday functional movements. Whether you’re doing housework, cleaning around, getting out of a car or taking the stairs, you will definitely feel the difference in your body if you have been doing bodyweight training.


Reason #16 - It is good for your blood sugar

A indicated before, bodyweight training can be very helpful when it comes to mitigating risk for injury and getting diseases such as diabetes. As such, cardiovascular exercises that are part of bodyweight training promote the vitality of your body. Doing bodyweight training can not only decrease blood pressure but it can also decrease blood sugar and triglycerides. These three areas are very much measured as a means to determine your overall body health. Combining exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and burpees can provide you with a good workout that stimulates your health.


Reason #17 - Reaching new training levels


Doing cardio and weight training may only end up getting you so far. In some cases, adding bodyweight training to your workouts can compliment these other training types, which can help you achieve new performance levels. Combining bodyweight training exercises along with weight lifting for example not only breaks old training routines which may have become monotonous but it also helps to challenge you more thus pushing you to reach higher levels of strength, fitness and performance.


Reason #18 - It can be done with friends

bodyweight training

Doing fitness training on your own can sometimes become a mundane task to do, especially if you easily lose focus. As bodyweight training workouts are very dynamic it is very easy to invite friends over for an outdoor group workout. As such it can become a social activity that you do everyone now and then with friends which help to keep you engaged and motivated.


Reason #19 - It is relatively easy

Doing bodyweight training exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups are relatively easy to perform, which makes them very accessible to anyone starting out. It may be the case that you can’t do 20 straight pull-ups right away, but with enough practice this is always achievable. This easiness makes it very appealing for people who are not used to doing any kind of fitness exercises.


Reason #20 - The economics of things

Remember that one of the reasons for doing bodyweight training is because it does not require much equipment if any. That being said, it is also (almost) free! Buying some gym rings, a pull-up bar, parallettes or a resistance band only costs you money once and you can train your whole life with it. Going to the gym and taking classes can make a dent in your wallet which may just not be an option right now for most people. Thus, if you really want to work out but don’t aren’t sure about being able to pay for things, then bodyweight training is your answer. To make it even more fun you can always invite a friend or two to work out together which makes the journey all the more interesting for all of you.


A few things to keep in mind

Bodyweight training can be a great way to train efficiently. However it is important to train regularly, especially if you are just starting out. Hence, if you have put a bodyweight training programme together then make sure that you try to stick to it either by using the times allotted per week for bodyweight training or using any time you may have free during the day to train. Bodyweight training can also be an effective way for people with physical impairments to do some rehabilitation. It can be a great option for people with a low fitness level as it helps improve your over strength and endurance. There are a range of exercises available and a lot of possible combinations, exercise variations and workout plans, so feel free to explore what works for your and find your own mojo.


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  • Calisthenics 4 life!

    I started with Calisthenics 3 years ago and never wanna miss it again. Before I trained at the gym a lot but didn't really like it anymore after some years as it got very monotone. I accidentally saw a Calisthenics video of a famous athlete on YT and got very inspired. I totally agree with your benefits above, it made me much stronger and more flexible and I love it that you can just do it everywhere as long as you have a bit of equipment (sometimes you don't even need it if you have a park nearby).

  • in love with bodyweight training

    I love bodyweight training. 6 years ago I started with Freeletics and made my first real experiences with bodyweight training. Now I am actively doing Calisthenics and can only suggest this kind of training to everyone.

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