Pull-up Training Plan: The path to your first pull-up in 10 weeks [PDF].
Pull-up Training Plan: The path to your first pull-up in 10 weeks [PDF].
Pull-up Training Plan: The path to your first pull-up in 10 weeks [PDF].
Pull-up Training Plan: The path to your first pull-up in 10 weeks [PDF].

Pull-up Training Plan: The path to your first pull-up in 10 weeks [PDF].

Our beginner training plan that will help you learn your first pull-up in 10 weeks!

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  • 10-week pull-up training plan incl. exercise videos
  • Incl. pull-up wam-up routine for injury-free workouts
  • Incl. access to exclusive Facebook group for community sharing
  • 60-day success guarantee and money-back if you don't achieve success

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PDF Pull-up training plan - In 10 weeks to the first pull-up

You want to finallyachieve your first free and clean pull-up? Then our 10-week pull-up training plan is the perfect companion for you!

We'll show you exactly how to train andperform the exercises so you can perform them cleanly and injury-free and reach your goal of your first pull-up guaranteed.

Statistically, many exercisers stop exercising after a few days or weeks because progress has not been made. They fail to maintain their workouts because it takes an extreme amount of willpower and a routine to work out regularly to establish habits. If one does not have a specific goal and lacks a strict training plan, progress usually fails to materialize and exercisers lose motivation and give up.

Do you know this problem? Don't be one of them!

With our weekly plan we literally keep you "in line" and make sure that you achieve success, that you makeprogress, that youenjoy the training and that you stick to it for years and become a "pull-up machine" in the future ;-)

The plan accompanies you in your transformation and your progress to the first pull-up. Through the exercise videos you will learn the perfect exercise execution of the different exercises and the correct pull-up execution. You will become generally fitter, buildstrength and muscles, improve your general health and your well-being and burn besides fat!

We give you a routine for just 2€ per week so you don't have to worry about the workout design anymore and just follow your weekly plan. Only the training we can not do for you :-)

Do you often lack motivation and an exchange among like-minded people?

In our exclusive Facebook group with over 1,000 members you canexchange ideas with like-minded people,get answers to your questions,look for a training buddy and getmotivated every day to reach new heights . This is how we keep your motivation high, so that you can keep at it andcelebrate successes!

This is what you get:

✔️ 10-week pull-up training plan incl. exercise videos

✔️ Pull-up wam-up routine for injury-free workouts.

✔️ Access to our exclusive Facebook group with over 1,000 members (community sharing, answers to your questions, training partner search, etc.)

Why pull-up training is healthy:

Pull-ups train your back. A healthy and strong back improves your posture and prevents back pain.

Who is the plan suitable for?

The PDF training plan is suitable for all athletes who want to learn the first free and clean pull-up and is therefore aimed at training beginners.

How much time do I have to plan?

You can complete the training plan comfortably at home by training at home. Three training sessions of about 45 minutes each are scheduled per week. Home training saves a lot of time and can be integrated 100% flexibly into everyday life, since you can train flexibly at any time and save traveling to the studio and waiting at the equipment! So there are no more excuses!

What accessories do I need to execute the plan?

What to expect in the 10 weeks:

Weeks1 & 2: Getting started with the program - increase maximum strength

Week3 & 4: Increase maximum strength - pullup 1st progression

Week4 & 5: Increase maximum strength - pullup 2nd progression

Week6 & 7: Increase maximum strength - pullup 2nd progression with focus on corestrength

Week9: Deload Week - Prepare for new records!

Week 10: Time for new record


60 days success guarantee

We are so confident in our plan that we give you a 60-Day Success Guarantee . If you don't achieve success within the first 60 days and are not satisfied with the plan, send us a short message and we will refund your money. No ifs, no buts!


After successful payment, you will receive the training plan directly by e-mail as a PDF download.

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