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Die Top Turngeräte Und Turnübungen Für Zuhause

The Top Gymnastics Equipment And Exercises For Home

Are you interested in gymnastics training? We show you the top gymnastics equipment and gymnastics exercises for home. Learn more now!

Sometimes the way to the gym is too far and after work you want to go home as soon as possible. Nevertheless, many do not want to give up their workout and therefore there are a variety of exercises that you can do at home. For this, you do not need much and there are a variety of options.


Sports and gymnastics equipment for home

Although some exercises can also be done without equipment, but for some exercises it is advantageous to have a specialized help. Especially for a fancy training and special exercises sometimes appropriate tools are needed. Some of these gymnastics equipment we want to introduce here in more detail.




The trampoline has become very popular in recent years. Starting with the model for the garden, on which children can have fun, in recent months the fitness trampoline for adults has also become more popular. A very effective workout that is especially easy on the joints and jumping fitness exercises are ideal to do in the living room at home.


Mini bars / Parallettes


For exercises with your own body weight, special handles such as Parallettes are also a good choice. These are usually much more stable than furniture you have at home and also designed for this very purpose.

With non-slip feet is also a particularly secure grip, which you should not neglect in these exercises in any case. Here, especially the body tension is particularly important and that this can also be held, you must be able to rely on having a firm grip.

To our Parallettes!



Gymnastics mat


Just like mini bars, gymnastics mats also have a non-slip underside. These can be used in the living room and also on the balcony for appropriate exercises in aerobics, fitness training but of course also yoga and Pilates. The mats are specially padded and particularly easy to clean. So, in addition to the sporting aspect, have other advantages in use.

To our Gymnastics mat!



Gym Rack



For those who have a garden and also want to do more ambitious home exercises, perhaps a Gymnastics Rack is the right choice. The Rack is particularly popular among the sports and gymnastics equipment. For this purpose, however, you should also use a floor mat. Should you lose your balance, a fall is well cushioned. Turnrecks are available in various designs. Here are different heights, one or more bars and also loads available.


Gymnastic rings


Training on gymnastics rings provides a holistic, functional bodyweight workout because the muscles have to compensate for instability in all directions due to the freedom of movement of the rings. This gives you an additional training effect compared to training with dumbbells or guided exercises on machines. In addition, gymnastics rings are super easy to transport, so in addition to training at home, they are also ideal to take with you to a vacation spot or a park. Gym rings allow you to do over 40 different exercises and thanks to our included door anchor, you don't necessarily have to attach them to the ceiling, but can conveniently attach them to the door frame, both at home and on a business trip in your hotel room.

To our gymnastic rings!


Fitness bands

A very effective training, which should not be underestimated, are exercises with fitness bands. Here the musculature is trained by tension and relief and a training effect sets in fast. A training program with the fitness band is particularly suitable for occupational activities that involve a lot of sitting. Back training is particularly effective and easy to implement. Another advantage of these bands is also the price. These are cheap to get and that in different strengths and lengths, tailored to your needs.

To our Fitness Bands!



Gymnastic exercises for home and garden

Now that we have already introduced you to some tools for a workout at home, we would also like to give you an insight into different exercises. Whether in the gym or at home, you should never skip a warm-up. Even for a short warm-up workout, tools are not necessarily required. For example, you can run on the spot for a few minutes, do jumping jacks or even squats.




The squat is not only a good solution for warming up, but also as a stand-alone exercise. It is mainly aimed at strengthening the front leg and gluteal muscles. In the starting position, stand upright and extend your arms forward with open palms.

In this position, you bend your knees without arching your back. Do not sit down completely, but stand up again before touching the floor - back to the starting position. You can also use a resistance band as additional resistance to intensify the exercise.


Pelvic lift


A good exercise for the back is the pelvic lift. Here you lie down on the floor and can also very well put a floor mat underneath. Arms, back and head lie flat on the floor. The knees are bent and the feet are placed straight on the floor.
In this position the pelvis is lifted and can be held under tension. This not only trains the back, but also the thighs. For an increased training effect, the tension phase can be held longer.



Push-ups are a very simple and effective exercise that can be performed in different variations. Especially these supposedly simple exercises are often forgotten. For a push-up, you lie flat on the floor with your stomach and then support yourself on your toes and palms.

The exercise now consists of pushing the upper body upwards with your arms. You can do this in different variations. For example, you can also support yourself on your forearms and simply hold the tension. This is somewhat gentler and easier to do, especially for beginners. The training effect is almost identical. To intensify the exercise and protect your wrists, we recommend using push-up bars.

To our push-up bars!


Exercises during pregnancy


sitzende dips

Dips are a good workout especially for pregnant women. The abdomen is not in the way during the exercise and you can still counteract complaints in the whole body. Not only back but also arms and both are tightened in this holistic exercise. Thus, a training effect is achieved after only a few repetitions.

To do dips, you need a chair, bench, parallettes or something similar on which you can support yourself. In the starting position, sit on the edge of the bench and at the same time support yourself with your hands on the surface or on the Parallettes. The legs are extended from the body and only the heel is placed on the floor. Alternatively, you can place the feet on the other Parallettes bar.

For the exercise itself, you then support yourself only on your hands and slowly lower your buttocks towards the floor without touching the ground. After that, you push yourself back to the starting position. The dip is also often referred to as a reverse push-up, but with a much higher training effect, as different muscle groups are trained in each movement.



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