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Die Top 10 Tipps Gegen Weihnachtsspeck

The Top 10 Tips Against Christmas Fat

Every year we look forward to Christmas: presents, free time and good food are just some of the joys that come with the holidays. But wait - after the winter vacations it's already a few kilos more on the scales? No wonder, because the Christmas holidays bring not only gifts, but also many calorie-laden food traps that give us the notorious hip gold. In order to avoid excess kilos and tight pants, you need to take action early on - for example, with our tips against Christmas fat!

Tip 1 against Christmas fat: Bring more movement into everyday life!

mehr Bewegung

The easiest way and our tip number 1 to avoid fat or Christmas fat is to generally bring more movement into everyday life. Avoid short bus or car rides and rather walk or grab your bike. This way, you can burn calories that would otherwise accumulate in the form of fat on your belly or other areas.

A great support for this is the so-called step counter. These are available as a convenient app in the AppStore (for iOS) or in the Playstore (for Android) - and in most cases they're even free. In the app, you can specify how tall you are and how much you weigh - the app then shows you how many steps you should take each day. Just choosing between stairs and elevator can make all the difference!

Tip 2 against Christmas flab: Work-outs!


Our second tip can be implemented not only during the Christmas season, but also during the remaining months: If your time allows, several small work-outs a day will ensure more fitness and fewer extra pounds. Push-ups, pull-ups on the pull-up bar and sit-ups are the perfect way to give your fitness a boost, even without big equipment.

There are numerous workouts on the Internet that are good for the body and are based on so-called Body Weight Exercises (BWE for short), i.e. exercises with your own body weight. Of course, you can also go jogging or do a few sprint units in the fresh air. Even if it's hard to get started, you'll soon be able to significantly increase your endurance. If you regularly resort to small work-outs, even the Christmas season with all the good food won't be able to harm your body!


Tip 3 against Christmas flab: Watch your diet!

richtige ernährung

Especially on Christmas days, it is common to be a bit lazier and spend the day at home with the family: Less exercise, more food is the motto. The same applies to the many treats at the Christmas markets and the various celebrations around Christmas: make sure not to consume too much fast food. Fast food is characterized by its enormous fat content and often also by far too much sugar. It is better to eat protein-rich foods and avoid carbohydrates in the evening: these do not look good on the scales in the long term, as they are difficult to metabolize before bedtime.

Tip 4 against Christmas flab: Take advantage of the cold and the weather!

nutze die kälte

With a little luck, you can enjoy the snow during the holidays. What was fun as a child is still great fun now - and an absolute plus for your figure: tobogganing, snowball fights or walks in deep snow are a great way to exercise - as long as you protect yourself against the cold and wet with the right winter clothing. If there's no snow, ice skating is also a good alternative: usually there are even skating rinks at Christmas markets, where you can use the ice rink for a small fee. If you're physically active, you'll automatically burn calories - and you can even reach for chocolate and bratwurst.

Tip 5 against Christmas flab: Don't miss breakfast!


Even if you are under stress in the morning, you should not miss breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the basis for your nutrition, so you should make sure that everything is right here.

A delicious, filling and healthy option is oatmeal, for example, which can be prepared in many different ways. If you are in such a hurry in the morning that you hardly have time to eat breakfast, you can also prepare your breakfast the day before (for example in the form of Overnight Oats, a kind of Bircher Muesli) and put it in the fridge - in suitable containers you can even conjure up a "breakfast to go" with it!

Tip 6 against Christmas flab: Avoid alcohol!

kein alkohol

Christmas time is mulled wine time - hardly any other alcoholic beverage is as popular in the cold months as mulled wine, which comes in numerous varieties. Nevertheless, you should be careful not to overdo it. Everyone knows that alcohol is not healthy and - even worse from a dietary point of view - usually has hidden calories that quickly show up on the scales. That's why it's especially important at Christmas time to drink alcohol only in manageable quantities!

Tip 7 against Christmas fat: Sufficient sleep!

genug schlaf

Sleep is enormously important for the body and contributes a lot to fat burning. Therefore, you should not neglect your regeneration. All-nighters can happen, but should not become a regular occurrence, because: The optimal amount of sleep is six to eight hours per night. A fixed evening routine is worth a lot - especially in stressful times and hectic periods. So if you don't want to put on weight despite all the Christmas treats, you shouldn't forget your sleep either.

Tip 8 against Christmas fat: Sufficient liquid!

genug flüssigkeit

Your metabolism needs at least 1.5 - 2 liters of water per day, which are needed for very different processes of the body. Water and unsweetened herbal teas are ideal, but also spritzers and fruit teas without added sugar. If possible, soft drinks should be kept to a minimum - the many additives and carbon dioxide can often finish off a stressed stomach.

Tip 9 against Christmas fat: Wholemeal instead of white flour!


Toast, rolls and croissants should not become a fixed part of the diet. White bread has not only many simple coal hydrates - it does not make also correctly full and tempts therefore fast to the renewed meal. Dark, wholesome and also black bread such as pumpernickel, on the other hand, is much healthier, makes you full and supplies the body with important nutrients - a good reason to replace toast with wholesome breads.

Tip 10 against Christmas flab: healthy snacks with healthy fats and little sugar!


Even though chocolate is undoubtedly part of Christmas: instead of the many chocolate bars, fruit such as apple, banana and other seasonal fruits also offer a great snack. The same goes for nuts such as almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts: These can also be snacked on in a healthy way. Nuts contain few carbohydrates, but high-quality fats, which help the body to the necessary performance and the figure to new best forms!

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