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Doorway Pull-Up Bar - For The Door Frame - Includes Pull-Up Band

€74.90 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Delivery time 6 Workdays

Product advantages at a glance

  • Attachment within seconds and no slip-off
  • Various exercises and grip positions
  • No damage to door frame
  • Includes pull-up band and eBook
€74.90 * Doorway Pull-Up Bar - For The Door Frame - Includes Pull-Up Band
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Professional doorway pull-up bar for hanging in door frame The doorway pull-up bar for... more

Professional doorway pull-up bar for hanging in door frame

The doorway pull-up bar for the door frame can be fixed to the door frame - turning your home into a personal gym in seconds. Train many exercises, including pull-ups, leg lifts, knee lifts, toes to bar or on the floor exercises such as sitting dips or push-ups - allowing you to make your workout 100% flexible and independent of the crowded gym. The pull-up bar is the perfect alternative if you are looking for a high-quality pull-up bar that you don't want to or are unable to mount on the wall or ceiling.


Benefits of the doorway pull-up bar

✔️ Attachment within seconds and no slip-off: The doorway pull-up bar is safely attached to the door frame within seconds, without screws or drilling, instantly turning your home into a home-gym.

✔️ No slipping: no dangerous slipping or danger of injuries, as with the telescopic pull-up bar thanks to safe attachment in the door frame.

✔️ Numerous exercises: pull-ups with various grip positions (wide, narrow, chin-up, parallel), leg lifts, front levers and many other exercises for a completely varied workout. You can also use the bar on the floor for push-ups or sitting dips.

✔️ Includes eyelet: the eyelet allows you to attach a sling trainer for even more exercises.

✔️ Higher than other models: The handles of the doorway pull-up bar are higher than comparable models thanks to it's design, so that you don't have to bend your legs too much.

✔️ No damage to the door frame thanks to protective padding at all points of contact.

✔️ High safety: reinforced construction with cross bars and high-strength screw connections ensures maximum stability and safe training without wobbling or slipping.

✔️ Includes pull-up band as support for pull-ups (strength: light)

pull-up band

✔️ Anti-Slip Grips: foam covers give you perfect grip even on sweaty hands and prevent ugly calluses.

✔️ Height-adjustable: the 3-step adjustable mounting bracket allows different heights.

✔️ Free eBook: After your order we will send you our popular eBook "23 tips for more pull-ups" as a PDF file. This way you are guaranteed to become a pull-up pro.


Product details of the doorway pull-up bar

Material Steel
Colour black
max. width 100 cm (39 in)
Weight 4,2 kg (9 lbs)
Max. load up to 110 kg
Door frame width between. 65 - 95 cm (25 - 37 in)
Door frame depth 15 - 25 cm ( 6 - 10 in)
Warranty 2 years, see also warranty conditions



Recommendation: We recommend that you measure the door frame width and door frame depth in advance so that the pull-up bar also fits into your door.


What's included:

  • 1 x doorway pull-up bar
  • 1 x pull-up band (strength: light)
  • eBook "23 tips for more pull-ups"


Still not convinced? Test our pull-up bar now without obligation for 30 days. If for any reason, you aren’t satisfied, you can return it easily and the full purchase price will be refunded*. If you don't love it, send it back. It's that simple!

*Offer only valid within the EU

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Reviews 17
4.8 / 5
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4 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Buon prodotto

Arrivato con 5 giorni di anticipo nonostante il periodo critico,
Il prodotto è di buona qualità, struttura abbastanza solida e tiene bene, l idea di mettere un occhiello alla struttura e' utile per attaccare un sacco boxe o per gli elastici, molte impugnature per effettuare diversi esercizi, costa una discreta cifra, 70 euro, però è un attrezzo valido

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase


facile da montare, Sembra molto rigida e rubosto!

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Value for money

Really good piece of kit.

4.5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase


Un altro attrezzo di qualità ed efficienza per il marchio Pull & Dip. Affascinato dallo stile dell'allenamento in completa autonomia, ho voluto provare anche questa soluzione più casalinga. Facile da montare, sicuro da usare, comodo da spostare ovunque. Top.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Very happy customer!

My pull up bar arrived within a few days and I'm really happy with it. Customer service is great and this will be my go to website for my next calisthenics purchase. Steph from England

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Very stable and robust.

Very stable and robust and fits well to the door!

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Bellissima e sicura!

Perfetta come tutte le altre cose che ho comprato da Pull Up and Dip!
Una garanzia!

4 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Effective training equipment

The bar is ready to assemble and feels stable when using. Pleased with my purchase

4 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Quality bar!

Solid bar and great piece to have around for home Calistenics! Love the variations you can do with it also!

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

What you see is what you get

Overall I am really happy with this purchase. I was afraid of its sturdiness but it turned out to work well.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Complete pullup and dip when used with the wooden gymnastic rings.

I bought this doorway pullup bar together with the wooden gymnastic rings and ab straps, and I have been using the bar for pullup and attaching the rings to do the dips!!
To do the captain chair workout I also bought the Ab Straps, and now I have a complete set to do dips, pullup and abs!
As I'm new to the pullup I have ordered afterwards the pullup bands as the light one that comes in the bundle is not strong enough for me to do more than 3 pullups.
It would be perfect if the customer could choose which pullup band option that comes together, as I am a beginner who is starting to do workouts, there may be many different range of users buying this equipment.
All the equipments construction feels very solid, premium and durable and made with excellent material. Couldn't be more happy and satisfied.
When I get better and feel the need to train in the parks I will surely buy the outdoor pullup dip bar and parallettes. Looking forward to build enough strength to do calesthenics.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Exceeded my expectations

Ordered the pullup bar after having seen good reviews of their parallettes and other equipment online. I used to use a telescopic bar but it was ruining my door frame, and I am not allowed to put a lot of holes in the walls in the apartment I live in. I ordered this bar hoping that it would work well, and it has exceeded my expectations! It is very stable, the fact that it is higher and wider than the telescopic bar makes it much more comfortable and gives the options of different grips. It was easy to put together and it is ridiculously easy to place on the door and remove. I rarely write online reviews, but for this I felt like I had to.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Just what I've been looking for!

I've just placed my pre-order for this amazing looking doorway pull up bar. It's just what I've been looking for. I have searched the internet for a pull up bar with the same height and flexibility but came up short. I am really looking forward to receiving this in the post soon. I always like to support start up companies, and it seems like these guys have found a niche and filled it. I'll post a full review after I've spent some time with the product.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

very satisfied and a convinced client of pullup - dip.

i have never been a fan of door models, but I was familiar with this company´s quality, as i had already bought the rings, which are fantastic to work with. So I decided to try the doorway pull up bar. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I am a 60kg/172cm female. I do my pull ups and chip ups completely stretched with the correct form. Very comfortable and easy to assembly. If you are thinking of getting a doorway pull up bar, this is the right one!!!

4.5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Top quality with many training possibilities

After I looked around at decathlon etc. and did not find what I was looking for I decided to buy this device.

It is used by me with 87 kg and my son about 65 kg. The door frame should be stable! So far there are no prints or anything like that to be seen. The device offers various training possibilities.

The very easy assembly took about 5 minutes.

We are extremely satisfied and can therefore only recommend this device.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

I am very satisfied, top sports equipment for at home !

A very good pull-up bar, I am really satisfied. Bar is of high quality and the foam rubber leaves no marks on the door fram. Everything fits firmly and safely after simply hanging it into the door frame. Many thanks for that fast delivery too !

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Top pull-up bar with band

Finally a good pull-up bar for the door. So far, honestly, I have not been a fan of door models, especially the telescopic bars, as they often slip off, but this one is really great and perfect for a rental apartment if you are not allowed to drill.

The construction makes a very stable impression when screwed together and holds firmly in the door frame. The bars are all made of one tube, which brings a lot of stability. I find it helpful that the design is significantly higher than previous models that I had, so you don't have to bend your legs so much and you can fully hang from the bar (possible for me with 1.80m) Grip is also good with the foam.

The best thing I find is that it can be removed from the door frame within seconds, without the annoying unscrewing like with telescope bars. According to the manufacturer you can also use it on the floor for dips or push-ups, but I haven't tested it yet because I have push-up bars.

I don't need the eyelet myself, but it can certainly be helpful. I find the band a great accessory and very helpful for pull-ups.

All in all a great pull-up bar at a fair price!

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