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Ab Straps For Abdominal Muscle Training on Pull-Up Bar or Pull-Up Station

€29.90 *

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Product advantages at a glance

  • Full focus on abdominal training
  • Four length settings and easy attachment
  • Versatile for all types of pull-up bars
  • Super comfortable and extremely durable
€29.90 * Ab Straps For Abdominal Muscle Training on Pull-Up Bar or Pull-Up Station
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Total price: €134.70 *

Ab straps for effective abdominal training on the pull-up bar Do you want to train your abs... more

Ab straps for effective abdominal training on the pull-up bar

Do you want to train your abs effectively and achieve a steel six-pack? Then you will not get around  abs training in addition to an optimal diet. The ab straps support your elbows and take the pressure off your shoulders and arms, so you can concentrate fully on the abs workout. Thanks to the arm loops, you can perform abdominal exercises on the pull-up bar like crunches and knee or leg raises in a targeted and effective manner.


Benefits of the ab straps

✔️ Full focus on abdominal training: The wide ab straps are designed to comfortably support your elbows and relieve pressure on the shoulders and arms, allowing you to focus 100% on your abs training to get a six-pack.

✔️ Four length adjustments and easy attachment: Thanks to the high-strength nylon extension loops and the steel safety carabiner, you can adjust the ab straps to 4 different lengths to suit your size. Installed within seconds and without additional tools.

✔️ Versatile: The ab straps fit perfectly for any type of pull-up bar for the wall, ceiling, door frame,  or pull-up bars in Calisthenics Parks. Ideal for abdominal exercises such as leg and knee raises. Incl. chic sports bag for comfortable transportation.

✔️ Super comfortable and extremely durable: the padded straps with soft lining are super comfortable to wear. Two metal safety carabiners and heavy-duty nylon straps ensure maximum stability and a load capacity of up to 200 kg. Easy and handy to transport but still strong.

✔️ No scratches & damages: Thanks to the nylon extension loops, the ab straps do not need to get in direct contact with the steel carabiner on a pull-up bar. This ensures a scratch-free and trace-free application.


Product details:

Brand Pullup & Dip
Weight 800 g
max. length 90 cm
min. length 50 cm


Product content:

  • 2 x padded ab straps
  • 2 x carabiner made of steel
  • 2 x extension loop
  • 1 x zip bag for stowing
  • 1 x practical sports bag for transportation
Product type: Pull-up bar equipment
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4.9 / 5
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5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

un ottimo strumento di supporto

Questo prodotto serve principalmente ad effettuare l'esercizio leg rises (alzate con le gambe) alla sbarra, aiutando l'atleta a sfruttare le braccia (lungo la loro superficie) a spingere con i gomiti attivando il gran dorsale compensando un minimo l'attività.
Per quanto mi è parso di capire, questo andrà a togliere lavoro all'addominale in favore della tenzione isometrica sul gran dorsale, consentendo però a chi ha meno forza nei muscoli della schiena di riuscire ad eseguirlo.
Questo può andar bene quindi per chi non è in grado di farlo appeso oppure chi volesse magari riprendere questo tipo di esercizi dopo un lungo periodo di inattività per poi passare all'esercizio completo.
Spero di averne compreso a pieno il funzionamento, almeno per ciò che mi è parso di capire andando ad effettuarlo.

In ogni caso il prodotto è realizzato con materiale resistente al lavoro per cui è progettato.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Strong and sturdy

Really strong product, I use it all the time and feeling and seeing the benefits.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Ottimo Prodotto!!

Prodotto veramente versatile, molto comode che può aiutare nell'esecuzione di molti esercizi.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase


bought for grandson

4 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Abs made easy!!!

I have been using Pull up bar for a while now, and hanging crunches were always the hardest for me. This product has simplified it for me.

First thing, when you received, its not a big package, but got all essentials in it. Straps, Extension loops, steel carbiners and two bags, one for stowing and another for carrying.

Extension Loops - The product description says that you can have 4 length adjustments, however I couldn't find any of those 4 helpful, either they were too close to ground or too high that I can't get my elbows in comfortably. However, I found another adjustment, its shown in one of the pictures attached, was perfect fit. Its so versatile I felt, just had to think outside the box. An additional loop using the extension loop helped.

Ab Straps - When I read about this, i wasn't convinced of the comfort and didn't have much expectations, but when I finally figured out the right loop adjustment and height, it was perfect. Its as if someone is supporting you to take the complete stress out of your elbows and arms, giving you focus on Abs alone.

Steel Carbiners - Felt they are very sharp, mind your fingers while getting the extension loop in and out. Very sturdy. With these carbiners, you probably could use them anywhere in the park or gym, you just need a bar to hang on to.

Nylon Extension loops - They are very strong, however when you are using the steel carbiners and getting the loop in and out, make sure you dont catch it, might risk making a rip.

Overall, this one is a good buy who is looking to focus on Abs. It actually is fiddly until you get the right length, and then you dont need to change it, unless you use it with someone else who might have different requirement. Once I got my length right, I left it as it is in the bag along, now I just take the whole thing out and attach when needed, it takes only few seconds.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Fantastic quality ab straps

Fully satisfied with the straps
Very practical ab straps, which can be attached to my Pullup & Dip bar. The main advantage for me is that I can fully concentrate on the leg or knee raises without having to worry to loose the grip on the bar. Material is very soft and does not scratch like my previous model. Adjustable in length as well so perfect for all kind of pull up bars. Very nice product without chemical odor!

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Professional equipment! Super!

This straps are really sturdy, the hooks are very easy to use and I tried them at the park. I was used to work out only at the gym, but this allows for a nice sunshine at open place. I had a couple of questions before buying and got all answers very soon, and also included the eBook! Really Fantastic, I think I'll see what else they have. Em

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

easy to assemble and stable quality

The delivery took place super fast 2 days after the order. The arm loops, extension loops and karabiners are of high quality and are very easy and quick to install. The loops are lightly padded, so there are no constrictions or pressure points. From me there is a clear recommendation to buy!

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