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Training mit der Gymnastikmatte - Alle Vorteile und die 10 besten Übungen

Training with The Exercise Mat - All Benefits and The 10 Best Exercises

Not all exercise mats are created equal. Each type of exercise mat fundamentally differs in processing, especially in terms of the choice of material as well as its thickness. At Pullup & Dip, we have launched our very own premium exercise mat. Our mats are processed with high-quality PU synthetic leather as well as TPE cushion material.

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Not all exercise mats are created equal. Each type of exercise mat fundamentally differs in processing, especially in terms of the choice of material as well as its thickness. At Pullup & Dip, we have launched our very own premium exercise mat. Our mats are processed with high-quality PU synthetic leather as well as TPE cushion material.

Thanks to our premium exercise mats and the following exercises, a stress-free workout with ultimate comfort is no longer just wishful thinking. Are you up for it? Ready, steady, go! ?


The Benefits of an Excercise Mat

Whether you are practicing strength training, yoga, Pilates, gymnastics – the list goes on: Exercise mats have long proven to be an absolute must-have item for all sorts of exercises. Our exercise mats guarantee ultimate comfort and control, since its PU artificial leather coating is abrasion-resistant thanks to a non-slip texture which is reliably moisture-resistant, skin-friendly and clean. Furthermore, the soft cushioning material of our mats provides 8 millimeters of density offering excellent support and protection for your joints for lasting comfort and safety.

With plenty of space on our 183 x 68 cm sized mats, you are more than welcome to perform any kind of exercise and free to push your limits. Thanks to their excellent cushioning with optimal shock absorption properties, our mats reduce noise levels substantially to make sure that not even your neighbors will have anything to complain about you getting the most out of your workout. Easy to roll up and carry around, our lightweight exercise mats of only 1,5 kg will be your perfect companion and will follow you anywhere you like – whether you transport it in your car, strap it onto your bike or shoulder it on your way to the gym.


A brisk overview over the benefits of our exercise mat


  • The soft cushioning of our mat protects your joints, tendons, muscles and bones during your workout and makes exercising much more comfortable.

  • Our mats provide ultimate traction for maximum control and security during your workout and keep the workout floor clean and fit to use.

  • Our mats protect the workout floor and offer optimal shock absorption.

  • Our exercise mats are 100% pollutant-free and thus always a perfect match for you – even for fitness fanatics with allergies or skin problems.

  • Our extremely lightweight exercise mats are easy to carry and quick to move.

  • Our exercise mats are easy to clean and promote overall hygiene while exercising.


Top 10 Best Excercises on the Mat

Every effective workout is kicked off with a thorough warm-up. Therefore, be patient and stay with us, even though this first exercise probably won’t be a major challenge for your muscles. Frankly, you do not even have to perform this exercise on the mat. The following exercises, however, are sure to give your muscles the ultimate burn and will require an exercise mat for the most part. Ready? Here we go!

#1: Rotational Jacks (Gutes Warm-up)

Targeted Muscles 

Rotational jacks serve as a quick warm-up and are not specifically targeted towards building up your muscles. This exercise rather aims to give your body a wake-up call, to encourage blood flow, to boost your synovial fluid to protect your joints and to increase your overall performance in this workout. This exercise is designed as a warm-up of 3-5 sets with 10-20 repetitions each, so that every muscle group is warmed up adequately to perform the next exercises correctly and safely.


rotational jack



  1. Stand upright with your feet slightly more than hip-width apart. Lower into a slight squat reaching deep enough, so that you could lightly brush your fingertips on the floor when leaning forwards.

  2. From this slight squatting position, extend your arms straight out to both sides, parallel to the floor. Keep your neck and your head relaxed and face the front.

  3. This exercise consists of two movements.

  4. Firstly, make a small jump landing both feet together. Swiftly after that, take another jump to come back to your starting position with your feet slightly more than hip-width apart.

  5. Then, rotate your hip and twist your upper body to the left or the right until your fingertips touch the floor.

  6. Repeatthe sequence of jump-feet-together, jump-feet-apart and touching the floor by alternating the right and the left side ineach repetition.

  7. Feel free to adapt the number of sets and repetitions per set to your fitness level to make sure that you are warmed up adequately without being completely exhausted before your actual workout.


#2: Forearm Plank & „Plank Reach-Unders“

Targeted Muscles

  • Hands down, the forearm plank is one of the most effective core exercises for challenging both your straight abs and lower back muscles.
  • Further targeted muscle groups: upper arms and shoulders
  • “Plank reach unders” are a more advanced variation of this exercise and additionally target your chest and challenge the above-mentioned muscle groups even more.





Instructions Plank

  1. Lie on the floor with your upper body facing down.

  2. Lift your upper body by supporting yourself with your forearms and flexing your feet while pushing your tiptoes into the floor.

  3. Keep your forearms at a 90-degree angle to your upper arms and keep your legs squeezed together tightly.

  4. The core of this exercise is to keep your body in a straight line from head to feet by engaging your core muscles as well as your lower back.

  5. Hold this position for as long as you can. In doing so, you effectively work on the targeted muscle groups by constantly challenging your body for a maximum amount of time.

  6. Repeat this exercise as often and for as long as your muscles can keep up. That way, you can push your body to the absolute limit and get the most out of your workout. Alternatively, you can give your muscles the ultimate knock-off after an abs or a full-body workout.


plank reach under


Instructions for plank reach unders:

  1. Adapt the plank position as follows: Fully extend your arms at shoulder-width and support yourself with your palms on the floor. Furthermore, place your legs slightly further apart than hip-width.

  2. Make sure to keep your back neutral.

  3. Hold the plank position and lift your left hand off the ground to touch your right thigh and vice versa.

  4. By alternating the movements of your hands underneath your body, you challenge your supporting hand and thus specifically work out your chest, shoulder and triceps muscles on the supporting side. On the other hand, the dynamic change of movement and position forces you to use your core muscles to stabilize.

  5. Plank reach unders can be performed either in sets with a specific number of reps or with a certain time limit for each set, for example during a high intensity interval training.


#3: Side Plank (Advanced option with Loop Band)

Targeted Muscles:

  • straight abs and lower back muscles, upper arms and shoulders

  • additional strong engagement of the oblique abs due to the side position


side plank



  1. Lie on your right side.

  2. Move your right forearm underneath your upper body and lift up through your elbow.

  3. Now lift your hips and your legs from the mat by engaging your abs, your legs and your lower back muscles.

  4. Your body is straight in line and supported by your underarm underneath your body. The free arm rests on your hip or your thigh.

  5. Hold the position until you have reached your set time limit or until your muscles are exhausted.

  6. After that, change sides and perform the side plank on the left using the left forearm for support.


Advanced option using a resistance band

Wrap the resistance band around your legs. Then move the free leg upwards to work against the tension of the resistance band. That way, you can intensify the challenge for your abductors as well as your stabilizing abs and lower back muscles. You can either hold up your leg against the resistance of the band or keep lifting your top leg up and down.

Resistance bands are a highly effective support for your workout. In our Pullup & Dip shop, you can find a selection of several resistance bands, such as the extensive resistance bands set which includes the highly useful loop bands set with mini bands as well as the excercise bands.



side plank loop band


#4: Mountain Climbers

Targeted Muscles

  • particular engagement of the abs when stabilizing and supporting the dynamic leg movements

  • strong engagement of leg and glute muscles

  • also challenges your triceps, shoulders and chest

Particularity: Mountain climbers are well-suited for involving your lower abs more intensely into your workout, which are not easy to challenge in other exercises. Thus, mountain climbers are a perfect complement to your workout routine.


mountain climber




  1. Get into a high plank position – similar to the starting position for plank reach unders.

  2. Make sure, that your hands are shoulder-width apart and support yourself with your arms stretched out against the floor. Keep your legs together tightly.Support yourself on the balls of your feet, engage your core and ensure that your body forms a straight line.

  3. Now alternately pull in your right knee towards your chest as far as you can.

  4. Then return to your starting position and pull your left leg into your chest.

  5. This way, you alternate the movements over the course of several repetitions or for a set time limit.


#5: Flutter Kicks

Targeted Muscles:

  • Abs: This exercise works out your lower abs as intensely as hardly any other ab exercise can.

  • Slight challenge of the lower back

  • Hamstrings, quads, glute muscles and hip flexor


flutter kick



  1. The first step is the simplest: Lie down comfortably on your back. Stretch out your arms alongside your body, extend your legs and keep them closely together.

  2. Now engage all of your muscles all the way down from your abs and your lower back muscles.

  3. Using this tension, extend your straight legs up to a 90-degree angle and make sure to keep your back neutral.

  4. Now the actual exercise begins. Start lowering one leg slowly and gradually and pull it back up just right before it reaches the floor.

  5. Just as you like, you can perform this exercise with one leg multiple times before switching sides or you can lower and lift your legs alternately.


#6: Push-ups / Liegestütz

Targeted muscles:

  • Works out your chest as intensely as hardly any other bodyweight exercise can

  • triceps and shoulder muscles

  • Through the engagement of your core, your abs and lower back muscles are involved in the exercise as well.


push up



  1. Get on the floor on all fours, supporting yourself with your hands on the floor.

  2. Now extend your legs back andmake sure to engage all of your muscle groups in this position. Keep your legs closely together and balance on your hands and toes while keeping your feet hip-width apart.

  3. Extend your arms to shoulder-width roughly in chest height.

  4. From this position, bend your arms and lower yourself all the way down until your nose is about to touch the floor. Then, push back up through your hands, returning to the starting position.

  5. Make sure to tuck in your elbows tightly to your chest while performing the exercise.


#7: Burpees

Targeted Muscles:

  • full-body exercise, with the exception of neck and upper back






  1. Get into a position similar to the starting position for push-ups.

  2. Instead of lowering your body to the floor and performing the push-up, lift up by jumping with your feet forward until your knees almost touch your elbows.

  3. After that, lift your arms off the floor and squat down.

  4. From the squat position, jump up by pushing up with the strength of your leg muscles.

  5. At your highest point, your legs should be completely straightened and your tiptoes just above the floor.

  6. After that, perform the entire sequence backwards until you return to your starting position.

  7. If you want to, you can intensify this exercise by lingering in your push-up or squat position for a bit longer.


#8: Squats (Advanced option using Tube/Pull-up Resistance Bands)

Targeted Muscles:

  • highly effective exercise for thighs and glutes

  • slight engagement of calves, abs and lower back muscles





  1. Your starting position: Your feet are pointed forward and placed slightly further apart than hip-width.

  2. Now lower into a deep squad; the lower you get, the more effective the exercise. Try to reach down at least slightly below knee-height.

  3. Make sure to keep your back straight by engaging your core during the entire sequence of moving up and down back into your starting position.

  4. Throughout the exercise, keep your arms stretched out in front of your body. If you wish to use additional weights such as a fascia roll or a barbell, place it on the back of your neck and hold it up with your hands.


#9: Split Squats

Targeted Muscles:

  • Basically, the same applies as with squats; the only difference: each individual thigh is challenged more intensely as both legs are worked out separately

  • the calves are worked out more intensely

  • the core, however, is engaged a bit less in comparison to normal squats


split squat



  1. Take a large step forward, so that your legs are wide apart. The back leg rests on the ball of your foot with a large part of the foot being lifted up off the floor, while your other leg is placed right in front of you.

  2. Now lower down to the floor, distributing your weight equally on both legs.

  3. In the lowest position, the calf of your front leg forms a 90-degrees angle with your thigh.

  4. Lift up to your starting position and repeat the exercise several times. After that, switch the position of your legs by placing the back leg in the front.


#10: Air Swimming

Targeted Muscles:

  • full-body exercise which puts only moderate strain on all muscle groups

  • perfectly suited for beginners and as a gentle exercise to kick off your workout session after a warm-up 


air swimming



  1. Lie down on your belly and keep your legs closely together, your back stays in a neutral position. Your arms are extended and stretched out straight forward parallel to each other right next to your head.

  2. Now, lift up both legs and arms with your belly still resting on the floor.

  3. After that, gently lift and lower your arms and legs as follows: Firstly, lift up your left leg and your right arm at the same time.

  4. When lowering your left leg and your right arm, lift your right leg and your left arm. In doing so, you perform gentle and dynamic movements comparable to swimming.



Exercise mats are highly useful and versatile in many regards, reaching from protecting your joints, tendons, muscles and bones and increased safety to enhanced conditions for your surroundings. Your neighbors are not bothered by any noises and your floor is protected from any damage by your exercise equipment. That way, a mat is highly beneficial for the performance of all exercises, even those, for which a mat is not absolutely necessary, such as push-ups.

In order to enjoy all of these benefits, try out our exercise mat which unifies all major advantages an exercise mat has to offer thanks to its high-quality processing and choice of premium material. Whether you prefer to work out with or without equipment, our exercise mat always supports you in working out safely, comfortably and efficiently. Furthermore, our exercise mat is highly durable and will be a long-lasting and reliable companion to you.

 What are you waiting for? Check out the premium exercise mat by Pullup & Dip here:





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