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FIBO Köln 2024 - Pullup & Dip auf der weltweit größten Fitnessmesse

FIBO Cologne 2024 - Pullup & Dip at the world's largest fitness trade fair

FIBO 2024 in Cologne proved to be an unforgettable experience for our team at Pullup & Dip, taking our passion for fitness and wellness to a new level. Filled with vibrant energy and surrounded by innovative trends, every moment at this show was a source of inspiration and excitement. From our highly anticipated Hang Challenge, which drew visitors in droves, to our stand where our revolutionary Rocsix handles grabbed attention, every experience was a highlight for us and our guests. After FIBO 2024, we look back on unforgettable moments full of energy and enthusiasm. But the best is yet to come: we are looking forward to preparing for the next FIBO and inspiring and inspiring even more fitness enthusiasts!

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Pullup & Dip rocks FIBO 2024

FIBO 2024 in Cologne was an absolute highlight for us at Pullup & Dip. From April 11 to 14, the city was transformed into the center of the fitness, wellness and health industry. Over 100,000 visitors streamed through the exhibition halls to discover the latest trends and innovations. And us? We were right in the middle of it instead of just being there!

Our FIBO team from Pullup & Dip

Our team gave their all at FIBO. From the sweaty set-up to the dismantling - it was exhausting, but every drop of sweat was worth it. Why? Because we made great new contacts, inspired countless people for sport and fitness and had an unforgettable time.

Hang Challenge - 100 seconds, 100 euros

Imagine hanging from a pole and trying to hold on for 100 seconds. Sounds easy? Not really! Our HangChallenge was an absolute crowd puller and attracted visitors in their droves.

But there was a catch - the pole turns! This made it a mega challenge for grip strength. In four days, only one person managed to clear the 100 euros! But don't worry, no one went away empty-handed. Every participant received chalkbags, pulling aids or wristbands as a consolation prize. And those who managed to hang for 60 seconds even received our exclusive ROCSIX training grip! A real win-win for everyone!

ROCSIX - Revolutionary grips

Our ROCSIXstand was constantly crowded. Visitors were able to test our new, innovative ROCSIX grip and were thrilled. Especially those with elbow or wrist pain found our grips revolutionary. The patented design offers a large, joint-friendly range of motion and enables new muscle stimulation. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive!

Find out more about our unique ROCSIX handle now!

Calisthenics area - acrobatics and fun

Our calisthenics area was a real eye-catcher. Visitors were able to try out our robust and innovative equipment such as parallettes, push-up grips and pull-up bars. The enthusiasm was huge!

Our original Pullup & Dip pull-up bar was the star. Fans put on impressive shows with handstands, dips and planche exercises, making for astonished faces. The energy was palpable!

Find out more about our pull-up & dip bar now:

Last But Not Least

FIBO 2024 was a complete success for us. We not only successfully presented our brand and products, but also inspired and motivated many people.

The enthusiasm and feedback from visitors was overwhelming. We can hardly wait to be there again next year and inspire even more fitness fans.

Now it's your turn!

- Did you visit us at FIBO?

- What were your highlights?

- Let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned and stay fit - see you at the next FIBO!

Your Pullup & Dip team

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