ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
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ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips

For training that is easy on the joints and more effective

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick
  • More natural training angles and better grip
  • New muscle stimulation through dynamic grip position
  • Gentle on wrists, elbows and shoulders
  • Four grip options for pulling and pushing exercises

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Discover the dynamic training grip - the solution for a more joint-friendly and effective workout. With natural training angles and an ergonomic design, this handle offers versatile training options. Reduce the strain on your joints and experience premium quality from Germany.

Dynamic training grip for more joint-friendly training

✔️ More natural training angles and better grip: No fixed grip on a bar, so your grip is dynamic and adapts naturally to your wrist position. Your arms can move freely during pulling exercises.

✔️ Gentle on wrists, elbows and shoulders: the grip adapts dynamically to your natural hand position. This puts less strain on your joints.

✔️ New muscle stimulation: Dynamic grip position and new training angles.

✔️ Ergonomic design for optimum grip: The ergonomic design with non-slip grip allows you to lift more weight.

✔️ Greater range of motion: No direct contact with the bar and therefore greater range of motion for additional muscle stimulation.

✔️ More hygienic: Avoid direct contact with the bar.

✔️ Numerous application possibilities: Can be attached to pull-up bar, cable pulley, machine handles, barbells and dumbbells, sling trainer and much more.

✔️ Extremely resilient: High-strength materials and premium straps for loads of up to 150 kg per handle (300 kg in total).

✔️ 2-layer system: Core made of extremely durable ABS, non-slip coating made of TPE for maximum grip.

✔️ 3-fold length adjustment: Unique patented adjustment slots and stitching technology for 3-fold length adjustment according to your wishes.

✔️ Four grip positions for pulling and pushing exercises: Pull grip, push grip, neutral grip, curl grip for numerous exercises. Whether pull-ups, deadlifts, rowing, curls, tricep presses or press exercises on the cable pull - the training grip offers you numerous exercises.

✔️ New stimuli on the pull-up bar: The training handle is also ideal as a supplement to our pull-up bars or the FREESIXD sling trainer.

✔️ Designed and developed in Germany and patented technology.

Scope of delivery:

  • One pair of training handles

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We are especially proud of our internal development, where we always try to develop the best quality and most durable products with unique benefits.
That's why you get up to five years product warranty on selected products.

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