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Calisthenics Gift - The Top 25 Gift Ideas for Calisthenics Enthusiasts

People who train with their own body weight not only save a lot of time, because they don't have to travel to the gym. They also enjoy a highly efficient and functional workout. Calisthenics improves your strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. What's more, it also has positive effects on the growth of muscles. To achieve your training goals as quickly as possible and, more importantly, long-term, you will need to use of a number of calisthenics accessories. With resistance bands, a pull-up bar and other equipment, you can make your workouts even more effective and comfortable!

In this article we would like to introduce you to the 25 best gifts for calisthenics enthusiasts. You can buy them for yourself, to make your workouts more effective; or you can treat a friend by giving them a "training partner". After all, Christmas is just around the corner, and ambitious hobby athletes will be only too happy to exercise their goose and cookies away! But Christmas or any other occasion aside, a gift of calisthenics accessories is certainly a great choice to delight those who are close to you!

Calisthenics Gifts to the value of up to EUR 30.00

Grip pads for more reps


Grip pads give you a better grip on the pull-up bar and other exercises. They are anti-slip, which enables you to achieve a higher number of repeats, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your workout. This calisthenics provides optimum skin protection by reducing the pressure on the hands. With this alternative to workout gloves, musty, smelly hands after your workout are a thing of the past!

Price: EUR 11.90

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Wrist guards to prevent wrist pain

wrist wraps

Whether for push-ups, handstands or dips – wrist guards ensure the necessary stability for your wrists, thereby making a significant contribution towards preventing injuries. This calisthenics gift ensures a perfect execution of movements, enhancing the effectiveness of your workout at the same time.

Price: around EUR 14.90


The jumping rope as a versatile calisthenics gift


The jumping rope is one of the most efficient sports accessories to increase your stamina. The practical skipping rope, with its small handles, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor workouts, and for calisthenics, CrossFit, martial arts etc. There is no better method of warming up before physical exertion, because skipping works diverse muscles and really gets the blood circulating.

Price: EUR 10.90


Liquid Chalk – the calisthenics gift in a bottle

liquid chalk

Would you like the perfect grip during your workout? Without sweaty hands? With Liquid Chalk you improve your grasp and ensure an optimum feeling of grip without getting smelly hands. Be it calisthenics, CrossFit or weightlifting – the chalk is the perfect partner for the optimum grip! Compared to standard chalks, the liquid variant has the advantage that is does not leave any residue behind, and it washes off easily.

Price: EUR 11.90


Reach your peak performance with a drinking bottle

trinkflasche sport

What is a workout without a refreshing drink?! You should drink at least two litres of water every day, in order to maintain your athletic performance. With a suitable drinking bottle, you will not run out of steam: or should I say, water!

Price: EUR 15.90


Pull-up bands as a calisthenics gift

klimmzug bänder
High-quality resistance bands contribute to an effective full-body workout. Whether pull-ups, muscle-ups or another exercise: this calisthenics gift provides the ideal support for perfect execution. But that is not all! As the name suggests, the resistance bands are also ideal for ensuring that you have to put more effort into push-ups, squats etc. The workout couldn’t be more intensive! You can take the bands anywhere and you can use them for both your workout and for stretching and warming up.

Price: EUR 11.90 – 24.90


A towel as a workout partner

A stylish towel is also a perfect gift for a calisthenics athlete. It can be used for more than just wiping off sweat – you can use it to lie on (when doing crunches or planks). This makes a significant contribution towards hygiene and comfort for athletes.

Price: EUR 14.00 – 30.00


Functional and stylish: a calisthenics sports bag


A cool sports bag is the ideal storage space for your resistance bands and other workout equipment. That way, you always have everything you need for an effective workout, and any place can be your workout location! In summer, you can use this calisthenics gift to carry your towel, sun cream and other odds and sods when you go to the pool.

Price: EUR 10.90


Start the day with a calisthenics mug

Are you looking for a very special calisthenics gift for a friend? With a motto mug, you can definitely conjure up a smile from those near and dear to you, whilst at the same time providing them with motivation to hold onto their training goals.

Price: EUR 14.95


The somewhat different workout protection: a calisthenics mobile phone cover

A phone cover can also help to keep an athlete motivated. We all look at our smartphones many times every day, and with this cool cover, you will be reminded of your calisthenics workouts and the positive effects they have on you. Add to that the protective effects that the cover has against scratches, etc. and you have a real winner.

Price: EUR 8.90


Calisthenics gift for bookworms: a book about bodyweight workouts

Do you know anyone who can’t wait to start doing calisthenics, but doesn’t really know how to do the exercises yet? A book about calisthenics is perfect for beginners and advanced athletes alike! This practical calisthenics gift gives you an introduction to this sport and explains the exercises precisely, so that anyone can benefit from the effects of the workouts.

Price: EUR 29.99


Achieve your six-pack with ab slings

Ab straps are a super way to optimise your ab workout on the pull-up bar. Attach the slings to the bar and benefit from a high level of workout comfort and optimum stability while performing the exercise.

Price: EUR 24.90


Calisthenics Gifts to the Value of between EUR 30.00 and 50.00

Gymnastic rings for better workout results


High-quality gymnastic rings guarantee holistic, functional bodyweight training. Due to the freedom of movement they offer, they demand more from the muscles during the workout than the same exercises on machines, or with barbells etc. (Key word: “inter and intramuscular coordination”). All in all, this leads to better workout results.

Price: EUR 39.90


Video: 45 Gymnastic ring exercises


Push-ups? Not without push-up bars.


Push-up bars are THE calisthenics gift for anyone who wants a broad chest. With this training aid, you can get lower when doing your push-ups, so that the chest muscles are stretched more and subjected to greater strain. Because the unnatural bending of the wrists is avoided, you will not experience any pain while doing the exercise. Another advantage is that you can also vary the distance between the grips, so that you can exercise different parts of your chest.

Price: EUR 39.90


The calisthenics gift for everyone – the right clothing

calisthenics kleidung

Tank Tops, Trousers, T-Shirts and much more – anyone who does calisthenics should also be dressed appropriately! Wear the right calisthenics gear to ensure that you can move freely and benefit from reliable breathability, so that you feel completely comfortable during your workout.

Price: approx. EUR 30.00 - 50.00


Affordable parallettes for a workout that is gentle on the wrists


This gift for calisthenics athletes is ideal for performing a selection of parallette exercises. It also offers a wide range of movement (e.g. for handstand push-ups). When doing push-ups and some other workouts with these handy aids, you do not bend the wrists unnaturally, so you can do more repeats without causing any injury. Parallettes with a steel bar are cheaper than those with a wooden grip, but they are not as slip-proof as the wooden version.

Price: EUR 59.90


A set of five fitness resistance bands

resistance bands

Resistance bands can be attached to the doorframe, the door handle or other objects. Basically, they are a pocket-sized gym that you can take with you wherever you go. Whether at home, at the office or in your hotel room – with resistance bands, you can optimally integrate your workout into your everyday life!

Price: EUR 33.90


Just hang it up and off you go: the pull-up bar for the doorframe

If you want to do an intensive pull-up workout, but you do not have enough place in your apartment to attach a pull-up bar to the wall, don’t despair! There is an easy alternative – the “pull-up bar for the doorframe”. You can simply hang this calisthenics gift up in the doorframe and begin your workout immediately. It is very easy to mount, but these pull-up bars are not as robust as the models for the wall.

Price: EUR 49.90


Calisthenics Gifts to the Value of up to EUR 50.00 – 150

High-quality parallettes for a versatile workout

parallettes aus holz

If you are prepared to spend a little more on a calisthenics gift for your friends, high quality wooden parallettes might be the right choice! They are available in two versions – low and medium. This aid is suitable for both indoor and outdoor training. What makes them really good is that the mini bars can be moved independently from each other, making for a particularly versatile bodyweight workout. L-Sits, planches, push-ups and handstands are just a few of the exercises that can be done with parallettes. Compared to cheaper versions, these high-quality models are much more robust and ergonomic.

Price: EUR 99.00 – 129.00


Would you like to do paralette workouts? Then, download our FREE eBook with 37 parallette exercises
parallettes uebungen


Reach your athletic goals with a calisthenic gift: the Individual Workout Programme

Calisthenics Programm

A workout program can be equally useful for beginners and advanced athletes. Choose the right package for your workout level, and come closer and closer to your athletic goals with every workout!


High parallettes for tall athletes

Just like the shorter version, high parallettes offer an extremely wide range of workout options. With this calisthenics gift, you will enable your friends to do bodyweight exercises that are impossible without training aids (e.g. dips). And other gymnastics exercises, such as L-sits, can be done very successfully on parallettes.

Price: approx. EUR 60.00


Calisthenics gift with place-saving properties: the pull-up bar for the ceiling

With a pull-up bar for the ceiling, you can do pull-ups and other exercises without the problem of large pieces of equipment that take up a lot of space in your room. You can combine the pull-up bar with resistance bands, a punching bag and other “workout partners” for the most versatile workout possible.


Calisthenics Gifts to the Value of between EUR 150.00 – 300.00

Achieve your goal professionally – with personal training or a workshop

personal training

Would you like professional help to work towards your goals systematically and efficiently? Then personal training or a workshop would be the perfect calisthenics gift for you! Together with a trainer, you analyse your initial situation, and define your training goals and the best ways to achieve them. And, what’s more, you will benefit from a high level of motivation – with a pro by your side, you will certainly never skip your workout for a lazy afternoon on the sofa!

Price: approx. EUR 50.00 - 250.00


The high-quality pull-up bar for at home
multigriff klimmzugstange

There is no better gift for a calisthenics athlete than a pull-up bar to use within their own four walls. If you prepared to spend a bit more on your friends’ workout equipment, rather than choosing a model for the doorframe or the ceiling, you could buy a superb, high-quality pull-up bar for the wall. Depending on what you need, you can choose between a straight pull-up bar, or a multi-grip version. The latter offers up to six different grip positions, so it guarantees a versatile workout with maximum stimulation. A straight pull-up bar is also ideal for doing muscle-ups.

Price: EUR 179.00 – 199.00


A pull-up and dip bar for at home and underway

klimmzug dip stange

A mobile pull-up and dip bar is even more effective and flexible. Whether indoors or outdoors – you can attach the device to a wall, a cross-beam or any other object, and get going with your workout right away! Exercise your back, your shoulders, your arms and your chest with just one workout aid! Another advantage of this calisthenics gift: pull-ups relieve the strain on the intervertebral discs, thus improving your posture.

Price: EUR 199.00 - 239.00


Video of the mobile pull-up and dip bar


A premium stainless steel pull-up bar

klimmzugstange edelstahl

A stainless steel pull-up bar (or pull-up and dip bar) by Pullup & Dip is of particularly high value. It can be used for pull-ups, dips and many other pull-up bar exercises. It is completely rust resistant, so it can be used outside without any trouble, and you can even have it permanently installed out of doors. A pull-up bar like this is the absolute premium gift, but, due to its high quality and its wide range of functions, it is not exactly cheap! However, you only have to buy such an excellent model once, and you can use it for your workouts for the rest of your life.

Price: EUR 249.00 - 279.00


The Top 25 Gifts for Calisthenics Athletes - Conclusion

In this article, we have introduced the best and most imaginative calisthenics gifts. Whether for beginners or advanced athletes – everyone benefits from this useful equipment: be it a high-quality pull-up bar, a pair of push-up grips or a cool sports bag. In creating the ideal conditions for the exercises, these aids make your workout more effective and comfortable.

Give some of these items to your friends, and help them to improve the quality of their workouts – it will a bring a smile to their faces! Or simply “give” them to yourself and profit from these innovative gadgets! We wish you and your friends lots of fun and intensive workouts – with the gifts for calisthenics athletes!

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