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"TRINGS" Calisthenics Rings Set With Straps, Door Anchor and Bag You won't find these "rings" anywhere else

$64.00 *

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Product advantages at a glance

  • 3 different grip positions
  • High quality wood instead of cheap plastic
  • Extra wide nylon attachment straps with length markings
  • Extremely versatile for over 45 exercises
  • Incl. door anchor for training at home

In stock, with you within 2-3 business days

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TRINGS Calisthenics Rings Set for a functional full body workout You must mean rings! No, you...more

TRINGS Calisthenics Rings Set for a functional full body workout

You must mean rings! No, you read correctly. We call the specially designed wooden handles "TRINGS", derived from the English for "three" and "rings". They offer three different grips, round, ergonomic and straight, hence the number three. The different grip positions allow you to use them in a more versatile way than conventional gymnastics rings.

Training with the TRINGS set provides a holistic, functional bodyweight workout because the muscles have to compensate for instability in all directions due to the freedom of movement. This gives you an additional training effect compared to training with dumbbells or guided exercises on machines.

The set is also ideal in combination with our pull-up bars, so that you can perform many more exercises and optimally complement your calisthenics or gymnastics training. Due to the low weight and small dimensions, the set is also perfect for travelling to keep fit.


Three grip positions of the Calisthenics TRINGS


Ergo: specially designed ergonomic handle for rowing exercises like ring rows

Round: universal for all kinds of exercises like pull-ups, muscle-ups etc.

Straight: Especially for exercises where the ring has to rotate in the palm of the hand during the exercise such as tricep presses or ring curls. But also suitable for exercises where a straight grip is more comfortable such as ring dips.


Advantages of the "TRINGS" Calisthenics Rings

✔️ Three grip positions: compared to round gymnastic rings, the TRINGS offer you three different grip positions (round, ergo, straight). This makes ring dips, tricep presses or ring curls much more comfortable.

✔️ High-quality birch wood for best grip even with sweaty hands instead of cheap plastic.

✔️ Patented and worldwide unique design.

✔️ Indoor & outdoor training: Train flexibly in the park, garden or when travelling. Thanks to the door anchor, you can also attach the TRINGS to the door at home or in your hotel room.

✔️ Versatility: over 45 different exercises for a varied whole-body workout.

✔️ Easy to transport: includes a sports bag to carry the set comfortably on your back.

✔️ Save time: high-security quick-release buckles for fast adjustment

✔️ Extra wide nylon attachment straps with length markings; width: 1.50 inches, length: 177 inches

✔️ Train indoors too: door anchor with solid steel core and foam padding for training at home.

✔️ No annoying excess strap ends: incl. practical velcro fasteners - tie the fastening straps together so they don't get in your way during training.

✔️ Extremely safe: load capacity of the rings (buckles/straps) per strap: 440.1 lbs / 200 kg.

✔️ Incl. FREE eBook: with over 40 exercises, which you can conveniently download by e-mail.

ringe ebook


Details of the TRINGS Calisthenics Rings

weight 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg
material:  birch wood
diameter wood: 1.10 inches
Diameter of round handle side 6.97 inches
length straight handle side 4.57 inches
length ergonomic handle side 4.57 inches
length of the straps 177 inches long, 1.50 inches width



Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x TRINGS made of wood
  • 2 x fastening straps incl. buckles and velcro fastener
  • 1 x protective bag for quick storage
  • 1 x sports bag for transport
  • 1 x door anchor
  • 1 x FREE eBook with over 40 exercises


Dimensions of TRINGS:

trings abmessungen

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4.5 / 5
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5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Training to the next level

Pull up rings came with good instructions & are very easy to set up (even for me!). Helps me take my training to the next level.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

better than normal rings

I love the TRINGS, im happy with it 5 Stars!

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase


Very nice (T)Rings!

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase


4.5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Nice idea!

Nice innovative idea! I used to have normal rings but prefer the TRINGS with three grips much more. All in all a very high-quality set that misses nothing.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Excellent set of rings

Couldn't be happier with these rings...if you can actualy call them rings :D
The three grips are amazing and doing ring dips or triceps extension feels so much better. Wonderful idea!

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Awesome "rings"

The "rings" feel great with three grip positions and I like them much more than usual rings. All in all a very great product with lots of equipment like the straps, door anchor and bags so perfect for travelling.

1 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

compare with the original ring set it is a quality drop down

I am using the original Wooden Gymnastic Rings set since almost 2 years and decided to buy this new set to have a spare . Here are why i think this is a cheap looking stuff compare with the original ring set:
- the wooden tring is damaged and fixed with liquid wood see attached picture
- the strap is numbered only until 12 not like the original which was numbered until 15
- the strap is much thinner feels like cheap Chinese plastic maker stated this is by design
i have tried the tring with the thicker and stronger strap and I have and no problem with that. I have to admit this is some savings on quality.


Hi Zoltan,

thank you for your review.
We appreciate any feedback and will look at it to see if we can improve the quality of the belts.

5 / 5 Punkte

Verified purchase

Loving them

Great piece of equipment, really love the design of the rings with three grip positions which is very helpful. Well done!

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