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Top 23 tips for guaranteed more pull-ups.

Wie man Widerstandsbänder für Calisthenics verwendet

How To Use Resistance Bands For Calisthenics

Resistance bands are a type of calisthenics equipment that can be used for many different purposes which you can read in this article
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Wie du deinen ersten einarmigen Klimmzug machst

How to do your first one arm pull-up

Ahh... one-arm-pull-ups one of the hardest and most impressive moves in the calisthenics community. The sad thing is, that most of the people are not even able to perform 1 one-arm-pull-up with the...
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Calisthenics für Anfänger - Alles Zum Einstieg In Den Sport

Calisthenics For Beginners - The Top 10 Tips Before You Start Out

Sometimes going to the gym becomes monotonous. For those that are looking for a change or even just an addition to their regular workout, adding a calisthenics program to your workout could be the ...
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Die Top 10 Parallettes Übungen für Anfänger

The Top 10 Parallettes Exercises for Beginners

Parallettes can be described as parallel bars in small format and that is why they are also known as mini bars. They are especially suitable for gymnastics and Calisthenics exercises and can be use...
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5 Gründe, Warum Du Unbedingt Mit Wrist Wraps Trainieren Solltest

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Train With Wrist Wraps

You do Calisthenics? Then you should not train without wrist wraps. We'll show you five reasons why you should do your workout with wrist wraps!
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Die Top 10 Turnringe Übungen Für Überall

The top 10 gymnastic rings exercises

When people hear gymnastics, they tend to think about the Olympics. Well, the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to do gymnastics. In fact, doing gymnastics can...
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Outdoor Klimmzugstangen – Alle Varianten & Was Du Wissen Musst

Outdoor Pull-Up Bars - All Different Types & What You Need To Know

An outdoor pull up bar or a garden pull up bar is a superb gadget for an effective workout outside. With pull ups you strengthen your back muscles and you build up plump upper arms. But what are th...
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Die Perfekte Klimmzüge Ausführung – Top 6 Tipps

How to do pull-ups – The perfect pull-up

At the beginning of your training workouts things may sometimes be confusing or challenging. However, getting the right information will help you go a long way and lowers the chances of injuring yo...
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Richtiges Aufwärmen Vor Dem Klimmzug-Training – Das Solltest Du Beachten

Pull-Up Warmup - Top 10 Exercises To Warm Up Perfectly

We show you 10 different exercises for your perfect pull-up workout so that you avoid any injury during or after the workout.
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