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Top 23 tips for guaranteed more pull-ups.

Die Größten Fünf Fehler Bei Klimmzügen - Und Wie Du Sie Vermeidest!

The five biggest mistakes in pull-ups - and how you avoid them!

Pull-ups are not called a supreme discipline for the back for nothing - although they look easy at first glance and many still know them from their school days, they prove to be extremely nasty in ...
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Bizeps Klimmzug Training An Der Klimmzugstange - 5 Top Übungen

How to train biceps on the pull-up bar - 5 effective exercises

Training your biceps can be a very fun and rewarding exercise, unless you’re eating a crunchy bar like the Nutty Professor while you’re at it. Most people start off using dumbbells and move on to o...
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Klimmzugstange Übungen - Wir zeigen dir über 35 verschiedene Übungen

Pull-up bar exercises with the Pullup & Dip bar for beginners & pros

You want to get your Pull-up workout to the next level? Check out our top 35 pull up bar exercises on the Pullup & Dip bar.
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