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Die 15 besten Übungen für das Beinmuskeltraining mit Fitnessbändern

Top 15 Leg Band Workout Exercises

In this article we show you the top 15 leg band exercises for your workout and how you can build up your legs and glutes only with bands and your bodyweight.
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Die 10 wichtigsten Vorteile von Liegestützen

The Top 10 Benefits Of Doing Push-Ups

In this article we explain you the top 10 benefits of doing push-ups and much more.
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Training mit der Gymnastikmatte - Alle Vorteile und die 10 besten Übungen

Training with The Exercise Mat - All Benefits and The 10 Best Exercises

Not all exercise mats are created equal. Each type of exercise mat fundamentally differs in processing, especially in terms of the choice of material as well as its thickness. At Pullup & Dip, we h...
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Die 7 besten Körpergewichts-Übungen, um deine Gesäßmuskeln zu trainieren

Best 7 bodyweight exercises to train your glutes

Don't rely on squats alone to get a perfect butt. Try these seven effective bodyweight exercises to train your glutes and get a nice butt.
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Die 15 besten Trainingsgeräte für zu Hause, die du für dein Training brauchst

The Top 15 Home Workout Equipment You Need For Your Training

Wanna do your bodyweight workout at home? In this article we show you the 15 best home gym equipment pieces to invest in. Read more! 
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Dein erster Ring Muscle-Up - Die 4 besten Tipps, wie du ihn schaffst

Your First Ring Muscle-Up - Top 4 Tips How To Achieve It

Do you want to achieve your first ring muscle-up? We show you the top 4 tips how to finally achieve it. Read more now!
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Chin-Up Stange - Für Drinnen und Draußen

Chin-up Bar – For Home and Outdoors

This article discusses chin-ups and the exercises you can do on a chin-up bar. Throughout this article we will be discussing several things such as the muscles activated by doing chin-ups, the diff...
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Armtraining Mit Calisthenics - Top 6 Übungen Und Tipps Für Dicke Arme

Training Arms With Calisthenics - The Top 6 Exercises And Tricks For Big Arms

In this article, we will take a look at calisthenics arm workouts and everything you need to know about this subject.
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Die 12 besten Bodyweight Trainings-Geräte

The Top 12 Bodyweight Workout Equipment

This article discusses 12 bodyweight workout equipment that you ought to consider for your home gym. First, we will look at why you’d want to set up a gym in your home. Then, we will give an overvi...
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