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Top 23 tips for guaranteed more pull-ups.

Das beste Klimmzugstange Zubehör zur Verbesserung deines Klimmzugtrainings

The 11 Best Pull-Up Equipment To Improve Your Pull-Up Workout

In this article we will show you the 11 best Pull-Up Equipment Accessories to improve your Pull-Up Workout.
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Parallettes Workout - Vorteile, Variationen und Top-Übungen

Parallettes Workout – Advantages, Variations And Top Exercises

What exactly are the advantages of parallettes training? And what exercises are there for the mini-bar? In this article you will learn the advantages of Parallette training and the most popular exe...
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9 Fitness-Fehler, die jeder macht, wenn er anfängt zu trainieren

9 Fitness Mistakes Everyone Makes When They Start To Work Out

Ouch! That’s the result when people usually start working out without knowing all to well what they are doing and getting themselves into. Luckily there are blogs such as these to help guide you in...
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Reise Klimmzugstange - Wie man auf Reisen Klimmzüge macht

Travel pull-up bar - How to do pull-ups while travelling

This article shows you the best portable exercise equipment which allow you to do your workout at any park or beach or even in your hotel room.
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Top 10 Übungen für das Bauchmuskeltraining mit dem Widerstandsband

Top 10 Resistance Band Ab Workout Exercises

In this article we will show you the benefits of training abdominal muscles and top 10 resistance band ab workout exercises.
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Der erste Klimmzug - Top 7 Tipps, wie du ihn endlich schaffst

First Pull-Up – Top 7 Tips How To Finally Achieve It

If you’re a beginner in body weight training or calisthenics, completing your first pull-up might seem like a daunting task. In this article, we’ll give you 7 of our best tips to improve both sides...
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Travel Workout - Wie du auf Reisen nur mit deinem Körpergewicht fit bleibst

Travel Workout – How To Stay Fit Only With Your Bodyweight When Traveling

In this article, we present you top 12 Calisthenics travel exercises without equipment, recommendations what you should eat during traveling and some more travel tips!
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Wie du deinen ersten einarmigen Klimmzug machst

How to do your first one arm pull-up

Ahh... one-arm-pull-ups one of the hardest and most impressive moves in the calisthenics community. The sad thing is, that most of the people are not even able to perform 1 one-arm-pull-up with the...
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Mehr Klimmzüge - Die 5 besten unterstützenden Übungen

More Pull-ups - Top 5 Assisting Exercises

Doing pull-ups can be challenging and exciting in the beginning but you may need to switch things up along the way, especially if you are looking to challenge yourself more. In other cases, you may...
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