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Pull-Up Bands / Resistance Bands in Different Strengths - Includes Exercise Guide
Pull-Up Bands / Resistance Bands in Different Strengths - Includes Exercise Guide
Sale priceFrom €12,90
Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar incl. Pull-Up Band And Screws
Sale price€84,90 Regular price€89,90Save €5,00
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar Without Screws
Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar Without Screws
Sale price€49,90
Ab Straps For Abdominal Muscle Training on Pull-Up Bar or Pull-Up Station
Sale price€29,90 Regular price€32,90Save €3,00
Dip Belt with Chain, 3 Carabiners and Unique Flaps
Sale price€37,90 Regular price€39,90Save €2,00
Dip belt rope, daisy chain
Sale price€14,90
Fitness Parallettes - Made Of Steel, Extra Wide Grip And Non-Slip
Sale price€74,90
Liquid Chalk for Perfect Grip - Fast Drying, Extra Strong & Washable
Liquid Chalk for Perfect Grip - Fast Drying, Extra Strong & Washable
Sale priceFrom €13,90
€69,50 /l
Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics and Strength Training - Stabilizing & Protective
Sale price€16,90
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grips
Sale price€39,90 Regular price€49,90Save €10,00
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grip Bundle of 2
ROCSIX Dynamic Workout Grip Bundle of 2
Sale price€74,90 Regular price€99,80Save €24,90
Resistance Bands - Set of 5 Strengths With Handles, Foot Straps And Door Anchor
Sale price€34,90 Regular price€39,90Save €5,00
Calisthenics Starter Set: Gym Rings, Push-Up Bars, Resistance Bands Set of 4, Jump Rope
Sale price€159,00 Regular price€194,60Save €35,60
Calisthenics Intermediate Set - Parallettes (medium), Gym Rings, Liquid Chalk, Resistance Bands
Sale price€219,00 Regular price€267,70Save €48,70
Homeworkout Set: Push-Up Bars, Ab Wheel, Doorway Pull-Up Bar and Resistance Bands Set
Sale price€179,00 Regular price€214,60Save €35,60
Klimmzug Anfänger Set: Tür Klimmzugstange, Klimmzugbänder 3er Set & Guide Bundle
Sale price€129,00 Regular price€164,70Save €35,70
Pull-up Bar Set: Door Pull-up Bar + Pull-up Straps Set of 4 + Ab Straps
Sale price€149,00 Regular price€174,70Save €25,70
Türreck Klimmzugstange Bundle mit Klimmzugbändern und Trainingsguides
Sale price€99,00 Regular price€129,70Save €30,70
Rings Bands Savings Set: Rings + Set of 4 Resistance Bands
Sale price€99,00 Regular price€119,80Save €20,80
Resistance Bands Set: Gymnastic Bands, Loop Bands and Resistance Bands
Sale price€59,00 Regular price€72,70Save €13,70
Elbow Sleeves for Sports and Everyday Life, more Stability and Performance. 1 Pair
Sale price€17,90 Regular price€19,90Save €2,00
Non-slip Sports Socks in Black, 1 Pair
Sale price€9,90 Regular price€14,90Save €5,00
CLEAN IT! Multi-purpose cleaner incl. microfibre cloth, cleaning spray (250 ml) for your fitness accessories
Sale price€9,90 Regular price€14,90Save €5,00
€39,60 /l
Loop Bands Set, Mini Bands in 5 Strengths - Includes Carrying Bag
Sale price€12,90
Foam Roller, Effective Fitness Roller for Self-Massage of Back and Legs
Sale price€14,90 Regular price€19,90Save €5,00
Jumping rope with professional ball bearing and anti-slip handles - adjustable rope length
Sale price€14,90
Finger Tape, Climbing Tape Set Of 3 With Extra Strong Adhesive
Sale price€9,90
€0,99 /m
Neoprene Grip Pads For Pull-Ups, Weight Lifting And Ftness Training
Sale price€12,90
Neoprene workout pads [set of 4] for pull-ups, fitness, strength training, 2 pairs
Sale price€9,90
Gym Gloves for Men and Women
Sale price€12,90 Regular price€19,90Save €7,00
Weightlifting Gloves with Wrist Wraps for Men and Women
Sale price€19,90
Grip Sports Tape for Pull-up Bar, Anti-Slip Tape For Golf, Tennis and Ice Hockey Sticks
Sale price€9,90
€0,40 /m
Lifting Straps (Padded) For More Power In Strength Training
Sale priceFrom €9,90 Regular price€14,90
Ankle Straps or training on the cable pulley for leg, hip and glute training
Sale price€12,90 Regular price€15,90Save €3,00
Microfibre Gym Towel, Quick-drying And Odour-blocking
Sale price€9,90 Regular price€14,90Save €5,00
Premium Box Bandages with thumb loop, 4m
Sale price€9,90 Regular price€15,90Save €6,00
Gymnastic Rings Straps, 4,5m long
Sale price€24,90
Door Anchor for Resistance Bands
Sale price€5,90
Anti-slip pads 9 pack, slip inhibitors for parallettes, push-up grips, furniture
Sale price€7,90

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