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Pullup & Dip
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In this article, our calisthenics athlete gives you all the important infos about how to find the right training plan for yourself, as a calisthenics beginner.
For those that are looking for a new variation or progression of the pull-up exercise: We show you top 10 tips for Ring Pull-Ups and how to do them.
In this article we explain you the top 10 benefits of doing push-ups and much more.
In this article, we will take a look at calisthenics arm workouts and everything you need to know about this subject.
We show you 10 different exercises for your perfect pull-up workout so that you avoid any injury during or after the workout.
In this article, we want to speak about: What are the differences between pull-up bars for the door and pull-up bars for the wall and what are the pro and cons?
You do Calisthenics? Then you should not train without wrist wraps. We'll show you five reasons why you should do your workout with wrist wraps!
We interviewed the Barbrothers about their top 3 tips for Calisthenics beginners and many more interesting questions. Read more now!
In this article we will show you the 11 best Pull-Up Equipment Accessories to improve your Pull-Up Workout.
In this article, you will learn all the important facts: What do pull-ups actually do, what are their benefits, how do you do them correctly? And much more..
In this article we are going to take a look at suitable nutrition for your Calisthenics Workout.
We have summarised the most important points for you in this article, so that you can learn to do a handstand.
Wanna do your bodyweight workout at home? In this article we show you the 15 best home gym equipment pieces to invest in. Read more!
In this article, we present you top 12 Calisthenics travel exercises without equipment, recommendations what you should eat during traveling and some more travel tips!
Depending on the type of training you are doing, dips are one of the exercises that can often be easily forgotten, but are a great addition to your chest, shoulders and arm day workouts. Whether you are in a gym or outside or at home, there is...
You want to loose body fat and get a sixpack? A Pull Up bar also allows you to train your abs with many different exercises. Check out our best 10 Pull-Up bar exercises for abs and get in shape for the summer.
You love Calisthenics and want to train at home to save the time driving to a crowded gym? We show you how to train at home and the best calisthenics exercises.
This article shows you the best portable exercise equipment which allow you to do your workout at any park or beach or even in your hotel room.
Do you wanna do a handstand push-up? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to achieve the handstand push-up on parallettes. Learn more now!
Do you want to train your core muscles and achieve a sixpack and a shredded look? We show you the best 15 bodyweight core exercises.
Is it advisable to do pull-ups every day, in order to get a broad V-shaped back or a swimmer's back very quickly?
We are going to show you the 5 best tips to help turn pull-ups into your favourite exercise, even as a woman. You will soon be able to perform like a pro on the pull-up bar!
You cannot do any pull-ups, or only very few? Then this is just the thing for you! We introduce you to 7 pull-up aids that guarantee you will achieve more repetitions.
You would like to do dips? In this article we introduce you to all possibilities of dip bars and further exercises with the Dip bar. Read now!
In this article, you will find out everything you ever need to know about pull-ups. We explain what makes the pull-up training such a good exercise and what the perfect pull-up movement looks like.
Do you think that it is impossible to get pronounced chest musculature with calisthenics? In order to dispel this myth, today we are going to show you the top 8 calisthenic exercises for a massive chest.
This article is dedicated to progress and answer the most important questions about performance improvement in bodyweight training.
Where do I go? What do I do? How much will it cost me? There are so many questions that can be asked. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! As part of this article we will help address many of the questions and concerns you may have as you explore...
In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about push-up grips and push-ups in general. We will help you with some tips on how to perform the exercises, and explain the advantages of push-up bars. We also want to introduce some...
Do you want to achieve your first ring muscle-up? We show you the top 4 tips how to finally achieve it. Read more now!
Weighted calisthenics gives phenomenal results but needs to be carried out appropriately to achieve an optimal outcome. It is crucial to learn the appropriate types and proper form of exercise to work on the specific muscle groups you are...
If you’re a beginner in body weight training or calisthenics, completing your first pull-up might seem like a daunting task. In this article, we’ll give you 7 of our best tips to improve both sides of the equations.
Sometimes going to the gym becomes monotonous. For those that are looking for a change or even just an addition to their regular workout, adding a calisthenics program to your workout could be the change you need to spice up your week. Not really...
The handstand is a very advanced exercise especially performed by gymnasts and Calisthenics athletes. We show you the top 8 benefits of handstands and why you should do them daily!
This article discusses ring-dips and how to execute them properly. Throughout this article we will be discussing several aspects of ring-dips such as the muscles activated by doing ring-dips, the benefits of doing ring-dips, assisting exercises...
Andreas Larosa is a well know Calisthenics athlete. In our interview we answers some interesting questions and the secrets how he built his amazing physique.
Nowadays you can find pull-up bars for the door as well as models to be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different variants? The following paragraph will try to answer these questions. Based...
This article discusses chin-ups and the exercises you can do on a chin-up bar. Throughout this article we will be discussing several things such as the muscles activated by doing chin-ups, the difference between chin-ups and pull-ups and how...
This article discusses the top 8 calisthenics exercises you can apply to get a wide back. Throughout this article we will be discussing several calisthenics exercises of different difficulty levels. We will start by looking at what calisthenics is...
Many people think about their dietary intake, supplements they may need and training exercises to perform when starting out. Some opt for the easy exercises whilst others choose to go for more intense ones to build muscle faster so to speak. When...
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